Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's only a shoe. . . this time.

There's a lot of talk about the shoe throwing incident in Iraq and a lot of it is quite disturbing. The first is how many on the liberal side are just stating it's only a shoe and laugh it off as a joke. The more serious matter is the total ineptness of the Secret Service in handling the whole situation.

First to those stupid morons that think it's only a shoe, so chill allow me to educate you stupid morons. Since most liberal Americans have no brains on cultural matters and being married to one that does, it would behoove you to know what that shoe represents. In the Islamic world, showing a sole of one's shoe is regarded as a major insult. It's saying you're lower than a cockroach and need to be squished as a filthy animal. So when that ingrate threw that shoe at President Bush, a President I don't like nor think is very bright, he was calling him a cockroach and should be squished. Now what if we had done that or should he had done that to Hussein or some other world leader. I bet we wouldn't having this discussion because he would be with his 72 virgins. Better yet, what if he did that to your new Messiah, Obama. I can hear the liberal media in action. He assaulted and insulted OUR President be up in arms for his prosecution. They wouldn't stop talking how disrespectful and a danger to the new savior of the world. They would be confused by their lack of appreciation for him. After all, wasn't his election suppose to end this disdain for Americans. The fact Bush brushed it off and the so called conservative praising how he handled it was the low of ignorance. That man was expressing that he wished Bush was dead. To laugh it off is just disgusting and weak and will only enbolded our evil enemies even more.

The second issue that scares me more was the lack of response of the Secret Service. Their JOB is to trounce anyone that does anything that could be a threat. The moment the man went for his shoe, he should had been neutralized. Not only did he get the shoe and toss it, he had time to get another shoe and hurled it at the President. Then, it was the other reporters that subdued and like the Pansy they are, the Secret Service arrest the man. Well, those of you who worship Obama, you must either think he's bulletproof, or just living in La La Land to think this can only happen to Bush. What's to discourage another nut job from trying again. What? Because he's Obama, they will love him? The Secret Service exist to protect the president and if necessary, put themselves in harms way for him. They completely failed miserably in this incident. Either they thought there was no threat, which they failed because it was only a shoe. This time. Or they just didn't care, which again a failure of their duty. With lax protectors, Obama should be scared senseless. Presidents get threaten all the time mainly by nut jobs, and the Middle East have a larger proportion of nuts than in the US. If those of you think a shoe is no threat, remember the shoe bomber that tried to bomb the flight from London to Boston. He got his shoes by the security check and the Air Marshall failed to subdue him. The passengers did. This time it was a shoe at President Bush. Next time it might be something more at Obama and imagine the consequence that would happen here.


The more important issue that scares me over this

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