Thursday, December 18, 2008

He stoled $50 Billion. So What.

Now I got your attention, allow me to elaborate.  All the media hounds going over the $50 billion that was defrauded out of scores of people, widows, working families, even hollywood (though fooling those people out of their money seems to take that much brainpower) and how he's seems to be getting away with it has put my mindset towards an issue that really seemed to have gotten lost in the culture wars and this is now one of the consequences on one of them: Moral relativism.

So, why would I say "so what" to an obviously evil man that stoled money that his near impossible for the human mind to fathom.  This man is slyly grinning and make out like a pop star and has shown no remorse for what he's done.  It comes as no surprise because with moral relativism, this man has no shame and all the medias attempt to shame him is going down in flames faster than a World War Two Japanese Zero.  After all, why should he.  Because we the people of the United State, his victims or the media says so?  Who are WE to JUDGE him?  Moral relativism is letting individuals decide for themselves what is right and wrong.  This story is persistent in the Bible.  Adam and Eve thought that way.  The citizens of Soldom and Gomorrah, the time of Noah.  All met with the same results: DISASTER!  In the societies that had these relative morals,  the stories were all the same (except for Adam and Eve who were evicted from their premises), thievery, hate, murders, homosexual sex and sex with goats.  Disease and famines followed but in every case, the consequence for society was the same.

Take a look in a dictionary (that's a book that defines words for you liberals out there) the definition of anarchy describes what moral relativism brings.  Total and absolute freedom without consequence of individuals to determine for themselves what is right and wrong.  Nobody is allow to instill what they think is right or wrong, and since nobody will completely agree with any rule,  any concept of absolute right and wrong for certain acts.  So if one thinks stealing is okay, it's no sin to take your money.  Why does your life matter over his?  That's why this crook can steal from so many people, ruin so many lives and drive off in a limo with a smirk.  All in a day's work.  Why a government won't seriously prosecute, or how a man like Paulson can steal from the Treasury and nobody will ask questions or demand action.  Why Britney Spears' sister can have a baby at 16 and that's great while Palin's 17 year old is considered a hoe.  While it's the media's relative morality.  Why the UN will protect terrorist and call them freedom fighters and their victims heathens that need to be purged off the earth.  So next time you're struggling financial, a victim of a crime, been used, abused, and confused, remember: who are you to judge and what makes your morals any better or worse?  After all, if we have common rules for what's acceptable and what's not, perhaps things will start to become all too sane.


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