Sunday, December 14, 2008

The True Faces of intolerance.

I live in the golden state of California and unlike most who live here, I can't stand it here. Highest tax burdens, politics that rival those in Chicago, and finding a job if you d0n't have any Spanish and now lately, believe it or not (if you're a California, it's easy to believe) Cantonese (Chinese). Sure we have the nice weather and landscapes, but what good it is if you can't afford to do anything to enjoy it. However, what really has me fuming and will leave this state first chance I get, even though my children are here, is the reaction to Proposition 8.

Before I get the usual hate mantra of homophobia, allow me to enlighten you. I always go along with homosexuals. In fact, I got along with them better than I did with most heterosexuals because, I believe, is the egotisicial BS wasn't detrimental to their relationship. Lesbians, for some reason, found me sweet and easy to talk to better than many of their girlfriends (literally). Even though as a Christian homosexual won't inherit the kingdom of God, our faiths and consequences are between us and our God. One must choose willing to accept God and his rewards. If you don't, then that's your choice. It's not up to me to make that judgement and thus I try to love my neighbor as myself. Most of my view of this issue, interesting, doesn't come from the bible, but from the one family member that is openly gay and is, unfortunately, HIV positive. He really hates the homosexual activist that fought to have gay marriage. He finds it a perversion of nature. How he explained it to me was that marriage at the civil level is contract between a man and woman to protect not only their union, but the main function was to protect any children that should, naturally, be created from this union. Homosexuals can't have children naturally, so marriage isn't needed. He finds the gay marriage movement to be one of the ultimate acts of hypocrisy of the homosexual movement.

When our 4 dictators in black robes gave a right that never existed the gay marriage movement, it really had turned out to be a Pandora's box. Evil politicians like Galvin Newsom opened this box when he broke state law by openly having gay marriages. The man don't care about them, just their votes. He used gay marriage to advance his political agenda and it worked. . . until proposition 8. So, lets get some history. The argument is being waged that for the first time in American history, citizens (and some illegal here in this state) have voted to take away rights from other segments of the citizenship. First, marriage in itself isn't a right. To this date, nobody can find the right to marriage in the constitution both in the state and federal constitution. Four activist judges decided to make it a right when we first voted to define marriage as being between a man and a woman and they struck it down and said they have the right to marry. It wasn't even what it was about. Marriage, as sanctified by the state, is a civil contract where parties are to maintain certain obligation. The sanctity of marriage is done by the church as the separation of church and state should have it. So, why all this hoopla about gay marriage rights.

The political homosexual movement has 3 objectives regarding homosexual marriages. The first is money. Marriage not only provides obligations, but benefits as well. The biggest has been insurances and taxes. Married people get rate breaks on insurance, especially health insurance. Gay people have been fighting to be able to have their partners included in benefits that married people has have with their spouses. Here in California, we had in the law books of domestic partnership that business here must treat domestic partners as spouses for insurance reasons. Tax benefits have been a different story. Domestic partners don't have the privilege of filing joint returns with their more favorable tax rates. This is a policy as determined by federal law and proposition 8 had nothing to do with it, but they continue to bitch about it. If they were fighting for equality under the law for tax benefits, I would support and to this day I will.

It's the other two objectives that I find obscene and why I no longer supportive of their "rights". The second is down right indoctrination. They want gay marriage as part of the social science curriculum in the same level as the civil rights movement of the 50's and 60's. Some of the commercials they ran during the campaign was one showing how Proposition 8 would take away right like the Japanese during the 40's showing the camps and the impounding of their properties. How disgusting. I like to know one gay business owner that's going to lose their business or one gay person going to be shipped to a concentration camp. It's was a completely a false analogy to make people think that anyone opposing gay marriage is a tyrant. It was a lie that it won't be taught in school. The fact is, it already is because I witnessed it when I was a teacher during the 07-08 school year. The other commerical that disgusted me was one showing the lynching that went on during the south. I'm not saying some atrocities, the Sheppard case comes to mind and that was over a decade ago, have been done by a few stupid morons, but to the level that was done during the dark times of the South where it was state policy. It sure isn't going to happen today. With all the hate crime and hate speech laws on the book, homosexual already have more "rights" than heterosexuals. And how was proposition 8 going to stop what wasn't going on anymore anyways?

The third and what my uncle found to be the most hypocritical, is their forcing God to accept their homosexuality. I put it that way because they want to force churches to hire and promote homosexuality or use the power of government (which means force by a gun) to shut them down or be arrested for hate crimes. Oh yea, take about intolerance. Rewrite the bible and arrest those that don't. What happened to separation of church and state as so many talk about. Take a look at what's going on now. They're protesting and in some cases rioting against the Mormon church. We had a bunch of those ugly lesbians protest and try to block business of a local ice cream shop here calling them bigots and promoters of hate shouting and screaming in the face of the patrons. Well, it didn't work on that business. In fact, it went up 20%. Now that we amended fairly and legally our constitution just defining marriage as between a man and a woman, they are trying to usurp democracy and shop to a judge to have the amendment overturned. Excuse me, when the people say they want something and a minority or the government say "drop dead, we'll do what we want". Isn't that the definition of tyranny? Isn't that the definition of intolerance. Isn't that true definition of hypocrisy?


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