Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are we to catch the Obama Wave?

I remember back in my high school days a movie called "The Wave". It was about a history teacher giving a lesson to his students about the Nazi and the German people. He was giving a lesson about the end of World War II and how Eisenhower had the civilians do grave duties so they can see what went on in the concentration camps to open their eyes to their denial. The students couldn't understand how they could deny what was going on for six years under their nose or how they could support such a racist and evil Regine. So he started by creating a group called "The Wave" that were to consist of the honor student that were taking the class. The students believed that they were better than the others to begin with because of their high marks so started to act better. One of the students didn't care for what was going on and wrote an article in the school newspaper unfavorable to the group and the history teacher and that's where things started to go amok. The student was attacked and the newspaper was destroyed. Then things started to affect the parents and the community. The principal fearing the power the teacher was gaining tried to have him suspended and that touched off a war. After she was attacked, his suspension was lifted and his followers wanted to expand his power. His wife left him in fear as he was preparing for the rally to organize their expansion of his power and his refusal to curtail his students and followers. It was here the students got their lesson as he showed clips of Hilter's speeches and the camps. How they got caught up in the philosophy and group think that they become numb to the attacks and oppression of their opposition. They learned how the people of Germany (though not all) could be blind while being educated as the honored students weren't ignorant nor stupid.

So our country seems to be following the way of The Wave. Only our beloved leader is Obama and the cause is Black Liberation. What got me thinking about this movie that's nearly 30 years old? Two stories to be exact. The first is the intended appointee of Blaco's. In the movie, nobody was questioning the ethics or policies of The Wave. Just they were elite and should be respected for it. This man is stating anyone against him is only do so because they're racist. The man isn't in office and the main weapon is being used already: anyone against is racist, instead of ignorance as in the movie. This man is being appointed by a stone cold corrupt, evil Governor who may be going to prison for a long time taking bribes and kickbacks and sees nothing wrong with it, and his problem is that by his skin color nobody should question it? I mean, talk about scary. What next, theft of the taxpayers or just the white ones.

The other story comes from the state I love to hate: California. In Antinoch, Section 8 renters are suing the city for racism and I can't believe this is happening. They're claiming the white citizen are using the police to harass and force them out of the city and that's racist. I would agree if they were telling the whole story. You see, I was a part time property manager for 2 1/2 years in 1999 to 2001. Landlords actually love Section 8 because it guarantees payment and don't have to worry about default of rent and proceed with lenghtly and costly eviction procedure. The housing disaster has hit this corrupt state harder than any other and property owners are desperate to put anyone that can pay into their residential property. Section alivates this problem and this has crated a surge of low income (I hate that term since I've always been low income and never got a cent of help from the government) renters into upper middle class neighborhoods. What the plaintiffs are not mentioning is the crime, drugs and prostitution that they brought to these neighborhoods. They drive around with their boom boxes, bring guns and shootings, rob the citizens and their business and have their ladies up for sale and they wonder why the people are complaining. Now the police investigate and they cry racism. They threaten and harass their white neighbors til they get restraining orders and they cry racism. In fact, most of the restraining orders have been reversed because of threats by the Section 8 people. Remember, no justice, no peace.

So, now if we don't let welfare queens and their children commit crimes against their neighbors, pump their drugs, disrupt the peace and we enforce the laws, we are to defined as racist? If this class action suit is to proceed, the consequence will bring the country to anarchy, especially with the AG that Barack has appoint. What city or land owner will do anything to fight the crime these parasites bring? What's to keep things from expanding more of the Black Liberation that cries racist for anyone that make African Americans responsible for their actions? What city will dare to rise up against the drug dealers if they have the power of government backing them? Like the wave, if you oppose us, you are racist, you are evil and you must be prosecuted while their evil goes on unopposed.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Just when things couldn't get scarier

I'm a great fan of Science Fiction movies. The women in my life don't understand my fascination with the genre. The biggest reason, other than witnessing some special effects, is the concepts of just because we can do something, doesn't necessarily mean we should. The genre makes me think. Something too many of us, especially liberals who only feel, have forgotten how to do. The question was the main question given to us by Einstein when we were developing the Atomic bomb. Eventually he would relent because of the threat Nazism posed should they get the bomb first, but a legitimate question to ask.

Often the themes in such show are technology that backfire in our faces against us. Plagues, runaway robots, aliens who use advanced technology against us. Often the one that intrigues me the most is we become so dependent on our technology that we lose our humanity in the process. Just take a look at what goes on in a classroom today and you have to wonder. Can kids today, for example, be able to function if their cell phones, ipods, psp's, whatever, suddenly stopped working. I remember an episode of the series War of the Worlds when the martians were planning to destroy our communication devices to plunge us in to kaos. That plan would had worked. However, what is it about people doing genetics at home that scares me? The oldest story in Science fiction after discovery: controlling the uncontrollable.

Remember in Jurassic Park how the billionaire thought about how once they have control the genetic power he'll be able to put it up for display. Only to realized it's just a flea circus. An illusion. It took only one greedy traitor to unravel that power and unleashed it. This was a power with a danger that was clear and present. What we're unleashing now isn't so clear or present in its danger. We got every Tom, Dick and Harry (Tabitha, Denise, and Helda for you ladies out there) now throwing their sticks in the wind. My God, haven't we learned anything yet. Genetics is one of the biggest powers in our known universe. At least at the biological level and we're going to let just anyone play with it. I rather give a loaded gun to my kids 2 year-old half sister. At least the only people in danger is anyone at the other end of that gun. According to Genesis, it took God 7 days to create life on this planet. Look out, here comes Genesis, we'll do it in 7 minutes. Oh, I'm quoting from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. But that power done by well trained, disciplined, and ethical (well, one wasn't and his unethical behavior came to bite him in the butt in The Search for Spock) scientist and in the wrong hands was going to be perverted into a horrible weapon.

That's the problem putting such a power into ordinary people's hands. In our arrogance, we may create something we didn't intend, have unintended consequences, or heaven help us, by evil people for evil consequences. These people using the discovery of Apple and Google from a garage. Ok, one, I think Apple is a crappy company run by a egotistical maniac. If he had a brain, Apple would had crushed Microsoft, but Job was too stupid and too greedy, but I digress. You're not playing with electronics or computer software, which I may remind there's a billion dollar industry to protect against malevolent people out there who create bad software from their garages on purpose, but creating life. Different life form that we don't have no clue will function or behave once created. That green glow may become something else. Or if a terrorist should attempt to use this to do harm. Too much of this article based that people only want to do good. I even question that. Most people have no ethics, just narcissist desire to become put on a pedestal for discovering something. I want to be an engineer and if I make a discovery, great, but I just want to be apart of making our lives better and finding cleaner solutions. I'm wise enough to know that a good man knows his limitations. I'm not going to venture into something I know little about and throw it in my yogurt.

It takes a great deal of time, education, and research before ethically performing experiments on living matter and tissues. I find having well educated, trained, and experienced scientist doing this kind of research. Even they get it wrong or find unexpected or intended consequences and those are scary enough. Do we really want anybody opening up their own labs and performing their own experiments with no safety protocols, procedures, or ethics. What meths manufacturers do and the damage they do, and not just with the drugs, the chemicals, contamination, chemical leaks, accidents, well, that's bad enough. With a virus like Ebola which, should it ever become airborne, could kill at least 80% of the human race. That's just what ONE super virus, a super bug can do. Now what if we have half a dozen hobby scientist accidentally create one, each unique? I think I'll look for that plot in the next science fiction movie and hope it's not the news reel.


Friday, December 26, 2008

What went wrong with the GOP

I was listening to a talk show this evening and had to shake and then bang my head from what I heard. I like listening to talk radio because it's the only place where I have a chance of hearing something intelligent unlike these hip hop station that continue to spew garbage and hatred. I don't find them any different than a jihadist station, but I digress. Too many talk shows out there are giving George Bush way too much credit. I don't write this with much joy, but when one is ignorant of history, they're doomed to repeat it.

There are numerous blogs, as well as talk shows, debating over what went wrong with the Republican Party and why they’re getting soundly defeated. During the last presidential election when I was asked about my opinion about the candidates (amazing how people talk politics and religion despite the wisdom not to) and nearly everyone was shocked when I said it didn’t matter. The office of the president will be made irreverent for only the 3rd time in American history. My concern, and now my worse nightmare coming true, was the congress. Thanks to all the mindlessness coming from the brain dead media and many voters, mainly GOP primary voter, will be the goose that will lay the golden eggs for the leftist: The Congressional Supermajority. If Al Franklin steals the senate seat in Minnesota, and so far it looks like he will, with the house having a 2/3rd majority, the senate will have a filibuster proof 60 seats. Given the 7 RINO’s still holding their seats (until 2010), that will be enough to override any vetoes the president hands down, so what power will the president have over the congress?

What this means is that for only the 3rd time in American history the congress has a super majority, big enough to do whatever they want despite the president’s opinion. This has only happen 3 times. The others were in 1930 and 1978, but the party in power was also the same as the president, so the irrelevancy didn’t matter and will again since Obama will rubber stamp anything Pelosi, Reid, or anything the radical leftist want anyways. What scared me were the results of the other two super majorities: one depression and the worse recession since with 14% inflation and 12% unemployment (and those are the official figures, God only know what the real figures were). So even if McCain had won, what possible effect would he have? He was mainly a RINO so immigration, taxes, homeland security, he would walked the line as the other RINOs, so no difference. National Defense, Supreme Court Justices, the congress will either override or just plain go to a no vote. All the election of Obama will do is give them less headaches and cause the stock of aspirin manufacturers to plummet. This is going to be a true disaster beyond anything we’ve seen. So many voters ignorant or just plain blind to history would know things can get worse. Be prepare for the assaults on the 2nd amendment, especially if we get attacked again because you know the liberals will blame the evil guns, not the men who used them, assault on your wallet in the form of taxes, higher energy costs, totally open borders, devaluing of our sovereignty, our citizenship, freedom of religion, press, speech including the internet. The liberal bloggers are going to be in one heck of a shock when their ability to express themselves freely as we’ve enjoyed for the last 13 years will be gone. We can add the flourishing of radical Islam, gay rights and affirmative action becoming a federal mandated quota system.

So what really went wrong? Does 52% of Americans support and want the most liberal and socialist, if not a down right communist, candidate to run our once great nation? Have we become that dense or apathetic? It hurts me to say this, but the Republicans shot themselves in both of their feet, the place that hurts, and the head because they became too much like their adversaries. They compromised too much of their conservative values and behaved too much like liberals. The conservatives saw through it and many stayed at home while many other just were too disgusted with Bush, who in my opinion is the worse traitor to conservatives in the GOP history, but that’s for a later blog. The GOP spent like drunken sailor at a brothel in Nevada (The Federal government owned one for 2 years during Clinton’s 2nd term), defended the liberals and hosed the conservatives in the culture wars with a few exception, allow egregious theft and corruption throughout the government, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were won brilliantly, but the occupations were a complete and utter disaster and the American people were fed up with it and Abu Grave and Gitmo with our seditious media sure didn’t help. We’re bankrupt from the occupation and the bank thefts and now with the economy tanking, the dollar falling like rain from the clouds, well like his father, who ranks 3rd most stupidest president we’ve had only behind his son and Carter, learned that it’s the economy stupid. Or has he? I’m still not sure. Let’s add people are more polarized than ever, our enemies are more embolden than ever. We’ve tried more of own military than the terrorist nearly 5 to 1. How can the military support this man when he prosecute them more than the enemy and lets them run amok with his passive policies with a so called ally such as Pakinstan? As well as letting a treasonous media slander them continuously. Listening to the media has brought a new meaning to torture, but at least I don't have to listen to them.

The simple fact is the GOP lost because liberalism don’t win election and for the past 8 years, with 6 of those the congress was under GOP control, we had the most liberal government we’ve had and people didn’t vote for Obama because he was for change. They voted for him because he wasn’t Bush, or better yet Bush 3, which McCain would have been. What now worries me more is now Americans have now elected a president and congress that’s even more liberal than Bush and the GOP. I fear now we won't get change, but even more of the same. On the bright side, this may polarize the conservative and get the GOP back to their roots that got them into power in the first place. With Obama, at least we'll keep an eye on him and know where he's coming from. We all know, those of us with brains anyways, that he's an anti-American socialist. Until conservative media members learned why the GOP lost, they'll repeat the same mistakes that's been done for the last 8 years and will empowered the leftist even more. The GOP lost because they spat in the face of conservatives lost their convictions that got them there in the first place.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

The lessons of "It's a Wondreful Life".

Merry Christmas and God bless us everybody. I'll admit, Christmas is one of my least favorites holidays. The monotonous songs, the greedy shoppers, stale holiday shows, but worse of all, nothing showing the meaning of Christmas at all. Just pure commercialism. However, there is one thing I always look forward to during Christmas time: It's a Wonderful Life.

I'm a fan of the classic movies: Citizen Kane (ROSEBUD!), It Happened One Night, and of course, Star Wars (if you want to consider that a classic), but right up there is It's a Wonderful Life. Times were far different back then and considering what we're tolerating as a society, far better as well. For those of you ignorant of the classic (as many liberals are) it's a story of a man, George Baily, that's frustrated with his life as it didn't turn out as he hoped and during a dark day in his life was planning to end it all. He was saved by, do I dare say the word, a Davine act of God. God sends an angel, Clarence, to convince him is life is valuable and worth saving. Using George's frustration, Clarence is able to grant him his wish of never having been born.

George Baily touch many lives while cooped up in that lowly town of Bedford Falls working for his tiny Savings and Loan. He saved his brother when he was 9 but at the cost of hearing in his left ear. Kept a pharmacist from accidentally poisoning a kid when distraught over his son's death from the Spanish Flu, but his greatest feat was his love for the people that passionated him to fight against the evil miser: Mister Potter. He was the richest, most powerful and meanest man in Beford Falls. He exploited the poverty to fill his pocket renting out slums. A true slum lord and manipulate the business owners to gain a controlling interest in all commerce, which in 1933, the buying out of the bank during a panic. George had to use his own money to gain the only thing that Potter couldn't buy or control: The Savings and Loan.

What did that Savings and Loan do for the people? Gave them hope and eventually work their way out of poverty. Got them out of the influence of the greedy, evil Mr. Potter and break his power among the citizens. At a loss of George's hope and dreams of seeing the world while his brother got his education, his brother work for his father-in-law in a new business that boomed, and his friends going on to bigger and better things. He lost sight of that and what he meant to the people that he befriend and helped.

As I see the evil that is not only rampant, but gleefully exposed while the evil ones are either treated as rock stars as in that thief that stole the $50 billion dollars, but the Illinois Governor that feels that he's done nothing wrong or should be above the law since everyone does it. My God, and what's worse, nobody holding anyone accountable. Evil shines on. We're willing to let the Hitler of our time get the bomb, have sympathies for evil terrorist in Gitmo, spit on our troops while we pour perfume on the feet of terrorist and our enemies and kiss their feet begging for forgiveness. And what does Hollywood spew out today, violent garbage where the thug is revered while the police and true heros are villified or mocked. Abortion, euthanasia, eugenics are all viewed as righteous causes. They disdain the family, God, the working man. Qualities that made the above movie such a classic. The apathy people feel today and how we don't hold any of our leaders accountable makes me sick.

The fact that George love for the people allow his to gain his victory in his fight against evil. George was the only one willing to stand up and fight against evil even when it was convenient or at expense to himself. It's a lesson that's often overlooked. I don't know if John Coppa had that in mind, but that's what it expressed to me. I can only imagined how after the town got together and helped him during his darkest moment when all looked lost how devastating it would had been had he committed suicide that night. How the evil Mister Potter would had rejoiced (if he has any joy left at all in his stone heart). How everyone in the town would had lost the last light of hope. I now look at my fellow countrymen and don't have to anymore.

The movie is a testament to individual endurance and how people, not government, will provide the best cure for their ills. When the bank fail, did the people ask for a bailout? Nope. None existed at that time. The citizens, thanks to inspiration from George, overcame it and avoided to being enslaved to Potter. George's brother and childhood friend eventually got a factory opened providing the work needed. People were able to provide for themselves and had faith in their selves. When he was never born, things were far darker. People were more miserable, evil was rampage, self destruction was everywhere. Hope was completely gone. One good man had such a huge impact and when it was gone, it left a huge hole. What a terrible waste it is to throw it all away. It was once said all evil need to proliferate is for good men to do nothing. Will we good people finally rise up against all this evil, or like Potterville (what the town became because George wasn't there to stop Potter from taking over the Savings and Loan after his father died), will we plunge into darkness and hopelessness.

Personally, conserative people need to get back to our roots, fight back, and like George Baily, be willing to put others over ourselves. We can no longer afford to be apathic and do nothing. Together we can defeat this evil and bring about a prosperous nation again. Just as one man can bring hope, individual achievements, and defeat a mighty, powerful, and evil enemy, we can to turn things around in American or else It's a Wonderful Life may just well become what just that. A wonderful, but fastasial movie.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Stupid Californians

I have mentioned how I hate it here in the state of California and the sewer pipe politics here. Now when I think the state couldn't stink . . . I mean sink any lower, the state proves me wrong. The courts, as usual, side with the corrupt and incompetent teacher's association and going to drop the testing of Algebra because the students are bombing the test. Although I think many standards are unrealistic, if you're going to have them, measure them.

I taught in a California school for a year. It was by far one of the worse jobs I'd ever had. What I experienced was enough to make me cynical of the whole public school system. Pot smoking on campus, near riots (which the press covered up), contempt of authority that was enabled, disdain of teachers by students, administrators, and parents. All administration cared about was those test scores for the No Child Left Behind were a lot of cheating was going on. When I got the pink slip, I was relieved that I wouldn't have to go through the misery of trying to teach with a system that really has contempt for learning. I'll never get over how several students seeing a friend listed to receive an honor for perfect attendance how they're going to kick his rear. Or the time a student was out in the halls during class time and when the VP demanded he get to class, the student gave him the finger (and not the you're #1 finger either) and the VP let him go on his merry way. The time I was referring several trouble makers for constantly back talking, they told me to stop because the administration was giving lunch detention and they weren't showing up (never mind my class was the one before lunch and they could just send for them). Wow, so if I get a court hearing for sentencing for a crime, can I get the police to stop arresting me because I don't show up? Seems to work for those that despise learning.

The main headache is everyone involved isn't really accountable for anything. Student and parents aren't accountable for the lack of interest or respect but if you fail them, ooooooh watch out! Administrators are off the hook as long as the test scores meet requirements. The requirements keep going down every year anyways, so why worry? Teachers are completely frustrated and demoralized. Many I know can't wait to retire or teach elsewhere. And the union, oh God, what a bunch of corrupt, greedy, incompetent bozos. They are not your children's friend, just what is good for the union and their pocketbooks. They left us high and dry on how may issues, and anything we try to help remedy the situation went on deaf ears, but they sure defended bad teachers.

The fact is in the school I was in, the students ran the school and they knew it. They used it to their advantage knowing no real consequence will happen. So, set things on fire (happened to me not once, not twice, but three times), throw items at your teacher, give the bird to those in authority, disrupt the class, do drugs, and refuse to learn. The Supreme Court of California is on your side.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Samartians Beware!!!

Well, as I posted before, I can't stand living in the woooonderfulllll state of California. I blogged about the true faces of the intolerant of those that opposed Proposition 8. Heck, even our Attorney General, who anyone with a brain knew he would do this, is refusing to enforce it and is leading the petition to have the courts overturn it. Wow. The executes and judicial branches are sleeping to together in this state and I thought the thought of Madonna having sex was obscene. Now that court that Moonbeam Brown is hoping to have in his pockets for the overturning of the will of the people here (why do we bother to vote at all?) now have given the good people of California a weapon that can be used upon them by the blood sucking leech lawyers as if they don't have enough teeth to eat away at everything we work for. Good Samaritans can now be sued for any harm done to victims that they try to help in good faith.

The case is of one of having friends like these. Well, I guess when you're friends with a liberal, especially a female liberal, you take your chances with both your life and your wallet. Several friends were leaving a Holloween party in two separate cars when one of them lost control and hit a divider. The driver of the other car believing she saw smoke and fear an explosion dragged the injured driver out causing injuries that led to paralysis. The statements of the witnesses are divided that there was no danger to substainiating the claims. I sense there was a cat fight between the parties but that's for the investigators to decided.

The court decided, with what wisdom that only those that can speak lawyerspeak can understand, decided the victim can sue her friend (those of you with liberal friends, remember, it's a relative term) because one must take "resonable care" when acting for a victim. What the heck does that mean? If a car is on fire, you can be sued if the victim gets burn? Or even breaks a hangnail? Most Californians don't get involved as it anyways. Not my problem or worried they may pull out a gun or get robbed by an accomplice which all have happened in this stupid and evil state. Now if someone is hurt, falls, passes out, now you'll have to call your lawyer to find what boundries you must follow to help your fellow person. While on hold, take the time to notice how a human dies while your lawyer looks up the 1200 page lawbook on First Aid procedures in the law book. My God what next? I fear they'll pass a Good Samartian law that will allow you to be both sued and prosecuted if you DON'T give aid at all. I don't know about you, but it just makes me want to bail and head out 13 miles to sea and live with the fishes. At least they won't sue me.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

He stoled $50 Billion. So What.

Now I got your attention, allow me to elaborate.  All the media hounds going over the $50 billion that was defrauded out of scores of people, widows, working families, even hollywood (though fooling those people out of their money seems to take that much brainpower) and how he's seems to be getting away with it has put my mindset towards an issue that really seemed to have gotten lost in the culture wars and this is now one of the consequences on one of them: Moral relativism.

So, why would I say "so what" to an obviously evil man that stoled money that his near impossible for the human mind to fathom.  This man is slyly grinning and make out like a pop star and has shown no remorse for what he's done.  It comes as no surprise because with moral relativism, this man has no shame and all the medias attempt to shame him is going down in flames faster than a World War Two Japanese Zero.  After all, why should he.  Because we the people of the United State, his victims or the media says so?  Who are WE to JUDGE him?  Moral relativism is letting individuals decide for themselves what is right and wrong.  This story is persistent in the Bible.  Adam and Eve thought that way.  The citizens of Soldom and Gomorrah, the time of Noah.  All met with the same results: DISASTER!  In the societies that had these relative morals,  the stories were all the same (except for Adam and Eve who were evicted from their premises), thievery, hate, murders, homosexual sex and sex with goats.  Disease and famines followed but in every case, the consequence for society was the same.

Take a look in a dictionary (that's a book that defines words for you liberals out there) the definition of anarchy describes what moral relativism brings.  Total and absolute freedom without consequence of individuals to determine for themselves what is right and wrong.  Nobody is allow to instill what they think is right or wrong, and since nobody will completely agree with any rule,  any concept of absolute right and wrong for certain acts.  So if one thinks stealing is okay, it's no sin to take your money.  Why does your life matter over his?  That's why this crook can steal from so many people, ruin so many lives and drive off in a limo with a smirk.  All in a day's work.  Why a government won't seriously prosecute, or how a man like Paulson can steal from the Treasury and nobody will ask questions or demand action.  Why Britney Spears' sister can have a baby at 16 and that's great while Palin's 17 year old is considered a hoe.  While it's the media's relative morality.  Why the UN will protect terrorist and call them freedom fighters and their victims heathens that need to be purged off the earth.  So next time you're struggling financial, a victim of a crime, been used, abused, and confused, remember: who are you to judge and what makes your morals any better or worse?  After all, if we have common rules for what's acceptable and what's not, perhaps things will start to become all too sane.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's only a shoe. . . this time.

There's a lot of talk about the shoe throwing incident in Iraq and a lot of it is quite disturbing. The first is how many on the liberal side are just stating it's only a shoe and laugh it off as a joke. The more serious matter is the total ineptness of the Secret Service in handling the whole situation.

First to those stupid morons that think it's only a shoe, so chill allow me to educate you stupid morons. Since most liberal Americans have no brains on cultural matters and being married to one that does, it would behoove you to know what that shoe represents. In the Islamic world, showing a sole of one's shoe is regarded as a major insult. It's saying you're lower than a cockroach and need to be squished as a filthy animal. So when that ingrate threw that shoe at President Bush, a President I don't like nor think is very bright, he was calling him a cockroach and should be squished. Now what if we had done that or should he had done that to Hussein or some other world leader. I bet we wouldn't having this discussion because he would be with his 72 virgins. Better yet, what if he did that to your new Messiah, Obama. I can hear the liberal media in action. He assaulted and insulted OUR President be up in arms for his prosecution. They wouldn't stop talking how disrespectful and a danger to the new savior of the world. They would be confused by their lack of appreciation for him. After all, wasn't his election suppose to end this disdain for Americans. The fact Bush brushed it off and the so called conservative praising how he handled it was the low of ignorance. That man was expressing that he wished Bush was dead. To laugh it off is just disgusting and weak and will only enbolded our evil enemies even more.

The second issue that scares me more was the lack of response of the Secret Service. Their JOB is to trounce anyone that does anything that could be a threat. The moment the man went for his shoe, he should had been neutralized. Not only did he get the shoe and toss it, he had time to get another shoe and hurled it at the President. Then, it was the other reporters that subdued and like the Pansy they are, the Secret Service arrest the man. Well, those of you who worship Obama, you must either think he's bulletproof, or just living in La La Land to think this can only happen to Bush. What's to discourage another nut job from trying again. What? Because he's Obama, they will love him? The Secret Service exist to protect the president and if necessary, put themselves in harms way for him. They completely failed miserably in this incident. Either they thought there was no threat, which they failed because it was only a shoe. This time. Or they just didn't care, which again a failure of their duty. With lax protectors, Obama should be scared senseless. Presidents get threaten all the time mainly by nut jobs, and the Middle East have a larger proportion of nuts than in the US. If those of you think a shoe is no threat, remember the shoe bomber that tried to bomb the flight from London to Boston. He got his shoes by the security check and the Air Marshall failed to subdue him. The passengers did. This time it was a shoe at President Bush. Next time it might be something more at Obama and imagine the consequence that would happen here.


The more important issue that scares me over this

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The True Faces of intolerance.

I live in the golden state of California and unlike most who live here, I can't stand it here. Highest tax burdens, politics that rival those in Chicago, and finding a job if you d0n't have any Spanish and now lately, believe it or not (if you're a California, it's easy to believe) Cantonese (Chinese). Sure we have the nice weather and landscapes, but what good it is if you can't afford to do anything to enjoy it. However, what really has me fuming and will leave this state first chance I get, even though my children are here, is the reaction to Proposition 8.

Before I get the usual hate mantra of homophobia, allow me to enlighten you. I always go along with homosexuals. In fact, I got along with them better than I did with most heterosexuals because, I believe, is the egotisicial BS wasn't detrimental to their relationship. Lesbians, for some reason, found me sweet and easy to talk to better than many of their girlfriends (literally). Even though as a Christian homosexual won't inherit the kingdom of God, our faiths and consequences are between us and our God. One must choose willing to accept God and his rewards. If you don't, then that's your choice. It's not up to me to make that judgement and thus I try to love my neighbor as myself. Most of my view of this issue, interesting, doesn't come from the bible, but from the one family member that is openly gay and is, unfortunately, HIV positive. He really hates the homosexual activist that fought to have gay marriage. He finds it a perversion of nature. How he explained it to me was that marriage at the civil level is contract between a man and woman to protect not only their union, but the main function was to protect any children that should, naturally, be created from this union. Homosexuals can't have children naturally, so marriage isn't needed. He finds the gay marriage movement to be one of the ultimate acts of hypocrisy of the homosexual movement.

When our 4 dictators in black robes gave a right that never existed the gay marriage movement, it really had turned out to be a Pandora's box. Evil politicians like Galvin Newsom opened this box when he broke state law by openly having gay marriages. The man don't care about them, just their votes. He used gay marriage to advance his political agenda and it worked. . . until proposition 8. So, lets get some history. The argument is being waged that for the first time in American history, citizens (and some illegal here in this state) have voted to take away rights from other segments of the citizenship. First, marriage in itself isn't a right. To this date, nobody can find the right to marriage in the constitution both in the state and federal constitution. Four activist judges decided to make it a right when we first voted to define marriage as being between a man and a woman and they struck it down and said they have the right to marry. It wasn't even what it was about. Marriage, as sanctified by the state, is a civil contract where parties are to maintain certain obligation. The sanctity of marriage is done by the church as the separation of church and state should have it. So, why all this hoopla about gay marriage rights.

The political homosexual movement has 3 objectives regarding homosexual marriages. The first is money. Marriage not only provides obligations, but benefits as well. The biggest has been insurances and taxes. Married people get rate breaks on insurance, especially health insurance. Gay people have been fighting to be able to have their partners included in benefits that married people has have with their spouses. Here in California, we had in the law books of domestic partnership that business here must treat domestic partners as spouses for insurance reasons. Tax benefits have been a different story. Domestic partners don't have the privilege of filing joint returns with their more favorable tax rates. This is a policy as determined by federal law and proposition 8 had nothing to do with it, but they continue to bitch about it. If they were fighting for equality under the law for tax benefits, I would support and to this day I will.

It's the other two objectives that I find obscene and why I no longer supportive of their "rights". The second is down right indoctrination. They want gay marriage as part of the social science curriculum in the same level as the civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's. Some of the commercials they ran during the campaign was one showing how Proposition 8 would take away right like the Japanese during the 40's showing the camps and the impounding of their properties. How disgusting. I like to know one gay business owner that's going to lose their business or one gay person going to be shipped to a concentration camp. It's was a completely a false analogy to make people think that anyone opposing gay marriage is a tyrant. It was a lie that it won't be taught in school. The fact is, it already is because I witnessed it when I was a teacher during the 07-08 school year. The other commerical that disgusted me was one showing the lynching that went on during the south. I'm not saying some atrocities, the Sheppard case comes to mind and that was over a decade ago, have been done by a few stupid morons, but to the level that was done during the dark times of the South where it was state policy. It sure isn't going to happen today. With all the hate crime and hate speech laws on the book, homosexual already have more "rights" than heterosexuals. And how was proposition 8 going to stop what wasn't going on anymore anyways?

The third and what my uncle found to be the most hypocritical, is their forcing God to accept their homosexuality. I put it that way because they want to force churches to hire and promote homosexuality or use the power of government (which means force by a gun) to shut them down or be arrested for hate crimes. Oh yea, take about intolerance. Rewrite the bible and arrest those that don't. What happened to separation of church and state as so many talk about. Take a look at what's going on now. They're protesting and in some cases rioting against the Mormon church. We had a bunch of those ugly lesbians protest and try to block business of a local ice cream shop here calling them bigots and promoters of hate shouting and screaming in the face of the patrons. Well, it didn't work on that business. In fact, it went up 20%. Now that we amended fairly and legally our constitution just defining marriage as between a man and a woman, they are trying to usurp democracy and shop to a judge to have the amendment overturned. Excuse me, when the people say they want something and a minority or the government say "drop dead, we'll do what we want". Isn't that the definition of tyranny? Isn't that the definition of intolerance. Isn't that true definition of hypocrisy?


Thursday, December 11, 2008

The most dangereous threat to America.

Among all the bail out news and Chicago corruption finally earning the limelight it deserve, another story has been overlooked by the public I fear: the skeletal remains of a child in Florida just a 1/2 mile from where the missing 3 year old lived. Remember the mother whose child had been missing for over a month before reporting her missing and all the BS she gave about the circumstances and only reported only under threat by the grandmother that she will and that her car had smelled of death. A story that got so ridiculous that a boundary hunter made a complete fool of himself when he posted her bail certain of her innocence only to recant 3 days later certain of her guilt as she was so uncooperative.

It comes as no surprise that they found a child skeleton so close to the home or that one was found at all. Seems Florida has a number of these cases that they don't even want to speculate that this is the body of the missing girl. How many 3 year-olds are missing in the state? Heck, in the area? What is surprising me though is that if the body is that of the missing girl, they are not going to pursue the death penalty. Why? What is it about the perpetrator of this gruesome crime that took the life of a 3 year-old girl that their life is worth preserving at the tax payer's expense no less? Is it because her mother, not her father, may had, oh heck let's not sugar coat it, HAD murdered her? When I hear this I remember worse cases of this like Susan Smith who had drove her SUV with her two boys in the back seat to drown them all over a man she was having an affair with didn't want a woman with kids. Not the first time such a crime with the same motive had occurred. But murdering those boys didn't spire outrage by the public. It was she tried to distract the investigation by lying that an African American man carjacked the car. If she hadn't confessed, it may had stucked with the media. Or the woman, who's name alludes me for now, that hunted down her 5 children one by one and drowned them in the bath tub with the last one knowing what his fate was and unsuccessfully tried to escape. It wasn't her crime that was the outrage, it was how her post pardom depression wasn't treated. Her husband still wants her home with him. Why, I say.

So you don't think I'm picking on murdering mothers, take the only two terrorist trials we've had so far. The first being Mourssari who during the trail taunted, spew his Islamic hatred and boosted about how noble he was and how weak and evil American and those that died during 9-11 was. Not only the jury thought he shouldn't be executed that living in prison was worse for him. 5 jurors wouldn't have voted for conviction had he not guilt pleaded. Then there was an Islamic soldier that threw a grenade into his officer's barracks and killed him and another soldier and injured 15 others. The jury of that trial felt that the government only proved that he took the armament that was used to kill the two, but not that he actually killed them. He was acquitted and now is free among us. My God, what will it take for 12 stupid morons who are too stupid to get out of jury duty to not only convict evil people, but to send where they belong and that's not prison. And soon, all those at Gitmo are gonig to be judge by the same brainless pool.

This is the greatest threat to America. It's not directly Moral Relativism, Radical Islamic Terrorist, or even the financial crisis. It's our complete compassion for evil and disdain of the innocent. Moral Relativism has created a lost of insanity, but none so much as having compassion for evil and disdain for innocent. That's how people can spare the lives of child murders (I won't even touch the abortion issue), worship mass murders, praise corrupt politicians, and side with terrorists unless they're perceived to have Christian objective like Timothy McVade who was executed but wasn't a Christian but a Pagan. However, that didn't deter American women from soliciting 4 marriage proposals a day til he died. This was a man that did deserve it, but unless the perpetrator is white, male, and proceeded as being judeo-christian, there's no chance they'll be convicted, much less, having the punishment equal the crime. Soon, Obama is going to release the most evil, vile and heartless ghouls out of Gitmo into the civilian courts. What a circus that's going to be and given our country's compassion for evil, many may not only be acquitted, but given a large sum of money for their troubles, citizenship, and an apology from our governance and the populace. Then they'll be confused and bewildered when we get hit again which I don't hope will happen, but given how America is embracing evil, how long these people hold back.

So it's no surprise that that mother in Florida won't be facing the death penalty, or we set free a terrorist as well as willing to set another free, and praising corrupt politicians whose bribes led to policies that is hurting all us little people financially. What surprising me now is how egregious and openly they can display their evil acts and nobody doesn't even notice anymore. How much more til we finally say enough. Evil people deserves no compassion and need to be weeded out of the human race and the innocent are to be protected.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Mumbai attacks and my Wife’s worse nightmares.

The recent Islamic terrorist attack in Mumbai has given my wife nightmares about the welfare of her family in Zamboanga. As Pakistan ineptly try to hide their hand in the support of those animals that murdered indiscriminately, it has led to many bad nightmares for my wife. What most Americans haven’t experience, and may well soon will, is that my wife has been up close and personal with such animals before. She has been a hostage to Islamic terrorists twice in her home city.

To give some background for those that only get their information from the lame stream media, the southern Philippines have been fighting a war mainly on two fronts against two Islamic groups: The Moros and the Abu Sayyaf. The Moros have historically been a political group mainly fighting to have the southern island of Mindanao to become fully Islamic (it’s about 50% Catholic and 50% Muslim) and become, at first, part of its historical ancestry of Malaysia, but had changed to becoming a fully independent country. They have done terrorist attacks on a low level scale for nearly three decades. For most of the last 15 years, things have been at relative peace as they have been trying to negotiate a peace between themselves and the Filipino government. When a peace agreement was on the verge, they broke their end of the agreement, murdered hundreds of civilians and ran to the hills like cowards when the Armed Forces of the Philippines came in. As of now, they’re looking to be a beaten organization but that has been said before.

The Abu Sayyaf is another story. They are an Al Qaeda member and their goals are unequivocal, the total Islamic conquest of the Philippines. They have been locked in the vicious and bloody war for nearly 30 years. Their fingerprints are easier to determined: they behead their enemies’ casualties. For the last couple of years they have made more progress as the Bush Administration has been neglecting this front and as world opinion have been more favorable towards the radical Islamic animals, the FDF had to become more restrained. They have control of the entire Sulu Archipelago murdering nuns and priest that don’t give in to their demands of convert or be beheaded. A threat all involved know are not idle threats as their trail of blood has demonstrated. They are currently a ferry ride away from Zamboanga as they had just taken Esabella on the Island of Basilan, and, as of this writing, fighting has escalated between the two groups and the AFP who are constantly being accused by the two groups for human rights violations. Talk about the teapot calling the kettle black.

My wife wasn’t always a Catholic. For the first 8 years of her life she was a Muslim. She went to a Muslim school and to this day will not talk about that experience. When she was 8 she converted to Catholicism. The results of our current election just totally mortify her, but that’s for another blog. During the Marcos regime, there was total marshal law by, basically, the dictator at the time to quell these groups and the Islamic resorted to the tactic they knew best: terrorism. Here’s a lesson she learned quickly as a child of 7 years old when her bus was hijacked by, at the time, her fellow Muslims of the Moros. They didn’t care she was a Muslim or a little child, only that she was a citizen of the Philippines and can be used in an attempt to blackmail the government to their demands. She won’t admit it, but I think it was this incident that influenced her conversion to Catholicism. Liberals and anti-American citizens should take notes here, it didn’t matter she was a 7-year-old child or even that she was Muslim. She was an easy and soft target and wouldn’t have any qualms in murdering her. The fact that those animals in Mubai murdered a 6-month pregnant woman and her TWO YEAR OLD CHILD isn’t inconsistent in what these evil monstrosities are capable of. A fact that really sends chills up her spine, and I don’t blame her. It should send chills up ours. The results of that incident resulted in Filipino commando moving in and killing all four terrorists without a civilian casualty. Though, I’m sure for a 7-year-old girl, it was quite an incident to live through.

The second time was when she was 18 and was taking a bus from her college home. Five members of the Abu Sayyaf hijacked the bus and had a stand off for two days. The civilians of this hijacking weren’t so lucky. Four were killed during the negotiations and four more during the raid. She was one of the fortunate 14 hostages to have been rescued by the commandos. All five terrorist were killed, two by there own hands when they detonated a grenade destroying the bus. She stopped using public transportation after that. When I went to the Philippines, she made it her mission not to let us take public transportation. It’s the number one target of the Islamic and Communist (yes, they have those too) terrorist.

For my wife, the news of the Mumbai attacks revived those nightmares. As the Abu Sayyaf , an already brazen, evil organization, can only become more so as news of such successes going on from other group members. She is worried that her home city will be next on their sights. In fact, both groups have, in no unclear terms, shown their desire to make Zamboanga their capital. Until the Moro went on a rampage and murdered hundreds civilian in their attempted takeover of several villages and the aftermath from the AFP that drove them out and have them on the run to the southern half of the island, Zamboanga was completely surrounded. Given how Al-Qaeda has demonstrated their intentions to those that oppose their will up front and personal, her nightmare is becoming mine. It should be for every American since our absent media has done a pathetically woeful job of covering this and been an all too willing participant in the cover-up for Pakistan. Given the course that our government is taking, not one word of anger or real condemnation, just don’t rush to judgment gibberish; it will become all of ours as well because, and I hope to God (NOT ALLAH) that I’m wrong, we too may be getting up close and personal with our radical Islamic enemies at home as well.


Obama says we don't need to buy guns. Is he kidding?

A recent article in the Chicago Sun Times,obama-gun-sales-up-120808.article
has Obama pleading that we don't need to go out and buy guns. I don't even know where to begin on this issue. A politician is pleading that Americans restrain from exercising a constitutionally guaranteed right: to bear arms. I've owned two guns in my life and had taken safety courses before purchasing them. I had one for protection and the other for target shooting. I never was interested in guns til two things happened. The first was a friend of mine introduced me to target shooting and though I never fired a gun in my life at the time, I managed to win a bet. The Olympics where going on at the time and McDonald's had game going where you got a event when you bought a drink and you won a Big Mac, Fries, or a Small Drink depending if we won a Gold medal, Silver medal, or Bronze metal in the event. If more than one was won, the highest medal was honored so the bet was if I hit a bulls eye, I win a Big Mac. I won that Big Mac on my second shot. I never pursued target shooting as a hobby though I've tried it out a few times, and despite getting quite good at it, I didn't have a real passion for the sport. I got rid of them when my daughter was born, but now it's starting to look like a good time to educate my children about firearms and proper use of them.

The second event was why I got one for self-defense. I was living in a high crime area and witness a shooting. Here I was out in the open on my front lawn and saw a teenage kid shoot another over a bike. I was about 50 feet away and had no where to run to or hide. Basically I was a sitting duck. Fortunately for me the thug ran off in a panic (leaving behind the bike) instead of worrying about witnesses while the victim, shot in the thigh, also ran off. The kid was arrested two hours later, but if that kid wanted to hunt me down, I would be dead today because I had no way of fighting back.

Ask gun owners why they own a firearm, as you expect the number one answer is self-protection, followed by hunting then target shooting. Given Obama's past voting record it's clear the number one reason why he thinks civilians own guns: to commit crimes. Obama, the media's anointed one, is trying to calm our fears by stating we don't need to buy guns, that we don't have anything to fear from him. There's an old saying "Actions speak louder than words" and Obama's speaks at deafening decibels. Guns are the problems and no civilian, other than the National Guard, the miliary, and perhaps if it's created, the National Security Force are entitled to have possession of firearms. What next, our Bibles? After all, we bible, gun toting white racist are the problem in this country, right Obama. Not the Radical Islamic, the criminal, or corrupt politicians? Is that right? Sorry Obama, since you have no real interest in defending us against the real threats to this country, I will trust myself before you with the protection of my family's life.

As most liberals, he has twisted the intent of the constitution to benefit his socialistic ideas that it was never intended as an INDIVIDUAL right, but a state right. If he actually read the constitution (which I know he had since he's been working on that birth certificate issue since 2006) and study the history leading up to it, state rights and individual rights were interpreted as the same. That in the states, which were set up as separate experiments in democracy, the individual will choose how their government will govern them and the right to bare arms was ratified by the state to preserved those right should the central government, in this case the federal government, should become too tyrannical. Just look at the bill of rights. They're all about protecting the individual from an overreaching government. Seems only with the 2nd have the politicians have seem deemed to make it the state over individuals.

Obama, we bible toting gun owners aren't buying in your assurances. There's a good reason why the U.S. hasn't fallen to likes of Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran. Countries that you seem to have too much respect for. It's been the armed civilians that's kept our democracy in check. Only dictators fear armed civilians. Otherwise, what checks would we have against abuses by the NSF?


Monday, December 8, 2008

Conservatives vs. Liberals, Democrat vs. Republican, Personal Responsibility and my daughter.

During the electoral campaign, my daughter was paying attention for the first time in her young life the arguments and debates between Obama and McCain. During one such news broadcast, she asked me what’s a conservative, and a liberal and what is a democrat and a republican. I found myself at awe that a12 year-old had the insight to ask such a question instead of just accepting the public education propaganda about the two. I shouldn’t had been surprised that she would ask me because I’m known for speaking my mind and have a reason behind that answer good, bad, or indifferent. I knew the day would come, just not so soon. For now, I just wanted to work on one element of conservatives. Mainly about the war record of McCain vs. Obama and the big buzz words that permeated the whole election: socialism.
Answering the question proved to be more intricate that I thought. How to explain to a 12 year old without using all the big and academic words to define the said terms, so she can have clear understanding. I have some thought about how I considered myself to be a conservative and why. She knew there were fundamental differences since her mother considers herself to be a true liberal and hence why her parents ended up divorced as well as the difference from her stepmother from her bio mother and how she gets along her dad so much better. But how do you come up with a definition when definitions change all the time and a media that gladly capitulates such confusion?
The most fundamental foundation of a conservative as a person who believes that individuals have free will and take responsibilities for the consequences resulting from their choices and actions toward the group and that these responsibilities are given to us from a higher authority. They believe that individuals should be free to choose for themselves and incurred what consequences bestow them. It’s the main reason why they are the ones that will fight in the military and will take responsibility to protect the lives and freedoms of the whole, in this case the country.
Conservatives believe that only people that help themselves should get aide. What good is it to throw them a fish like these stimulus plans and bailouts we keep hearing about? All it does is alleviate the problem for a day and doesn’t get to the core of the CAUSE of the problem, which is a TOTAL LACK OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Wouldn't it be better to teach them how to fish and feed them for life? What? That's too much work? What’s to keep history from repeating itself or even to discourage the crooks from stealing from the treasury or private enterprises from changing their failing business models? Why should the voters stop voting for a raise while they don’t work or contribute anything to society? Why should criminals fear the law when they get a slap in the wrist? Why should terrorist fear us when we prosecute the victims or the police that protect us from them? The biggest issue of all of them, why should a person work if they get rewarded for being non-productive.
The latter of the list was one that my daughter could really empathize with the most. Her aunt and grandma both live with them as with their mother, her husband and their daughter. Their aunt who moved in EIGHT YEARS AGO was doing so temporarily till she found work and got back on her own feet. Then the court ordered child support and the welfare checks came in and having free food and rest was a bit too good. Then their grandma, who has a son, their uncle, that is only one year younger than my daughter lost her job. She lost it mainly because it was more important for her to flirt on the Internet than to actually do her job. That was nearly a year ago and she’s still there. She too gets free room and board as well as checks from the father and government. My daughter, who’s just 12 years-old, has conceded that they’re never going to leave or even be productive. There’s no incentive to as her step-father is the one obligated to take care of all of them. Alas, her first lesson on why socialism fails as I asked her what would happen if the whole group were given the same benefits. One of the lessons for her on the difference of a Liberal vs. a Conservative.