Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are we to catch the Obama Wave?

I remember back in my high school days a movie called "The Wave". It was about a history teacher giving a lesson to his students about the Nazi and the German people. He was giving a lesson about the end of World War II and how Eisenhower had the civilians do grave duties so they can see what went on in the concentration camps to open their eyes to their denial. The students couldn't understand how they could deny what was going on for six years under their nose or how they could support such a racist and evil Regine. So he started by creating a group called "The Wave" that were to consist of the honor student that were taking the class. The students believed that they were better than the others to begin with because of their high marks so started to act better. One of the students didn't care for what was going on and wrote an article in the school newspaper unfavorable to the group and the history teacher and that's where things started to go amok. The student was attacked and the newspaper was destroyed. Then things started to affect the parents and the community. The principal fearing the power the teacher was gaining tried to have him suspended and that touched off a war. After she was attacked, his suspension was lifted and his followers wanted to expand his power. His wife left him in fear as he was preparing for the rally to organize their expansion of his power and his refusal to curtail his students and followers. It was here the students got their lesson as he showed clips of Hilter's speeches and the camps. How they got caught up in the philosophy and group think that they become numb to the attacks and oppression of their opposition. They learned how the people of Germany (though not all) could be blind while being educated as the honored students weren't ignorant nor stupid.

So our country seems to be following the way of The Wave. Only our beloved leader is Obama and the cause is Black Liberation. What got me thinking about this movie that's nearly 30 years old? Two stories to be exact. The first is the intended appointee of Blaco's. In the movie, nobody was questioning the ethics or policies of The Wave. Just they were elite and should be respected for it. This man is stating anyone against him is only do so because they're racist. The man isn't in office and the main weapon is being used already: anyone against is racist, instead of ignorance as in the movie. This man is being appointed by a stone cold corrupt, evil Governor who may be going to prison for a long time taking bribes and kickbacks and sees nothing wrong with it, and his problem is that by his skin color nobody should question it? I mean, talk about scary. What next, theft of the taxpayers or just the white ones.

The other story comes from the state I love to hate: California. In Antinoch, Section 8 renters are suing the city for racism and I can't believe this is happening. They're claiming the white citizen are using the police to harass and force them out of the city and that's racist. I would agree if they were telling the whole story. You see, I was a part time property manager for 2 1/2 years in 1999 to 2001. Landlords actually love Section 8 because it guarantees payment and don't have to worry about default of rent and proceed with lenghtly and costly eviction procedure. The housing disaster has hit this corrupt state harder than any other and property owners are desperate to put anyone that can pay into their residential property. Section alivates this problem and this has crated a surge of low income (I hate that term since I've always been low income and never got a cent of help from the government) renters into upper middle class neighborhoods. What the plaintiffs are not mentioning is the crime, drugs and prostitution that they brought to these neighborhoods. They drive around with their boom boxes, bring guns and shootings, rob the citizens and their business and have their ladies up for sale and they wonder why the people are complaining. Now the police investigate and they cry racism. They threaten and harass their white neighbors til they get restraining orders and they cry racism. In fact, most of the restraining orders have been reversed because of threats by the Section 8 people. Remember, no justice, no peace.

So, now if we don't let welfare queens and their children commit crimes against their neighbors, pump their drugs, disrupt the peace and we enforce the laws, we are to defined as racist? If this class action suit is to proceed, the consequence will bring the country to anarchy, especially with the AG that Barack has appoint. What city or land owner will do anything to fight the crime these parasites bring? What's to keep things from expanding more of the Black Liberation that cries racist for anyone that make African Americans responsible for their actions? What city will dare to rise up against the drug dealers if they have the power of government backing them? Like the wave, if you oppose us, you are racist, you are evil and you must be prosecuted while their evil goes on unopposed.

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