Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Obama says we don't need to buy guns. Is he kidding?

A recent article in the Chicago Sun Times http://www.suntimes.com/news/politics/obama/1318968,obama-gun-sales-up-120808.article
has Obama pleading that we don't need to go out and buy guns. I don't even know where to begin on this issue. A politician is pleading that Americans restrain from exercising a constitutionally guaranteed right: to bear arms. I've owned two guns in my life and had taken safety courses before purchasing them. I had one for protection and the other for target shooting. I never was interested in guns til two things happened. The first was a friend of mine introduced me to target shooting and though I never fired a gun in my life at the time, I managed to win a bet. The Olympics where going on at the time and McDonald's had game going where you got a event when you bought a drink and you won a Big Mac, Fries, or a Small Drink depending if we won a Gold medal, Silver medal, or Bronze metal in the event. If more than one was won, the highest medal was honored so the bet was if I hit a bulls eye, I win a Big Mac. I won that Big Mac on my second shot. I never pursued target shooting as a hobby though I've tried it out a few times, and despite getting quite good at it, I didn't have a real passion for the sport. I got rid of them when my daughter was born, but now it's starting to look like a good time to educate my children about firearms and proper use of them.

The second event was why I got one for self-defense. I was living in a high crime area and witness a shooting. Here I was out in the open on my front lawn and saw a teenage kid shoot another over a bike. I was about 50 feet away and had no where to run to or hide. Basically I was a sitting duck. Fortunately for me the thug ran off in a panic (leaving behind the bike) instead of worrying about witnesses while the victim, shot in the thigh, also ran off. The kid was arrested two hours later, but if that kid wanted to hunt me down, I would be dead today because I had no way of fighting back.

Ask gun owners why they own a firearm, as you expect the number one answer is self-protection, followed by hunting then target shooting. Given Obama's past voting record it's clear the number one reason why he thinks civilians own guns: to commit crimes. Obama, the media's anointed one, is trying to calm our fears by stating we don't need to buy guns, that we don't have anything to fear from him. There's an old saying "Actions speak louder than words" and Obama's speaks at deafening decibels. Guns are the problems and no civilian, other than the National Guard, the miliary, and perhaps if it's created, the National Security Force are entitled to have possession of firearms. What next, our Bibles? After all, we bible, gun toting white racist are the problem in this country, right Obama. Not the Radical Islamic, the criminal, or corrupt politicians? Is that right? Sorry Obama, since you have no real interest in defending us against the real threats to this country, I will trust myself before you with the protection of my family's life.

As most liberals, he has twisted the intent of the constitution to benefit his socialistic ideas that it was never intended as an INDIVIDUAL right, but a state right. If he actually read the constitution (which I know he had since he's been working on that birth certificate issue since 2006) and study the history leading up to it, state rights and individual rights were interpreted as the same. That in the states, which were set up as separate experiments in democracy, the individual will choose how their government will govern them and the right to bare arms was ratified by the state to preserved those right should the central government, in this case the federal government, should become too tyrannical. Just look at the bill of rights. They're all about protecting the individual from an overreaching government. Seems only with the 2nd have the politicians have seem deemed to make it the state over individuals.

Obama, we bible toting gun owners aren't buying in your assurances. There's a good reason why the U.S. hasn't fallen to likes of Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran. Countries that you seem to have too much respect for. It's been the armed civilians that's kept our democracy in check. Only dictators fear armed civilians. Otherwise, what checks would we have against abuses by the NSF?


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