Thursday, December 31, 2009

Message to Liberals.

I don't get too many comments. To date I haven't yet posted one comment of the few that I do get from liberals for one simple reason: they have no substances. So far I've been called a jackass, though that the symbol the Democrat Party uses so perhaps they're complimenting me, stupid, uneducated, evil, fascist, racist (of course) and a few other I can't repeat because unlike them, I try to be civilized. As the new year begins, I thought I put a few lessons so liberals can get a lesson on what it takes to get posted on a conservative man's blog.

Lesson #1: Refer to what post you're commenting on. Not once did the liberals that took to insulting me ever told me what it was they're ticked off about. It's hard for me, a stupid jackass in their opinions, to know what you're angry about because most of you are angry all the time over nothing or irrelevant things. Yea, my spelling isn't the greatest nor is my typing at time, but to go on a rant over that or a profane tirade without telling me why, well I can't respond. Unlike liberals, if you can demonstrate I have some fact wrong or logically why my line of thinking is flawed, I'll be the first to tell you, but first tell me what is I'm supposedly wrong about. So unless I know what you're referring to, I can't respond.

Lesson #2: Using profanity and insults doesn't get you anywhere. Oh yes, it gets you somewhere in the political forum and the media but that's because they're as narrow minded and lacking in substance as you are. If you can't clarify your point or stance without lowering yourself to the gutter of hip-hoppers or rappers (yes, I do insult them because they're, with a few exception like Will Smith, stupid, stoned, angry and violent punks that need to be in jail not with wealth for being such), then don't bother posting because I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Like I said, if you can demonstrate I'm wrong, then, unlike you, I'll admit it.

Lesson #3: Use logic and reason, not emotional appeal. We're already over polarized. Bush initiated it and now BO is waving the flames. I'm going to participate in emotional rantings that have no basis in the facts. That's what the left excels at and why people, like the tea baggers, are just getting sick and tired of it. Have something well thought out not flamed out.

Lesson #4: This is a blog, not a news forum so treat it as such. I don't claim to be a newscaster. This is a blog. A personal log. Many times I state some facts and analyzed what I think it means. I'm just expressing myself. If that gets under your skin, remember, it's just one opinion. It's not that I'm trying to impose it on others.

Lesson #5: Respectfully counter other people opinions. Many times I'm just stating my own personal opinion and those are the ones that get under the liberals skins the most. I find I get more hate comments from opinions that don't agree with their than any other. Now I'm going to give one of my opinions you liberals out there. I've concluded that you have no tolerance, as the group to that claim to be the tolerant group, for any other opinions than your own. I see more breed of contempt from the left and liberals by far than conservative. Again, just my OPINION from what I've observed.

The lesson I'm getting from liberals are they are not aid to their causes by their tactics. Many conservatives got a bit to learn but the most vile, mean, malevolent and hateful comments and statements predominately come from the left and it shows in their comments. I'll give a hint out to you libs out there. Your comments don't hurt, upset, and many times even give my wife and I a good laugh. When grown people act childish, it doesn't influence anyone but other childish people and frankly, I don't have the time, energy or even care about comments from childish people. Now if you can find me being childist, then state how and I'll respond. After all, we're all human and do silly things at time, but the left sure doesn't think so or that we need to be dominated over. Something I don't hold as I believe we're all capable to learning and growing and one thing I hoped to gain from writing online: the opportunity to learn and grow. It's not going to happen if I get childish, stupid, juvenile and empty comments.

Monday, December 28, 2009

The Underwear Bomber. Oh what a world.

As the facts over the happenings of the "underwear" bomber is now out, our head of Homeland Security perhaps makes one of the stupidest statements I've ever heard coming from a government official: the system worked. In Alice in Wonderland the Chestire Cat, being the devious being that he was, was making a plan to assault Alice with the logical reasoning you can catch a cat with a smile, but you can't catch a smile without a cat as he disappeared and only the smile remained as it descends upon her. I can't but help think of this as the whole response by the Homeland Security make their spin to adjudicate themselves from this fiasco.

First of all, Janet Stupidtono makes the claim that the system worked. The bomber was foiled and the passengers and citizens acted accordingly to end the threat. First of all, last I check, I haven't gotten my check from DHS. Oh wait. I'm not employed with them. Then why is she claiming it's MY job to stop these animals? Isn't it hers? Last I checked, DHS was created from the 9-11 commission for entrenching enforcement of our immigration and border security laws. Last I checked, security at airport security falls into the border security laws since from these terminal they are able to come here and enter our shores and lands. The fact that despite his father (HIS VERY OWN MUSLIM FATHER FOR CHRIST SAKE!) warned and proved that he was a member of Al-Quida and DHS just filed it away and let him travel here even to his father's amazement and without a passport. There's a word for this: INCOMPETENCE. She states that DHS can't prevent such terrorists and that TSA wasn't at that airport and it's not her or TSA responsibility to prevent his attack. Then why do we even have them then. If they can't even do the basic of their job, prevent a terrorist from getting on board in the first place, then why have them? Add the terrorist shooting at Fort Hood and her stupid statement, she should be fired from her position.

This all shouldn't be a shock given her record as Arizona's governor. Illegal Alien invasion nearly quadrupled, kidnappings from Mexican citizen with the drug cartel skyrocketed. In fact, AZ is the kidnapping capital of the country by far and it started with her governorship. AZ has been invaded by foreigners having people on US soil, some US citizens kidnapped and nothing was done about it. Still isn't. The state was also a financial mess. Should it be no surprise that her reign as DHS after 10 months has been a complete failure? She's a failure as a governor and as a law enforcement officer and not only needs to be fired, but should be looked into criminal negligence.

What's worse is that this plot failed mainly from luck. The wrong acid was used to detonate and instead of exploding, it just caught fire saving the plane. An underwear bomb had been used before and, unlike this latest attempt, it did work and exploded. One of Bin Ladens followers tried to assassinate the Prince in charge of anti-terrorism and after a ruse of a false surrender only to him, detonated the underwear in his home and only managed to kill himself. The prince survived with minor injuries. To credit that the system worked because nobody got hurt (other than the animal himself and one of the passengers that got burned while trying to stop him), it is a poor assessment. To claim success before the opposition failed is bad policy. You're relying on the stupidity or carelessness of the enemy for your success. Because the chemist for this dumb ass wasn't as smart as the other in Saudi is a bad reason to call this foiled attempt a success.

Think of what this is telling our enemies. One, at certain places, even a top terrorist state like Nigeria (only Saudi is higher, followed closely behind Pakistan and then Iran) you can get on board a plane, with no passport or questions asked, and sneak in explosive underwear. If it fails, the government will trip over themselves to spin it into less than what it is: terrorism. Now Americans will have the indignity of having our undies checked (but not Muslims, we can't offend them) and the airlines will have even more headaches that they'll want to avoid. As airlines are having enough trouble staying solvent, we'll have a new humiliation and inconvenience that will have us desiring to avoid them even more.

However, not all the news is bad on this. First, Janet is now being shown for the clown that she is and becoming a political liability to Obama by the left and right. She should fear hearing the sounds of buses now because the next one she may be thrown under as all those that become political liabilities have become with this President. Two, DHS is exposed for the incompetent agency that it is and it given the disdain by the American people by the events for the last 11 months, it's not going to take much for their to be a backlash. This is sure to become an election issue later in 2010 when the election campaigning begins with means even the left is going to have to scramble to make something happen other than the status quo. Third, this shows our enemies that we will fend for ourselves if we so much as smell a plot during a flight. That the spirit of Flight 93 isn't dead and that attempt to use airplanes as bombs isn't going to work like it did on 9-11. Lastly, it shows that Al-Quida is still a threat and BO's attempt to sugar coat it isn't going to change that.

The last two attempts to blow up planes has failed, but only because of poor execution by the terrorist. Though the American people will fight these animals, it won't do much good if these explosives work and the damage is done to the plane. As we can't do anything once they're dead and there's a hole in the plane. America has a bad history of reacting to past disasters and not preparing for a well known one. We need more to be done to prevent the terrorist from being able to make the attempt like profiling, better screening and better yet, search terrorists, not 80 year-old grandma in the wheel chair, Irish nuns, and babies. If we don't learn that from all this, then the war is truly lost. After it, our leader from DHS has completely demonstrated that DHS still hasn't learned that lesson.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas and hope it's not the last.

Seems to have been awhile since my last blog. Been busy with basketball officiating and Christmas that is coming up. Future isn't so bright either as I have more basketball and Jury Duty coming up as well. However, as I prepare for the upcoming celebration of the Birth of the Savior, it's occurring to me with all that's going on politically, that we could be coming close to the end of Christian celebration and I don't just mean the deathcare bill that's, of all the disgusting maneuvers, being voted upon on Christmas Eve.

The thing that got me thinking that the time of America being a Christian nation is drawing to an end is the anti-Christian mentality that is predating throughout our political and cultural body. Can't say Merry Christmas, it's happy holidays. Any reference to Christ is deemed a violation of Church and State, but not Ramadan with that evil Mohammad. Shoot, we can't even say Islamic terrorist any more. Or that stupid PC made up holiday that always starts on the 26th, Quanza or however you spell that stupid worship of vegetables. Public Caroling for the most part are forbidden. Most carols that are played publicly are neutral (anyone heard silent night, oh come all ye faithful?) mostly Jingle Bells (I'm ready to destroy bells because of the over play of that song), Frosty the Snowman or Rudolf. Anything related to Christ is rarely played. However a little known story that's getting little notice from the press should have all those who profess, and actually practice and not only on Christmas and Easter, to be faithful followers of Christ on edge for our safety.

There's a member of our military that is completing his college education that wrote a thesis about the ills of American foreign policy. He states that our foreign policies practice that of evil throughout the world and will continue to do so earning the scorn and hatred of the world because American follows the myth of Christian absolutism. Basically, the fact that Christian believe there are right and wrongs, good and evil that premeditates the evils of American foreign policy. He believes and argues that American is an evil empire because of Christian fundamentalism. That by judging others to be good, bad, right or wrong is wrong and hence makes us arrogant and destructive to other nations, exploiting them, like Iraq, because of the concept of right and wrong. To sum things up, he's stating that Christians and Jews are the only real evil in the world.

The seriousness of this man's argument as well as his statement can be shown in his political statements. He claims Iran is no threat because their President isn't a threat. Only because Christians and Israel Jews define him as such is he being deemed evil and a threat. That he's a man looking after his people and the Christians and Jews are making him a threat by being a threat to him because of our judgement of his action. Never mind that Iran has threaten to wipe Israel off the map. For you liberals out there that don't know words have meaning, that means he intends to kill every single one of them if he gets the chance. Now you liberals can make the claim that by my Christian belief that makes him evil is making me the real evil one doesn't change the fact that that man wants to commit genocide by the true meaning of the word and that genocide isn't evil. It just makes you a moron and an evil moron at that because once he's done with Israel, we're next. The fact that you feeeeeel or think that's he's a good man isn't going to change that. He makes similar claims over Castro, Chavez, Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot. People who together are responsible for the murder of 100 million people and they're misunderstood over the evil of Christian and Jews.

What makes this man's thesis a real threat is that it's being accumulates over his incite and "courage" to bring out the "truth" of the evils and cult of Christians and Jews by the academic circles. What he says further is where Christians and Jews should be concern because we see it quite a bit in the political circles on the left. He states that Christian and Jewish absolutism as the one great evil and threat to world peace. That our beliefs in right, wrong, good and evil perverts our sense of reality and creates crusades (gee, which group put that word into his head?), murders, persecutions, white washes science like Global Warming (his words. He didn't use the more popular term Global Climate change. Perhaps he started this before the coldest summer and now winter has begun), racism and gnosticism. By making judgements, we tend to fight against those things we perceive as wrong or evil. True, there has been some wrongs done. The Southerns, for example, thought it was their Christian duty to "house and protect" the negro population since they were less than human like pets. However, it wasn't the socialists, Muslims that Obama thinks made this country, or the white racist artisans that didn't want their economic interests threaten by the freeing of the lower waged negro that fought politically for their freedom. It was Northern Christians abolitionist movement that bought forth the emancipation movement that eventually pressured Lincoln to finally decree during the Civil War to liberate blacks, at least as property to whites. What would moral relativist or the non-judgmental of today think? I'll tell you because it's going on in the Sudan and that's NOTHING!

Even though Christians and Jews have done their share of mistake, the concept of right and wrong had allow us to analyze and correct "wrongs". The Civil Rights movement serves as an example because Christian groups fought against it as they thought God wanted man to live within their tribes. The tribes being race. I left a church over this because they thought I was a race traitor for dating a Cantonese woman. Tribe in this meant local culture as to have something in common or a common interest, not conflicted ones like we have today with multiculturalism. Many, if not most, fought for the continue segregation of the races. However, it was a sect of Christians that felt, correctly, that the church's interpretation of tribe was incorrect and fought with the African Americans to not only not be property, but have the same equal right to opportunities as well. Try finding that with others, especially Islam that won't even condemn terrorism, but will condemn Israel and the United States.

As we head to Christmas with the most intrusive legislation ever to be written in the history of the country being passed and the final assault on our integrity by the leftist anti-Christian left begins, note that should they hold on this November and just keep both houses of congress, it could very well be our last Christmas as we know it. With their hate crime legislation, Holder and BO and company holding the executive powers to selectively prosecute crimes as they see fit mainly anyone that thinks in the Judeo-Christian values that found our country as enemies of the state. With the war against right and good in favor of promoting evil and defining evil as nothing less that divinity to the pagan state, we could very well be seeing our last Christmas or one of the last Christmas. How much that has changed in my lifetime where reference to Christ at this time of year was everywhere is now forbidden because of the likes of the atheist (Unless it's the evil cult of Muhammad) has deemed it evil to do so, nobody can even know the true meaning of Christmas. Heck, I'm shocked that Charles Dicken's book A Christmas Carol hasn't been banned yet. After all it has the true meaning of good will to men and individualism and charity and, GASP, reference to God. However it seems the movies based on his book have been. Can anyone remember the last time it was televised?

The gist is that good is being demeaned while evil is being elevated. Right is deemed as evil while evil is viewed as progressive. Worse, having any sort of judgment, other than bigotry against whites, Christians, Heterosexuals, and individual responsibility, is deemed evil. Never mind that making such moral relative judgment is judgmental in of itself. Right now, enjoy Christmas as we still have it now. Merry Christmas and God bless us. . . everyone.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Epitome of stupid II, Obama's Afghanistan speech.

Seems the saying that History shows that man learns nothing from history is being demonstrated by this either stupid or treasonous administration. When I heard, yes I actually listen for God only knows why to BO's speech, and I just in awe of what came out of the man's mouth. Not in awe of amazement, but awe of disbelief. I've never heard or even read such stupidity in the entire history of warfare or political posturing. BO makes Chamberlain look like a political mastermind in comparison. Let me explain.

First, Obama tries to speak out of both sides of his mouth. First commending about the Islamic fascist threat. Finally, the man mentioned the true face of the enemy. Then he mentions how that to maintain the fight and treat the threat that he (this man uses the word "I" in his speeches more than any politician in history and it hasn't even been a year in office yet) feels is the real threat (never mind most every military expert). So he tries to justify sending an additional 30,000 troops. So after all the grief and telling McCystral to shut up, he finally concludes that he was right about needing more troops.

Then he goes and makes perhaps one of the either stupidest moves or the most treasonous. How we need to withdraw and sets a time line. So, he speaks from both ends of his mouth, tries to appease both sides the table and now has given the enemy that he has determined to be such a huge threat a huge victory: a timeline. He's now told the enemy that if they can hold out for 18 more months, we will withdraw with our tails between our legs. Why send the troops in the first place only to have a mission of retreat and withdrawal? Worse yet why advertise it to our enemies?

Sun Tzu said a victorious general will seek victory and then fight. A losing general with fight and then seek victory. Basically, the objective, plan, and forces needed to win will all be predetermined before heading to the battlefield. A losing general will go fight and then define their objectives and make plans. This was the mistake Bush made on the occupation, the US made in Vietnam, and frankly, the mistake the British made during the Revolutionary War. However, Obama took it a step lower. He fights first then seeks defeat. There's no desire to win, no objective, other then to have he afghans take over and fight for themselves without any definition of what that is or plans of how that will be achieved and it won't. Now that they know the US is planning defeat and abandon them, they will turn and make alliances with their enemies against a common enemy now.

A general who decides quickly, consistently, and with reason is well respected and the men will fight for him to the death. The general that procrastinates, is indecisive and has no clear objective loses the respect of his men and the results is chaos. Which one does Obama sound like? A winning general keeps his plans as dark as the night. He tells no one of his plans so his enemy doesn't catch wind of his intentions. Obama just broadcast for the world to hear that he plans to cut and run. If you're the Taliban what will your plan be now? It's easy, hit and run and just create as many casualties as you can til they leave. As for allies, you're going stay away from this one because it's a lost cause. I like to know how he intends to get those 45,000 NATO troops. I guess because he's the messiah will be good enough. Pfffffft.

Had Obama took either fight to win or the fight isn't worth the costs and withdrawal, or basically took either fight or flight, I could had given him some credibility and respect. At least he would had been making a decision and standing by it right or wrong. At least that's what Bush did though most of the decisions were awful. Now, we have one that speaks from both ends of his mouth, trying to have it both ways, telegraphs his intentions, gives hope and enboldenment to the threat that he even defines has being real, and gives any allies every reason to avoid this like a hooker with HIV. It was by far the worse thing he could do and by far one the stupidest statements he's made. What gets me is most in the media don't even realized how much he's just dropped, fumbled, booted, and then punted the ball on this and in the end, this won't only be Obama's Vietnam, it will become his Waterloo.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Mindanao: the next killing fields?

There's a little known conflict going on that's getting very little notice by the news media, but goes to show what happens when Islam gets mixed in with politics and it's escalating. In a providence in Mindanao, there's an upcoming election for governor. The current governor, til recent events, was an ally of President Arroyo and her war on terror in the southern Island. That could change. Monday, a envoy was on the way with a wife of a rival Muslim family with the wife on the candidate (I wonder why he didn't do it himself. The reason will become clear: he's not an idiot) with several reporters were on their way to file his candidacy when they were ambushed by 100 armed men, shot, killed, mutilated and buried. Oh, not just the dismembered bodies, but the vehicles as well. It's come out it was a well planed and executed ambushed with government agencies involved since the civil agency's equipment was used to bury the cars and several trucks.

As I look at what's going on because elections, unlike what we take for granted here in the State, though I wonder for how much longer, rarely go without violence, especially in the Muslim dominated southern islands. Death and destruction are often tied together in Filipino elections, but this is something that goes beyond the norm as it was over a candidacy. Arroyo has suspended the governor suspected (as of this writing, has been formally arrested with) of being involved in the massacre. Troops are being sent, but if recent history is any indication, this is starting to be the beginning of a much larger conflict.

To spare everyone the bore of Filipino politics, they're mainly run by a handful of rich and power families. Their democracy is far from a government "by the People" as we like to think of ours here. In the southern providence, there are basically two rival Muslim families duking it out for political power not only of the south, but the entire country but they're mainly focused on Mindanao and the smaller southern islands. Now two Muslim families are acting like gangster ready to shoot it out. Remember, in Islam, they don't fight for liberty, freedom, or even benevolent or even malevolent advancement of their citizens, but for which thug gets to be in power. This fight is looking to be no different.

What's got my wife worried is that her mother (my mother-in-law) works for the family that just got massacred. We have inside information on what's brewing, and I sure hope I'm wrong, but there's talk of amassing "the boys" by the offending family, whether the governor is punished or not by the courts (which a murder investigation, unfortunately, can be bought off as little as a $1000) are going to go get retribution. Basically, this a Fatwa against the governor. What's worse is that the government of Mindanao is believed to be involved as the governor has been arrested and there news that more are on the way. There's an old adage: "Who do you call when the gang wear blue? (showing a bunch of police men beating a man). Well, you got the government going out against a family just because they seek to run against them. Now they're shooting and murdering people and don't care, especially journalists, get in the way.

As I see how this plays out, it all reminds me of the Rwandan massacre when two tribes, the 85% majority Hutu's went after the Tusis. A third party, the Belgians and later (laugh) the UN got involved. What ended up happening, the Hutu's first attacked small outposts (many ordered to surrender) and murdered the Belgians and they ran out. Then the UN was called but decided to be IMPARTIAL til the massacre was nearly over and then stepped in when it was too late. Once the Belgians were out, many leaving security zone, one a school with 2000 refugees (400 of them children) who left while Hutu soldiers were drinking beer and chatting "Hutu Power". Many pleaded with them to not abandon them. The panic got so bad, the Belgians had to shoot over the refugee's head to stem them away as they made their escaped. As they left the city, the Hutu's open fired with machine gun fire and grenades.

I don't see much different happening here. Arroyo already has shown her weakness in appeasing Muslims as she tried to give the Island over to the Moro's. The supreme court ruled the agreement unconstitutional and ordered the troops back in just in the nick of time. As the Moro's were taking the lands promised, they were starting the executions and be headings of the Catholics living in the towns. Now these same Muslims are on one side in this conflict and they're willing to do worse to their own kind over political rule. Think what they'll do to infidels in the way in this conflict. Arroyo has been wanting to get the troops out of the conflict which has been savage in it's brutality and fighting as the Moro's and their more vicious cousin, the Abu Sayyaf (father of the sword) have fought off the Filipino military. Should these two families start to attack the Catholic Filipino Army, I fear she'll call it a domestic problem and leave them to fight it out just like in Rwanda. After all, she's allied with one of them. She's cut it off for now, but she's trying to change the government to a parliamentary system and buy 8 more years in office (she'll have to do it by the end of 2010 when her 2nd and final term runs out) and need money and political capital to gain that victory (though it's failed now 3 times) and losing southern support will be the final nail in the coffin.

As with Rwanda, the world media and political bodies did nothing to stop the massacre. So it is today. Most aren't reporting it. With Obama in office, even the US won't even hint at interference, though two terrorist organization tied to Al-Quida are involved (hence one difference between McCain and Obama). That's going to leave 15 million Filipinos (and God knows how many more if this spreads out to the nearby islands, especially Cebu) in the cross hair and in the cross fire. 62 people were butchered for no more than one Muslim thug that wants to keep his power. Who knows how many more, with government backing, will be sacrificed in this conflict. What's worse, if both side weaken, there are several more that would be more than willing and tied to these terrorist organization, that would take their place, ally or attempt coups and intensify the conflict even more. God I hope I'm wrong. If not, my advice for my in-laws: GET OUT NOW! As 20th century history has taught, this will get ugly fast and there will be no Calvary, until the carnage is over. As Islamic conflict has demonstrated in the past, this has the potential to make the Cambodian killing fields look Rosy in comparison.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

More leftist stupidity from California.

I just got done reading over two conserversial decision that doesn't typified the leftist mentality, nothing will. The first is the TV ban that's going to go in effect. Seems that the state with billions in shortfall, rising crime, increasing illegal immigration and crumbling infrastructure has nothing better to do than address these problems. No, they have time to go after a major scrooge of society, though for different reason I think, TV usage. Never mind that we, as a society spend too much time on the tube. I prefer not to watch much because so many of the shows are just plain an insult to my intelligence. However, the state feels that our TV's use too much electricity and unless they meet extreme energy usage regulations, they're going to fine or perhaps arrest those that use tubes that suck too much juice. Basically, they're going after those that have plasma, high def, and big screen tv users.

Government is suppose to protect life and property, not regulate what and how we live our lives or use our property, unless it's effecting another's use of the said rights. If I'm willing to pay for the power to have a 60 inch HD TV to watch the football game or the Superbowl, then what right does the government have telling me otherwise. Much less taking more of what little money I have left over to punish me or force my, by use of the gun, to take my freedom away just because the set I used. This nanny statism is getting way out of hand. What's next, what food i can eat because I have to cook it and my stove is electric? What car I can drive because THEY feel it uses too much gas? What color of skin I can have because it offends too many of their racist constituents? This is getting crazy and should concern us all.

The other is the UC increase of the student fees. Times are hard for most of us, and I'm going to say most because what I'm learning about this has me so ticked off, it's doubling my blood pressure and my wife feels my pressure is high enough already. The UC, and I'm sure secondary education facilities across the state will follow suit, to increase fees 32% next school year. For liberals that can't do math, and most can't, that's nearly a 1/3rd increase or one additional dollar added for every three dollars paid this year. Add the 20% increase that was accessed this year and we're looking to double education costs in nearly 3 years and that's just the "tuition". That doesn't include room, board, and books. I've missed a semester of COMMUNITY COLLEGE because of this increase. Given how critically in the global economy that education is to be successful, making that education all the more expensive and complicated is going to make us more competitive how? Worse yet is the reason why.

Inflation for the three years in question is going to total, assuming no mega inflation next year, about 9% to 12%, yet education expenses are going up 52%. I've had basic economics and this doesn't make sense. Add that half the classes have been cancelled, and some majors are no longer being offered, what justifies this tax on students? One word: administration. When I was teaching at the public high school, the corruption from the administration was so blatant and egregious, I couldn't believe how there wasn't a revolt but I know most of the public doesn't really understand or even know how bad or deep the theft and corruption is. Administration at the K-12 is around 100K and they don't get laid off or have salary cuts, but teachers do. Student's do. At UC it's nearly 300 to 400K and that doesn't include perks and yet they're not getting laid off or having cuts. But who are? The professors and students. Sort of makes you wonder why we have an education system when it those that make getting an education possible are the ones getting cut while those that just run the institutions are laughing to the bank.

This is typical liberal nonsense. They think by making people pay more, they'll get more revenue when in fact far more people than the increase, in this case, more than 32% just aren't going to go and the total revenue will drop worse and guess how they'll try to overcome that shortfall. You guessed it, more fee increases and cost cuts other than administration. This is typical of liberal thinking. More increases of "revenue" will mean more money. This shows a lack of understanding of economics. Something these so called university system are suppose to be teaching, but I have a feeling they're getting the socialist version. You see, supply and demand aren't linear and even if it was, this model that the UC regents are using will just make them break even. When costs go up a percentage, the demand doesn't go down by the same percentage, but by an exponential relationship so the total demand will go from 62% of those interested being able to afford it to .62 squared which, for those again that don't understand math, is .3844 or 38.44% which is a decline of demand of 45.2%, so with an increase in fees, you lose 45.2% of enrollment and you're in the hole of 13%. This isn't going to strengthen our UC system, it's going to decimate it. Given what some of our grads lack of understanding of economics, our constitutional republic, or just plain historical facts, I'm not sure they're learning much anyways.

In the end, the government just going to make us more ignorant, more reliant on them, and worse gain more power and interference into our lives. I don't know about you, but the model that California is displaying should make every other state re-evaluate their thinking on socialism. But given the political body and the ignorant voting blocs in our country, I doubt seriously that they can even see what's really going on.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Obama, Afghanistan, and the Art of War.

With some time on my hands, I took the time to watch a historical critique of Sun Tsu and his book, The Art of War. I've heard about this man's work from time to time, but never took a serious look at what it was that he was teaching and why. As I was learning about the man's writings and their implication in the battlefields that have come afterwards, I couldn't but help to take note of our current war on terror and all the mistakes that are being made. Now I have a better understanding of what they really are and why they're so devastating. The war that comes to mind that has all that Sun Tzu would condemn is the War in Afghanistan.

One of the first rules in Art of War is that you must define what your goals are and seek to accomplish them. Not so much the military goals but the political ones. War is a political tool to be used only in critical situation. If one doesn't define the goal that is to be achieve, then as the author said, "First find the objective that you wish to accomplish and then fight. You fight with clarity and valor. The enemy that fights then defines his objective fights in confusion and darkness. Sounds a lot like what's going on in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraq policy is pretty clear at this point, turn tail and run. Given that we have no truly define objective, perhaps that's not the worse thing in the world. The fight in Afghanistan is proving to be more allusive since BO made it one of his platforms during his campaign that the real war on terror is in Afghanistan. The problem is he didn't defined what that threat is or how to eradicate it. Sun Tzu said, if the orders are unclear, then it's the fault of the general, if they are clear, it's the fault of the soldiers. Well, it's clear that it's the fault of the general, or in the case of our constitutional republic, the Commander-in-Chief. Now we're left with a quagmire with no clear objective as to when it will end. This is leading to another lesson: No nation has ever benefit from an extensive war.

Wars have bankrupt nations and destroyed empires, and not just the ones that lost. As we sit around and let our men become target practice for the Taliban while being body guards to a corrupt and divided government in Kabul, the cost in men, material, and money continues to rise. When a war is fought, it's to be fought to an end. There doesn't seem to be one other that stooges for corrupt Muslim thugs who continue in their quest to which thug gets to be in charge. With Bush, we had enough of a lack of leadership. With an even weaker commander, things are get getting worse. This is leading to another problem that's becoming clear and another violation in the art of war (I'm paraphrasing here because I don't remember the exact wording): leaders need to leave their generals alone.

Obama puts in his own guy to determine what's need to win the war there and when he comes back asking for more troops, Obama does exactly the opposite of what a winning commander does: intervenes. Basically, he tells him to shut up. This is what cost General Lee the battle of Gettysburg. When it was clear that fighting uphill against the Union was suicide and the more prudent tactic was to go around and draw them out from the advantage the Union had, Lee, three times said no. Had he listen to his commanders and let them do what they needed, the battle would have had a different results and DC would had been open to assault, perhaps taking Lincoln and obtaining a major political victory for the Confederacy, but Lee continue to intervene and lost 2/3rd of his army. It was the last time the Confederacy ever remained a threat politically and militarily to the Union and Lincoln gained the biggest political win of his presidency and went on to win the war. Now we have a Commander that doesn't want to listen to his own guy that he put in and wants to continue with what isn't working.

Perhaps one shouldn't be surprised by this. Obama doesn't know much of anything, much less about how to fight a war. Given his radical views, hatred of America, and socialistic objective, the war bleeding us to death would work in favor of his objective. He is taking one lesson quite well: maintain the moral high ground. This is the pysdo-arguments that he uses to maintain his political capital on the home front. Health care, Cap and Trade, the Nationalization of our industries, it's all done in the guise that it's to save the economy, the environment, to save and maintain the health of the country's citizens. However, his victory in this front is starting to crack as more and more people are opposing him. His political capital is being used up quickly as he's gone from an approval rating of nearly 80% to less than 50%. If he's weak at home and abroad, however, it won't be long before the rest of the country will follow unless leadership, especially in the Congress, is changed. Otherwise, as history has proven this man's wisdom repeatedly, we will suffer a huge and utter defeat and our republic will die.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The lessons of Fort Hood.

I found this letter on the K.O.O.K. Manifesto. A letter that should be spread by every freedom loving Americans, I mean the real ones, not the fake one that do so for political expediency or as a Charlton undermining our republic to those that want to destroy. I'm going to list what was in the letter with my own commentary in green.

The letter goes as Following:

Author, retired Lt. Col. Allen West is running for U.S. Congressman Ron Klein's seat in Florida. Attached is his article regarding the shootings at Ft. Hood, Texas.Please take a few minutes to read what he wrote.


“Tragedy at Ft Hood” Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Ret) This past Thursday 13 American Soldiers were killed and another 30 wounded at a horrific mass shooting at US Army installation, Ft Hood Texas. As I watched in horror and then anger I recalled my two years of final service in the Army as a Battalion Commander at Ft Hood, 2002-2004. My wife and two daughters were stunned at the incident having lived on the post in family housing. This man isn't just an outsider looking in. This man knows what it like to live on the base, what the purpose of the base and what base life is like. This give credibility as we're talking to someone on the inside. A military installation, whether it is Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine, or Coast Guard, is supposed to be a safe sanctuary for our Warriors and their families. It is intended to provide a home whereby our “Band of Brothers and Sisters” can find solace and bond beyond just the foxhole but as family units. A military installation is supposed to be a place where our Warriors train for war, to serve and protect our Nation. Apparently with the latest group of Socialists it isn't. Remember, liberals believe militarys cause war, not corrupt politicians.

On Thursday, 5 November 2009 Ft Hood became a part of the battlefield in the war against Islamic totalitarianism and state sponsored terrorism. Good choice of words here because that's exactly what happened here. It wasn't that some dude just snapped because he had a toothache, though a terrorist doesn't need a reason to terrorized, but a toothache is just as good as a reason, right? There may be those who feel threatened by my words and would even recommend they not be uttered. Like Poloski, Reid, Bin Laden, ACORN, Dick (Turban) Durbin, The Saudi Royal Family, and CAIR. To those individuals I say step aside because now is not the time for cowardice. Our Country has become so paralyzed by political correctness that we have allowed a vile and determined enemy to breach what should be the safest place in America, an Army post. We have become so politically correct that our media is more concerned about the stress of the shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Please Mr. Terrorist, don't kill us. We'll let you have whatever you want. Terrorist: ok, we want you dead. The misplaced benevolence intending to portray him as a victim is despicable. A victim of his own pervert lust for blood as mandated by his radical doctrine. The fact that there are some who have now created an entire new classification called; “pre-virtual vicarious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)” is unconscionable. Who comes up with this psychobabble? This is not a “man caused disaster”. It is what it is, an Islamic jihadist attack. We have seen this before in 2003 when a SGT Hasan of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) threw hand grenades and opened fire into his Commanding Officer’s tent in Kuwait. That's being blamed on Traumatic Stress Disorder. We have seen the foiled attempt of Albanian Muslims who sought to attack Ft Dix, NJ. Recently we saw a young convert to Islam named Carlos Bledsoe travel to Yemen, receive terrorist training, and return to gun down two US Soldiers at a Little Rock, Arkansas Army recruiting station. We thwarted another Islamic terrorist plot in North Carolina which had US Marine Corps Base, Quantico as a target. What have we done with all these prevalent trends? Nothing. What we see are recalcitrant leaders who are refusing to confront the issue, Islamic terrorist infiltration into America, and possibly further into our Armed Services. When you have a president that once wrote in a book, "Should a conflict occur between the United States and the Islamic world, I will have to side with the Muslims every time." Why wouldn't you be more embolden? You know he, as well as the media, are on your side.

Instead we have a multiculturalism and diversity syndrome on steroids. Major Hasan should have never been transferred to Ft Hood, matter of fact he should have been Chaptered from the Army. He should had been arrested for making terrorist threats that, unfortunately, was carried out. His previous statements, poor evaluation reports, and the fact that the FBI had him under investigation for jihadist website posting should have been proof positive. However, what we have is a typical liberal approach to find a victim, not the 13 (14) and 30 Soldiers and Civilian, but rather the poor shooter. Typical Liberal mentality: pass by affirmative action and then blame the victims should damage occur. A shooter who we are told was a great American, who loved the Army and serving his Nation and the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) stating that his actions had nothing to do with religious belief. Uh, if he loved America and the Army so much, why did he shoot it up? Oh wait, I'm using that evil and untrustworthy logic again. Sorry, my mistake. Anyone using anything CAIR, a TERRORIST CIVIL RIGHTS ORGANIZATION says as being fact is proving you have no mind or will. We know that Major Hasan deliberately planned this episode; he did give away his possessions. A classic sign of suicidal intent. He stood atop a table in the confined space of the Soldier Readiness Center shouting “Allahu Akhbar”, same chant as the 9-11 terrorists and those we fight against overseas in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of operation. I don't care what the literal translation says, it really means "I'm going to kill you."

No one in leadership seems willing to sound the alarm for the American people; they are therefore complicit in any future attacks. Our Congress should suspend the insidious action to vote on a preposterous and unconstitutional healthcare bill and resolve the issue of “protecting the American people”. That would require them to put the American people before their political agenda and that's just not feasible. The recent incidents in Dearborn Michigan, Boston Massachusetts, Dallas Texas, and Chicago Illinois should bear witness to the fact that we have an Islamic terrorism issue in America. And don’t have CAIR call me and try to issue a vanilla press statement; they are an illegitimate terrorist associated organization which should be disbanded. Why that saying all that is evil always seems to be defended by liberals. This demonstrates the deinal liberals are in about who our enemies really are and what's really motivate them. If one can't affirm the cause, then they can't attack the root but keep reacting and treating the symptons.

We have Saudi Arabia funding close to 80% of the mosques in the United States, one right here in South Florida, Pompano Beach. Are we building churches and synagogues in Saudi Arabia? Are “Kaffirs” and “Infidels” allowed travel to Mecca? So much for peaceful coexistence. Saudi Arabia is sponsoring radical Imams who enter into our prisons and convert young men into a virulent Wahabbist ideology….one resulting in four individuals wanting to destroy synagogues in New York with plastic explosives. Thank God the explosives were dummy. They are sponsoring textbooks which present Islamic centric revisionist history in our schools. We must recognize that there is an urgent need to separate the theo-political radical Islamic ideology out of our American society. Because with "friends" like these we're not going to need enemies. Ok, cliche, but I had to get it out. Our government is complacent in letting our enemies run around at will and promoting brainwashing and propaganda in our school under the guise of history. We must begin to demand surveillance of suspected Imams and mosques that are spreading hate and preaching the overthrow of our Constitutional Republic……that speech is not protected under First Amendment, it is Sedition and if done by an American, Treason. Why that's racial profiling and religious presecution and that's just down right unamerican. Never mind they're really a death cult and want to destroy America. There should not be some 30 Islamic terrorist training camps in America that has nothing to do with First Amendment, Freedom of Religion. Why are such camps uncriminalized? Because they're Muslim? What if a Christian or Jewish sect had camps like that? Yea, that's what I thought. The Saudis are not our friends and any American political figure who believes such is delusional. When tolerance becomes a one way street it certainly leads to cultural suicide. That's self explanatory, but who said the Liberals weren't suicidal, culturally or with our lives? We are on that street. Where can I get off? What? I'm not allowed to? When did this happen? Liberals cannot be trusted to defend our Republic, because their sympathies obviously lie with their perceived victim, Major Nidal Malik Hasan. Or any other antiamerican psychopath like Mao, Castro, Chavez, or Ayers.

I make no apologies for these words, and anyone angered by them, please, go to Ft. Hood and look into the eyes of the real victims. Frankly, do us all a favor and moved the Middle East and declare a jihad against another Islamic sect. The tragedy at Ft Hood, Texas did not have to happen. Consider now the feelings of those there and on every military installation in the world. Consider the feelings of the Warriors deployed into combat zones who now are concerned that their loved ones at home are in a combat zone. According the left, they were terrorist about to be deployed to murder innocent Muslims. Never mind their man is giving the orders. Ft Hood suffered an Islamic jihadist attack, stop the denial, and realize a simple point. That would take courage, logic, and empathy things the liberals completely lack.

The reality of your enemy must become your own.. Steadfast and Loyal, Lieutenant Colonel Allen B West (US Army, Ret)

The gist of his argument is that as long as we're in denial about who are enemies are and why, we're open to more attacks, more assaults, and will be destroyed from within as those at Fort Hood learned as it was "one of their own" that did so much damaged. These Islamic cells are like cancer in the body politics and they're starting to spread. If left unchecked, like a cancer they will grow, becoming bigger, more aggressive, more intensive, more damaging and creating more damage. One man, one nut job, one jihadist was able to go onto the biggest military base in the world, of the most powerful military on the planet with the most firepower in human history and managed to kill 13 (14 if you count the unborn child from one of he women soldiers) and wound 30. Most Americans don't want to think about, but if one determined psychopathic enemy can do this much damage was is suppose to be one of the most secured places on the planet, what can a small group do at a school, mall, bus station, airport, name a soft target? We got a political body more interested in defending the murders and assault the gun used. Our government has no real interest in protecting the citizens which is their primary duty. Our government has grown so big and become so corrupt that the main purpose, to protect life and property is not only deluded, but in too many cases are being assaulted by the very institutions that was empowered to provide the protection.

What's worse, the next assault on our white blood cells of our society is about to begin as the terrorist being held in Gitmo are going to be transfer to New York for trial in civilian courts. If you think the Fort Hood is bad, wait til the consequences from this materialized. It's clear what the goal of this Muslim Manchurian Candidate administration is: to declare the war on terror an imperialistic scam and acquit the Islamic terrorists. Nobody with a brain can see how these guys are going to be tried without exposing our secrets and personnel in the trail and given how things are done in the battlefield are done in contrast with civilian streets, I can hear the defense lawyers (from CAIR no doubt), but your honor, he was water boarded. We've seen what liberalism has reaped at Fort Hood. The contempt and lack of fear of the American government reprisal, if you can call it that, after these trails are done, Fort Hood will pale in comparison. All I can do right now is fear that I am wrong and hope I don't express that ever hated statement of mine: I hate it when I'm right.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

If a conflict occurs between the united states and the Islamic World, I must take the side of the Muslims everytime.

There's a line from an audio book I listen to that I often quote. The reason is abundantly clear, especially after the Fort Hood Massacre. For if anyone hasn't a clue where I heard this from, it's from Barak Obama and it came right out of his mouth for it was his audio reading from Audacity of Hope. So many people are shocked and awed, as well as grossly disappointed in his handling of the Fort Hood Massacre, but given this was written in his autobiography, is it really a surprise? Frankly, I expected that kind of speech from this Muslim Manchurian Candidate and the attempt by the White House, the executive offices, and the media to white wash this making the terrorist the victim comes, again, expectantly.

I wanted to wait things out to see how things played before commenting on this horrible act of terrorism on our own troops. What is happening now with the blame being from traumatic stress disorder, though he's never been deployed, to American bigotry towards Muslim to, I kid you not from the mayor of one of our most violent cities, on our love of guns. Terrorism isn't going to be used as a cause though it's clear to anyone with a brain that functions that this was a planned terrorist attack on what turned out to be a soft target since the base had no weapons stored. This is the first disturbing fact about this assault. No guns, on the biggest military base in the world from the most powerful military with the most firepower in the world. You see, the base has a gun ban. I don't know about you, but having a military base without weapons makes as much sense as having a submarine with a screen door, or a warship with no ammo in her guns (like on the Cole), or a police force that can't arrest criminals like in San Fransisco if you're an illegal alien. After 9 months of BO, we've now been hit with terrorism, though it's not called that now, 3 times while after 911 with Bush, we weren't hit at all for 7 years+ after the attack. This isn't a surprise and if we don't wake up soon, it's only going to get worse.

First, take the statement of the tile as quoted from BO's book. With this kind of mentality in the White House, how often are we going to define the real danger: radical Islam? As he stalls the wars in Iraq (which is basically over, it's a matter of how to get the troops out of there without all hell breaking loose) and Afghanistan where the Taliban is making a come back while he chastise his commander, what strong stance is he going to take against those that murder in the name of Allah? Given all the apology tours that basically told these Muslim countries that support these animals and their cheers of "YES YES YES!" , it was Islamic code for "you have me in your pocket". It's clear anyone that murders and commits acts of terrorism against American Citizens aren't going to labeled as the Terrorist as they are, but will be protect as a victim of an oppressive American society. Just look at Napalitano's reactions in UAE. She's warming against any backlash against Muslims in the US. This tells two things. One, that they think Americans are like the Muslims and will seek blood. Two, that they are going to protect the terrorists and their supporters against anyone that are willing to fight back against this scrooge of society. BO isn't on your side if you're a target of these monsters.

Another sign that tells tales of our Muslim Manchurian Candidate. Take a look at the Islamic Blogs, especially one from New York, where 3 of the 911 hijackers worshipped and this animal was a frequent visitor, that praise this killer as a hero and how it's every Muslim's duty to kill as many of the troops, and Americans that support the war on terror, as possible. In fact, it states the only purpose a Muslim should join the military is for the express purpose to murdering the troops and anyone that doesn't, is a traitor and should be punished. How is this site even up? How is this not hate speech? How is this not a conspiracy to commit mass murder? Simple, it's because a Muslim said it. I can only imagine if a Christian, Jew, New Ager, name another religion, had said the same thing what Napolitano would be doing. In fact, let me go to a Muslim nation and commit the same act, I wonder the consequences will be? Some how, due process doesn't come to mind.

Now the media and the white house don't want us jumping to conclusions. That's not what he did when a racist professor made a fool out of him by concluding white cops act stupidly. Totally different when the abortion dr. Dillder was murdered. However, if an Islamic, with a FBI investigation going, Facebooks his intentions, spew Islamic hatred and propaganda to his Patience's and he wants us to believer there's no reason to believe this isn't terrorism. What reason is there to believe this ISN'T terrorism? Coming up with every liberal psychobabble to justify his action. Considering this man was a psychiatrist , someone tell me what they're teaching in our med schools. Makes me wonder who will be giving us care if BO's health care bill becomes law. Muslims that will indoctrinate us? Muslim that can kill us on the operating table or improper medication and just say oops? Seeing this man was a psychiatrist and a crazy one at that, it makes me wonder.

What should worry us most is if one nut job can do this much damage at a military base, what can a number of well organized psychopaths do at a school (which have no security), a mall (that have Rent a Cop I wouldn't trust to be able to take candy from a baby, much less a weapon from a terrorist), Bus stops (again, no security), or just in the streets in general? Let BO be clear, if we're attacked by the Muslims in our country, he will side with the Muslims. After all, DHS has told us as much as they're going to be sure there's no backlash against the Muslims. After all, the media was sure quick to cover this up. After all, BO was quick to come out and ask us not jump to (faulty?) conclusions. And it's clear from the mosque that this animal attended that such Muslim will be held in high regards and any Muslim that doesn't do likewise is an Apostate and deserving of execution. Given how we're not going to have any protection from our own government, does Obama's quote sound like rhetoric or the true face of the man behind the curtain?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The dangers of blind faith in socialism and modern liberalism.

In the animated feature, “The Prince of Egypt,” Miriam breaks into a song of praise following Israel’s deliverance. The song is entitled “When You Believe,” and includes these words: “There can be miracles, when you believe…. Who knows what miracles you can achieve, when you believe…Just believe…Gotta believe….” I remember when I saw this and though what irony. This signifies what's wrong with modern Christianity, but far more dangerous, is the danger apparent with socialists in general.

In the movie, as well as the Bible, Moses, a murder and renegade Israelite at the time, had a valid claim when he asked God what to tell them. It was at this point that God told him to throw out his staff and it turned into a snake and have him pick up the snake by its tail and it turned back into a staff. It would be this act that will tell them that his message came from Him. He didn't say to him go and tell and then he'll give the evidence. The biggest misconception about faith is that it's holding to unproven truths. The reality is that you have trust in the truth to come based on the evidence of the past. It's a continuation of trust based on past evidence. Trust in things unproved based on NO evidence is blind faith and that's what many churches teach and why they're declining in numbers. However, liberals take blind faith to an all new level.

To give an example, let's take the creationism vs. evolution debate. Christian do no good to their cause because of their stubborn stance that the world was created in 7 literal 24 hour days. This contradicts all scientific evidence. It also contradicts the Bible. In Genesis, a day isn't necessary defined as 24 hour days. It literally means an era, an eon, indefinite amount of time. It's best translation would had been era. So in the first era of time, God created the heavens and earth. This could be 24 hours, it could be a billion years. The Bible is filled with these metaphors. Even the apostles knew this because three times they had to asked him what he meant by "3 days" that he would resurrect from the dead and he told them three rising and setting of the sun or 3 24 hour days. This had led Christians that man was created out of dust in literally one 24 hour day, but that's not the context of the word used. The bible give what God did and why He did, but not the how. This just could be the how. We have the evidence of his creation as we see everything around us. We're given the why, so we take on this evidence that the why is true and the what came about from his "creations". The other misconception is the world "created" used. It literally means "is creating" or an ongoing cycle of creating. It's not I've created and I'm done. If so, explain Eve who was created after the 7th day of rest. It's an ever ongoing project.

Why would God have ongoing creation when he has the knowledge to just "poof" do it. It was to serve as how we were to live out our lives "in his image". As He creating, we create, test, improve and advance. This method of creating has served as an example that we have been following since the birth of history. Perhaps there would complications to his desire to create us in his image should he just poof things by magic as it said. From what evidence I've seen, his method has worked out pretty well, so I'll go on faith that He knows what he's doing. It's man I question.

This lead me to the liberalism and their faiths. They seem to have a great deal of blind faith in ideals and methodologies that have been proven to be wrong, false, or just plain ineffective. The biggest is their faith in socialism. Modern liberals believe that if everything was socialized, was put in a collective and equally distributed to the people, we all be living in utopia with no jealousy, envy, or class warfare. All the darkness in man's heart would be cured and we all can live happily ever after. The problem is that this blind faith of a utopia through socialism ignores all the evidence from the attempts from the last 150 years. Everywhere on the planet that it has been tried, it not only has failed miserably to provide even the basic necessities for survival much less blissful amount of property and material gains, but has led to some of the biggest massacres in human history, the biggest being Mao's Cultural Revolution that murdered at least 20 million of his own citizen and most likely, if you count those that disappeared who's fates are unknown, 60 million. Think of it this way, the entire population of California and Texas being murdered. That's just one example. Then there's Stalin's agricultural collectivism that starved 20 million Ukrainians. That was just from one of his policies. Who knows how many during WW2 and the cold war with his secretive society. Pol Pot's killing fields that saw the deaths of 2 million of a country that had 6 million total population. How many South Vietnamese were butchered. We know of a million, but the numbers are really unknown and this was after our troops left. Castro's revolution saw the imprisonment of what? A few million. And those that are still putting faith that socialism can bring about a Utopian society if just the right people would take charge, William's Ayers, remember him? The family friend of our current President said to bring about the proper socialist revolution in the United State, 30 million people would need to be killed to ensure it's proper installment. Seems the evidence is that socialism is a recipe for mass murder.

Let's take a look at the economic results from those said socialist countries. Russia became completely bankrupt after just 71 years. China is prospering, but only after they allow their citizens to have free markets just as long as they maintain control after the Tienanmen Square incident. So other words, China is a socialist country, but have a capitalist market system and frankly, the reason they're killing us economically is because they have more free markets than we do. That, and the slave prison labor I'm sure helps. Cuba is the 2nd poorest Caribbean country behind Haiti. Ukraine is still trying to recover from their "glory" days. Russia has the largest mafia on the planet running what's left of their economy. They still have to wait in line a day to buy a chicken and that's if they're lucky to get one. North Korea needs foreign aid to avoid starving to death. So, socialist think that they can get the right people to control the economy, everything will be equally prosperous. What lunacy.

The evidence shows that faith in socialism is a recipe for death, mass murder, and economic suicide. The only socialist country that is prospering economically is doing so using a free market economy and leaving it alone. No man can control the economy because they can't react to the market changes fast enough. But keep having faith.

What's really disconcerting is what we do put faith in. The green movement is by far the worse, behind the socialist, in their blind faith. They have compete faith in "mother earth". That if they respect the trees, animals, air, fish in the sea, you name it, nature will return a bountiful return. The problem is nature respects no one. Nature does what it does. Create storms, occasionally floods or droughts. All the nature worship won't change a thing. This faith that man can affect nature by acts of worship is just nonsense. That's what is motivating the Global cooling. . . I mean Global Warming. . . I mean Climate Change movement. The evidence shows that cooling and warming happens cyclically. However, greens, or nature worshippers, have faith that nature is a deity that can be appease with our self destruction or just becoming one with nature. Show me a nature worshipping society that ever prosper? They don't because nature is no Deity.

The worse that comes from modern liberalism is moral relativism. They have blind faith in that all morals, rules, ideas are all equal in value or that they have no value. That one person's rules and values, as well as cultures, are equal. There there is no good or bad, right or wrong, or as most often stated, no black and white, just shades of grey. Basically, there there are no good or bad ideas. They believe that everything is equal in value both morally and consequentially. So one man's theft is another man's entitlement. So homosexual sex is no different from heterosexual sex. Though societies that embraced such an ideal all died out for a good reason: they couldn't procreate. That's why adultery, fornication, polygamy have been outlawed because it created problems in society that lead to poverty. Now we state every idea is equal in it's value. Well, we can equally value them all we want, the fact is that they don't have equal consequences. Some consequences lead to societal break downs because populations die out (which some would like to see happen as they see over population to be the end of us all), if I don't want to work and farm my land, then I would be facing starvation. In fact, make it so the productive is penalized while the unproductive are rewarded lead to famines because no one would work the farms. Just look at what's going on in Zimbabwe to see the results of that policy. Yet liberals have faith that now it will be different because it's the United States or we're more technologically advanced, or just because we want it to be. well, technology isn't everything and having no moral or ethical codes for their use can lead to disastrous consequences. If I drive my car into a playground of children will lead to tragedy no matter if it feels good to me so it's morally correct for me to do so. If I shoot a gun to a person head, they will die no matter what moral code I rationalize with. Using fire to cook my food is a good idea while doing so in an open forest is a bad idea no matter how I choose to define it. Trusting that a news report will be accurate from Fox news is a good (or at least a better) basis while trusting one from MSNBC you do so at your own risk. Having faith in something with evidence to supports my continued trust in it, like gravity will pull, electricity will power my computer or that my car will start when I turn on the ignition (usually) are good ideals to have faith in. Having faith in ideas, morals, or people without evidence to back up that trust or any basis for that trust at all is not only a really bad idea, it's a one way ticket to self destruction.

If one wants a prime example, just look at our President. I've listen to his audio books and heard from his own mouth and knew what he represented: racism, statism, socialism, class warfare, elitism, Islam, terrorism, etc. The man had no accomplishments to his name, never worked a job other than a lawyer for ACORN or met a payroll, nor had any experience at the executive level, associated with terrorist and socialists, yet voters had blind faith that he would bring world peace, respect to America, the end of the financial crisis, end unemployment, end class warfare, end racism, balance the budget, pay their mortgage, never worry about putting gas in their tank, and worse of all, bring us a Utopian society. He spewed the same disproved plans for that utopia and now what have we got. Given how his poll numbers are dropping faster than a thermometer at the South Pole, seems that people are realizing their faith have been misplaced. Thus is the peril of blind faith.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The scares of a lifetime.

Happy Halloween everyone. I thought on this most special of occasions, I would put a list of major events, discovery and directives that all have occurred within my life time. Since I was born in 1965, I will only list those that have happened since 1965. Many of them most scary.

The assault on the first amendment with now passed hate speech law, fairness doctrine (both the existence of it til 1986 and the attempted resurrection).

Men on the moon

Probes to all the planets in our solar system (except Pluto if you still consider it a planet)

The Hubble Telescope

The Ebola Virus


From forced slavery to freedom to self enslavement . . . the path of the civil rights movement

Roe vs. Wade

Abortion on demand

Free Love


Gay Rights

Homosexual marriages

The rise of the computer age

The evolution of the Internet (sorry Al, you had nothing to do with the invention of the Internet)

Global Cooling. . . I mean Global Warming. . . I mean Global Climate Change

Ronald Reagan

The Government Media Complex (the Pravda of today's press)

Neutron bomb

The rise of Radical Islam

The Iranian Islamic Revolution


The Fall of the Soviet Union (or the Iron Curtain)

US support of dictators

$9 trillion of added debt (10 times more than the national debt was when I was born)

3.5 billion more living people on the planet


DNA testing

Genetic Engineering

Stem Cell Research




The destruction of the US education system

The diseased corruption of the US government




The pysdo-legalization of illegal immigration

The war on Christians

The capitulation to Islam

The death of England

The dying of the West

Negative birth rates (in the industrialized nations)

Dirty Bombs

Sleeper Cells



Moral Relativism

The rise of Atheism

Space Shuttle Program

Apollo 13

Challenger disaster (which I watched live on TV)

Columbia Disaster

The defense of evil

The disdain of righteousness

Judicial Activism

The additional rulings of the separation of church and state after the original 1963 ban on prayers.

The silencing of morality

The propagating of premiscousness

Single parenthood


Black Liberation

Black Panthers


Star Wars

The open publicans of porn

Internet porn

The 747


The death of the manufacturing base in the US



Nukes to a terrorist Islamic country (Pakistan)

Stimulus packages

The government punishing the productive and rewarding the unproductive

Lawsuit crisis

Socialized medicine in the West

Government Motors

Government banks

Defeat in Vietnam and Iraqi occupation (as well in Afghanistan)

The usurping of the constitution

Praises of Mao by the US government

The Cultural Revolution


Socialist dictators in the western hemisphere

The dismantling of Apartheid





Resolution of the Protestant/Catholic conflict in Northern Ireland (after nearly 800 years)



Animal Rights

Endangered Species Act

Cell phones


The acceleration of the war on drugs

The reunification of Germany

Animal Cloning

Video games

China's Economic rise

Harry Potter



The Twinkies Defense

Disco (thank God that's dead)


The VCR, later to Laser Disk Player to DVD to Blue Ray

Walkmans to cassette players to mp3 players to iPhone

Test Tube Babies

Affirmative Action

Indian Casinos

Earth Day

Arab Oil Embargo

Jim Jones

3 Mile Island

Americans with Disabilities Act

Two Presidents Impeached (neither convicted)

Obama's election

These are just a sample of the major events and discoveries just in my 44 years. It's quite a list and at the rate things are changing, the next 44 should provide to be way too interesting. Iranians with nukes. Al-quida getting closer to the Pakistani nukes. The rise of Anti-Americanism. The move for a world wide government. Economic calamity going on all over the globe. Technology that continues to expand faster than our ability to debate and determine how to proceed and use them ethically. Oh, it's at times like these I remember that old Chinese Proverb: "Will there ever be an end to these interesting times?"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gangsta morals: the Richmond, CA, gang rape.

There's big news here of a gang rape of a 15 year old girl outside of her school while she was waiting for her father to pick her up after she attended a dance. During her wait, a group of "guys" offer her to hang with them and have some drinks (oh, how often I've said alcohol plus any activity rarely ends well) at which she passes out and, the numbers and events are a bit sketchy at this time, at least 10 boys proceed to rape her. That in itself makes this story shocking and news in of itself, though not the first or last time I've heard of such a thing. There was a case 8 or 9 years ago of a hundreds kids at a party of another whose parents were away getting drunk til another girl passed out for 8 hours and 5 boys had their fun. What made this story a major news story? At least 2 dozen "people" saw the attack and not one person reported it. It wouldn't be til the father called reporting that he couldn't find her that she was found an hour after the dance had actually ended.

I wish I could say any of this, though shocking and outrageous, surprised me. I got a good education about gangsters and their mentality as well as the women that hang out with them. Frankly, had it not been for the passer-bys just witnessing it and shrugging it off, I don't think this would have been the story that is as big as it is. The fact that, what it appears to be at this time though not confirmed, a Latino gang having fun with one of their "hoe's" doesn't come as a surprise. Girls in those communities usually sell themselves out to these gang bangers either out of fear of retribution or just plain being able to profit from it be it money, drugs, or just plain fame. The open advertisement I saw when I teaching in one of these inner city schools (about 30 miles from where the rape occur) would just sadden any sensible person. Just the volume of prostitution that was going on, and most of them were just 14 to 15 years old was just heartbreaking. So a girl, hanging and having drinks with 10 to 15 boys (no body's sure yet how many) isn't shocking.

As these "boys" were having their way with her, in front of the school no less (behind some bushes), many witnessed the assault yet did nothing about it. There are several reasons why this happened. First, and most likely the main reason, fear of retribution. The gangs are bigger and more heavily armed than law enforcement and they know it. If one was to report it, they expose themselves to being retributive against if not by the assailant, one of his friends. Two, they just plain don't want to get involved. Even if it goes to trail, you're the one that the defense lawyer will grill and attack. Not to mention once there, going through all the hassle, the gang will know who you are and then see reason number 1. Three, and I hate to say it, but they may had very well thought she was a willing participant. Sex is so easily given or sold by these girls with these guys, they just plain may had thought she was engaging in consenting rough sex (gives me the creeps to write that). Fourth, as harsh as this is, they just plain didn't care. Given the moral relativism that goes on, the witnesses may just as well as said to themselves that it isn't their problem. Harsh, but with the if it feel good do it self gratification that is exposed to them by the educational, governmental, cultural, and by the media outlets, since it doesn't add to their own pleasure, it's no concern of theirs. Thus, given the gangsta culture of the area this story horrified me, but didn't surprise me. The biggest surprise was that it got reported at all.

The issue, and I've raised this before and have been harshly criticized, but I'm going to raise it again, is though I completely agree that this is rape and the "boys" should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, there is one contributing factor to this crime and the girl was a complete and total accomplice to contributing to this one factor. As I've stated earlier, rarely have I seen alcohol and another act end well. As with the case 8 years earlier, nobody was outraged or even disappointed about the children drinking alcohol. The case with the party without supervision and that party had at least one hundred minor aged children drinking, all everyone got angry about was the five boys that committed the sexual assault on an unconscious girl. Here, in this case the girl gets hammered and then the "boys" have their way with her. This drinking was done on the campus during a school event, yet not one word of outrage has nor will be placed at this school. Given when I was teaching, kids were smoking pot on campus, something like alcohol isn't going to be shunned. Yet, when kids get themselves drunk or stoned, there's no real outcry against the schools or even the action of the kids over it. Thus, this is why, even though my ex and I don't hardly see eye to eye on anything and despite criticism from my family including my wife who thinks my ex is nuts, completely support her home schooling our two children. Not only do the school not teaching anything but class warfare, racism, sex, drugs, and the leftist PC agenda and not reading, writing, and math, but they're not safe. If this rape doesn't expose how dangerous our schools are, then I fear only one thing will and that's when they finally sneak guns in and start having a shooting war on campus. Even then I fear the wrong lesson will be learned and they'll just ban guns (despite the 2nd Amendment) and then the gangs will go completely wild.

The endgame is that the school was open to drinking and kids having sex on campus. There was no security to ensure the safety of these children as this happened on their watch and nothing seems to be addressed at the school's responsibility for providing a safe environment. Given the gangsta mentality, this was a recipe for disaster that materialized during that dance. Now a 15 year old has paid a price from an extreme act of violence by a gang of punks who weren't even students of the school (hence what were they doing on campus anyways?) and one was even an adult. As of right now, 2 boys and 1 adult have been arrested with a report of at least 10 more expected. Maybe if they arrest the Principal and those responsible for securing the school, then I would be satisfied. I have to ask when are we going to get angry enough of cultural right argument that allow gangsta to predominate in our schools. When are we going to demand accountability when security lapses during school hours and events are neglected or are grossly inadequate? When are we going to take back our neighborhoods, children, and our school and say enough is enough. From what I've seeing. The gangs, the government officials (those that run the school in this case) are still running the show and saying it's no their fault. Given how events are playing out, it will be interesting to see what defense the rapist come up with but I'll wager one of two, if not both, will play out. It's a cultural or racial thing so the race card will be played (the rapists are Latinos), or that she was consensual and there was no rape so other than the 21 year old, there is no crime. Given the cultural and moral activities that go on in our schools today, they may just get away with it. After all, if Twinkies can get a man off for murder, what's the race card or she liked it defense?