Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Mumbai attacks and my Wife’s worse nightmares.

The recent Islamic terrorist attack in Mumbai has given my wife nightmares about the welfare of her family in Zamboanga. As Pakistan ineptly try to hide their hand in the support of those animals that murdered indiscriminately, it has led to many bad nightmares for my wife. What most Americans haven’t experience, and may well soon will, is that my wife has been up close and personal with such animals before. She has been a hostage to Islamic terrorists twice in her home city.

To give some background for those that only get their information from the lame stream media, the southern Philippines have been fighting a war mainly on two fronts against two Islamic groups: The Moros and the Abu Sayyaf. The Moros have historically been a political group mainly fighting to have the southern island of Mindanao to become fully Islamic (it’s about 50% Catholic and 50% Muslim) and become, at first, part of its historical ancestry of Malaysia, but had changed to becoming a fully independent country. They have done terrorist attacks on a low level scale for nearly three decades. For most of the last 15 years, things have been at relative peace as they have been trying to negotiate a peace between themselves and the Filipino government. When a peace agreement was on the verge, they broke their end of the agreement, murdered hundreds of civilians and ran to the hills like cowards when the Armed Forces of the Philippines came in. As of now, they’re looking to be a beaten organization but that has been said before.

The Abu Sayyaf is another story. They are an Al Qaeda member and their goals are unequivocal, the total Islamic conquest of the Philippines. They have been locked in the vicious and bloody war for nearly 30 years. Their fingerprints are easier to determined: they behead their enemies’ casualties. For the last couple of years they have made more progress as the Bush Administration has been neglecting this front and as world opinion have been more favorable towards the radical Islamic animals, the FDF had to become more restrained. They have control of the entire Sulu Archipelago murdering nuns and priest that don’t give in to their demands of convert or be beheaded. A threat all involved know are not idle threats as their trail of blood has demonstrated. They are currently a ferry ride away from Zamboanga as they had just taken Esabella on the Island of Basilan, and, as of this writing, fighting has escalated between the two groups and the AFP who are constantly being accused by the two groups for human rights violations. Talk about the teapot calling the kettle black.

My wife wasn’t always a Catholic. For the first 8 years of her life she was a Muslim. She went to a Muslim school and to this day will not talk about that experience. When she was 8 she converted to Catholicism. The results of our current election just totally mortify her, but that’s for another blog. During the Marcos regime, there was total marshal law by, basically, the dictator at the time to quell these groups and the Islamic resorted to the tactic they knew best: terrorism. Here’s a lesson she learned quickly as a child of 7 years old when her bus was hijacked by, at the time, her fellow Muslims of the Moros. They didn’t care she was a Muslim or a little child, only that she was a citizen of the Philippines and can be used in an attempt to blackmail the government to their demands. She won’t admit it, but I think it was this incident that influenced her conversion to Catholicism. Liberals and anti-American citizens should take notes here, it didn’t matter she was a 7-year-old child or even that she was Muslim. She was an easy and soft target and wouldn’t have any qualms in murdering her. The fact that those animals in Mubai murdered a 6-month pregnant woman and her TWO YEAR OLD CHILD isn’t inconsistent in what these evil monstrosities are capable of. A fact that really sends chills up her spine, and I don’t blame her. It should send chills up ours. The results of that incident resulted in Filipino commando moving in and killing all four terrorists without a civilian casualty. Though, I’m sure for a 7-year-old girl, it was quite an incident to live through.

The second time was when she was 18 and was taking a bus from her college home. Five members of the Abu Sayyaf hijacked the bus and had a stand off for two days. The civilians of this hijacking weren’t so lucky. Four were killed during the negotiations and four more during the raid. She was one of the fortunate 14 hostages to have been rescued by the commandos. All five terrorist were killed, two by there own hands when they detonated a grenade destroying the bus. She stopped using public transportation after that. When I went to the Philippines, she made it her mission not to let us take public transportation. It’s the number one target of the Islamic and Communist (yes, they have those too) terrorist.

For my wife, the news of the Mumbai attacks revived those nightmares. As the Abu Sayyaf , an already brazen, evil organization, can only become more so as news of such successes going on from other group members. She is worried that her home city will be next on their sights. In fact, both groups have, in no unclear terms, shown their desire to make Zamboanga their capital. Until the Moro went on a rampage and murdered hundreds civilian in their attempted takeover of several villages and the aftermath from the AFP that drove them out and have them on the run to the southern half of the island, Zamboanga was completely surrounded. Given how Al-Qaeda has demonstrated their intentions to those that oppose their will up front and personal, her nightmare is becoming mine. It should be for every American since our absent media has done a pathetically woeful job of covering this and been an all too willing participant in the cover-up for Pakistan. Given the course that our government is taking, not one word of anger or real condemnation, just don’t rush to judgment gibberish; it will become all of ours as well because, and I hope to God (NOT ALLAH) that I’m wrong, we too may be getting up close and personal with our radical Islamic enemies at home as well.


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