Thursday, December 11, 2008

The most dangereous threat to America.

Among all the bail out news and Chicago corruption finally earning the limelight it deserve, another story has been overlooked by the public I fear: the skeletal remains of a child in Florida just a 1/2 mile from where the missing 3 year old lived. Remember the mother whose child had been missing for over a month before reporting her missing and all the BS she gave about the circumstances and only reported only under threat by the grandmother that she will and that her car had smelled of death. A story that got so ridiculous that a boundary hunter made a complete fool of himself when he posted her bail certain of her innocence only to recant 3 days later certain of her guilt as she was so uncooperative.

It comes as no surprise that they found a child skeleton so close to the home or that one was found at all. Seems Florida has a number of these cases that they don't even want to speculate that this is the body of the missing girl. How many 3 year-olds are missing in the state? Heck, in the area? What is surprising me though is that if the body is that of the missing girl, they are not going to pursue the death penalty. Why? What is it about the perpetrator of this gruesome crime that took the life of a 3 year-old girl that their life is worth preserving at the tax payer's expense no less? Is it because her mother, not her father, may had, oh heck let's not sugar coat it, HAD murdered her? When I hear this I remember worse cases of this like Susan Smith who had drove her SUV with her two boys in the back seat to drown them all over a man she was having an affair with didn't want a woman with kids. Not the first time such a crime with the same motive had occurred. But murdering those boys didn't spire outrage by the public. It was she tried to distract the investigation by lying that an African American man carjacked the car. If she hadn't confessed, it may had stucked with the media. Or the woman, who's name alludes me for now, that hunted down her 5 children one by one and drowned them in the bath tub with the last one knowing what his fate was and unsuccessfully tried to escape. It wasn't her crime that was the outrage, it was how her post pardom depression wasn't treated. Her husband still wants her home with him. Why, I say.

So you don't think I'm picking on murdering mothers, take the only two terrorist trials we've had so far. The first being Mourssari who during the trail taunted, spew his Islamic hatred and boosted about how noble he was and how weak and evil American and those that died during 9-11 was. Not only the jury thought he shouldn't be executed that living in prison was worse for him. 5 jurors wouldn't have voted for conviction had he not guilt pleaded. Then there was an Islamic soldier that threw a grenade into his officer's barracks and killed him and another soldier and injured 15 others. The jury of that trial felt that the government only proved that he took the armament that was used to kill the two, but not that he actually killed them. He was acquitted and now is free among us. My God, what will it take for 12 stupid morons who are too stupid to get out of jury duty to not only convict evil people, but to send where they belong and that's not prison. And soon, all those at Gitmo are gonig to be judge by the same brainless pool.

This is the greatest threat to America. It's not directly Moral Relativism, Radical Islamic Terrorist, or even the financial crisis. It's our complete compassion for evil and disdain of the innocent. Moral Relativism has created a lost of insanity, but none so much as having compassion for evil and disdain for innocent. That's how people can spare the lives of child murders (I won't even touch the abortion issue), worship mass murders, praise corrupt politicians, and side with terrorists unless they're perceived to have Christian objective like Timothy McVade who was executed but wasn't a Christian but a Pagan. However, that didn't deter American women from soliciting 4 marriage proposals a day til he died. This was a man that did deserve it, but unless the perpetrator is white, male, and proceeded as being judeo-christian, there's no chance they'll be convicted, much less, having the punishment equal the crime. Soon, Obama is going to release the most evil, vile and heartless ghouls out of Gitmo into the civilian courts. What a circus that's going to be and given our country's compassion for evil, many may not only be acquitted, but given a large sum of money for their troubles, citizenship, and an apology from our governance and the populace. Then they'll be confused and bewildered when we get hit again which I don't hope will happen, but given how America is embracing evil, how long these people hold back.

So it's no surprise that that mother in Florida won't be facing the death penalty, or we set free a terrorist as well as willing to set another free, and praising corrupt politicians whose bribes led to policies that is hurting all us little people financially. What surprising me now is how egregious and openly they can display their evil acts and nobody doesn't even notice anymore. How much more til we finally say enough. Evil people deserves no compassion and need to be weeded out of the human race and the innocent are to be protected.


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