Monday, December 22, 2008

Stupid Californians

I have mentioned how I hate it here in the state of California and the sewer pipe politics here. Now when I think the state couldn't stink . . . I mean sink any lower, the state proves me wrong. The courts, as usual, side with the corrupt and incompetent teacher's association and going to drop the testing of Algebra because the students are bombing the test. Although I think many standards are unrealistic, if you're going to have them, measure them.

I taught in a California school for a year. It was by far one of the worse jobs I'd ever had. What I experienced was enough to make me cynical of the whole public school system. Pot smoking on campus, near riots (which the press covered up), contempt of authority that was enabled, disdain of teachers by students, administrators, and parents. All administration cared about was those test scores for the No Child Left Behind were a lot of cheating was going on. When I got the pink slip, I was relieved that I wouldn't have to go through the misery of trying to teach with a system that really has contempt for learning. I'll never get over how several students seeing a friend listed to receive an honor for perfect attendance how they're going to kick his rear. Or the time a student was out in the halls during class time and when the VP demanded he get to class, the student gave him the finger (and not the you're #1 finger either) and the VP let him go on his merry way. The time I was referring several trouble makers for constantly back talking, they told me to stop because the administration was giving lunch detention and they weren't showing up (never mind my class was the one before lunch and they could just send for them). Wow, so if I get a court hearing for sentencing for a crime, can I get the police to stop arresting me because I don't show up? Seems to work for those that despise learning.

The main headache is everyone involved isn't really accountable for anything. Student and parents aren't accountable for the lack of interest or respect but if you fail them, ooooooh watch out! Administrators are off the hook as long as the test scores meet requirements. The requirements keep going down every year anyways, so why worry? Teachers are completely frustrated and demoralized. Many I know can't wait to retire or teach elsewhere. And the union, oh God, what a bunch of corrupt, greedy, incompetent bozos. They are not your children's friend, just what is good for the union and their pocketbooks. They left us high and dry on how may issues, and anything we try to help remedy the situation went on deaf ears, but they sure defended bad teachers.

The fact is in the school I was in, the students ran the school and they knew it. They used it to their advantage knowing no real consequence will happen. So, set things on fire (happened to me not once, not twice, but three times), throw items at your teacher, give the bird to those in authority, disrupt the class, do drugs, and refuse to learn. The Supreme Court of California is on your side.


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