Friday, December 26, 2008

What went wrong with the GOP

I was listening to a talk show this evening and had to shake and then bang my head from what I heard. I like listening to talk radio because it's the only place where I have a chance of hearing something intelligent unlike these hip hop station that continue to spew garbage and hatred. I don't find them any different than a jihadist station, but I digress. Too many talk shows out there are giving George Bush way too much credit. I don't write this with much joy, but when one is ignorant of history, they're doomed to repeat it.

There are numerous blogs, as well as talk shows, debating over what went wrong with the Republican Party and why they’re getting soundly defeated. During the last presidential election when I was asked about my opinion about the candidates (amazing how people talk politics and religion despite the wisdom not to) and nearly everyone was shocked when I said it didn’t matter. The office of the president will be made irreverent for only the 3rd time in American history. My concern, and now my worse nightmare coming true, was the congress. Thanks to all the mindlessness coming from the brain dead media and many voters, mainly GOP primary voter, will be the goose that will lay the golden eggs for the leftist: The Congressional Supermajority. If Al Franklin steals the senate seat in Minnesota, and so far it looks like he will, with the house having a 2/3rd majority, the senate will have a filibuster proof 60 seats. Given the 7 RINO’s still holding their seats (until 2010), that will be enough to override any vetoes the president hands down, so what power will the president have over the congress?

What this means is that for only the 3rd time in American history the congress has a super majority, big enough to do whatever they want despite the president’s opinion. This has only happen 3 times. The others were in 1930 and 1978, but the party in power was also the same as the president, so the irrelevancy didn’t matter and will again since Obama will rubber stamp anything Pelosi, Reid, or anything the radical leftist want anyways. What scared me were the results of the other two super majorities: one depression and the worse recession since with 14% inflation and 12% unemployment (and those are the official figures, God only know what the real figures were). So even if McCain had won, what possible effect would he have? He was mainly a RINO so immigration, taxes, homeland security, he would walked the line as the other RINOs, so no difference. National Defense, Supreme Court Justices, the congress will either override or just plain go to a no vote. All the election of Obama will do is give them less headaches and cause the stock of aspirin manufacturers to plummet. This is going to be a true disaster beyond anything we’ve seen. So many voters ignorant or just plain blind to history would know things can get worse. Be prepare for the assaults on the 2nd amendment, especially if we get attacked again because you know the liberals will blame the evil guns, not the men who used them, assault on your wallet in the form of taxes, higher energy costs, totally open borders, devaluing of our sovereignty, our citizenship, freedom of religion, press, speech including the internet. The liberal bloggers are going to be in one heck of a shock when their ability to express themselves freely as we’ve enjoyed for the last 13 years will be gone. We can add the flourishing of radical Islam, gay rights and affirmative action becoming a federal mandated quota system.

So what really went wrong? Does 52% of Americans support and want the most liberal and socialist, if not a down right communist, candidate to run our once great nation? Have we become that dense or apathetic? It hurts me to say this, but the Republicans shot themselves in both of their feet, the place that hurts, and the head because they became too much like their adversaries. They compromised too much of their conservative values and behaved too much like liberals. The conservatives saw through it and many stayed at home while many other just were too disgusted with Bush, who in my opinion is the worse traitor to conservatives in the GOP history, but that’s for a later blog. The GOP spent like drunken sailor at a brothel in Nevada (The Federal government owned one for 2 years during Clinton’s 2nd term), defended the liberals and hosed the conservatives in the culture wars with a few exception, allow egregious theft and corruption throughout the government, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were won brilliantly, but the occupations were a complete and utter disaster and the American people were fed up with it and Abu Grave and Gitmo with our seditious media sure didn’t help. We’re bankrupt from the occupation and the bank thefts and now with the economy tanking, the dollar falling like rain from the clouds, well like his father, who ranks 3rd most stupidest president we’ve had only behind his son and Carter, learned that it’s the economy stupid. Or has he? I’m still not sure. Let’s add people are more polarized than ever, our enemies are more embolden than ever. We’ve tried more of own military than the terrorist nearly 5 to 1. How can the military support this man when he prosecute them more than the enemy and lets them run amok with his passive policies with a so called ally such as Pakinstan? As well as letting a treasonous media slander them continuously. Listening to the media has brought a new meaning to torture, but at least I don't have to listen to them.

The simple fact is the GOP lost because liberalism don’t win election and for the past 8 years, with 6 of those the congress was under GOP control, we had the most liberal government we’ve had and people didn’t vote for Obama because he was for change. They voted for him because he wasn’t Bush, or better yet Bush 3, which McCain would have been. What now worries me more is now Americans have now elected a president and congress that’s even more liberal than Bush and the GOP. I fear now we won't get change, but even more of the same. On the bright side, this may polarize the conservative and get the GOP back to their roots that got them into power in the first place. With Obama, at least we'll keep an eye on him and know where he's coming from. We all know, those of us with brains anyways, that he's an anti-American socialist. Until conservative media members learned why the GOP lost, they'll repeat the same mistakes that's been done for the last 8 years and will empowered the leftist even more. The GOP lost because they spat in the face of conservatives lost their convictions that got them there in the first place.


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