Sunday, December 21, 2008

Good Samartians Beware!!!

Well, as I posted before, I can't stand living in the woooonderfulllll state of California. I blogged about the true faces of the intolerant of those that opposed Proposition 8. Heck, even our Attorney General, who anyone with a brain knew he would do this, is refusing to enforce it and is leading the petition to have the courts overturn it. Wow. The executes and judicial branches are sleeping to together in this state and I thought the thought of Madonna having sex was obscene. Now that court that Moonbeam Brown is hoping to have in his pockets for the overturning of the will of the people here (why do we bother to vote at all?) now have given the good people of California a weapon that can be used upon them by the blood sucking leech lawyers as if they don't have enough teeth to eat away at everything we work for. Good Samaritans can now be sued for any harm done to victims that they try to help in good faith.

The case is of one of having friends like these. Well, I guess when you're friends with a liberal, especially a female liberal, you take your chances with both your life and your wallet. Several friends were leaving a Holloween party in two separate cars when one of them lost control and hit a divider. The driver of the other car believing she saw smoke and fear an explosion dragged the injured driver out causing injuries that led to paralysis. The statements of the witnesses are divided that there was no danger to substainiating the claims. I sense there was a cat fight between the parties but that's for the investigators to decided.

The court decided, with what wisdom that only those that can speak lawyerspeak can understand, decided the victim can sue her friend (those of you with liberal friends, remember, it's a relative term) because one must take "resonable care" when acting for a victim. What the heck does that mean? If a car is on fire, you can be sued if the victim gets burn? Or even breaks a hangnail? Most Californians don't get involved as it anyways. Not my problem or worried they may pull out a gun or get robbed by an accomplice which all have happened in this stupid and evil state. Now if someone is hurt, falls, passes out, now you'll have to call your lawyer to find what boundries you must follow to help your fellow person. While on hold, take the time to notice how a human dies while your lawyer looks up the 1200 page lawbook on First Aid procedures in the law book. My God what next? I fear they'll pass a Good Samartian law that will allow you to be both sued and prosecuted if you DON'T give aid at all. I don't know about you, but it just makes me want to bail and head out 13 miles to sea and live with the fishes. At least they won't sue me.


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