Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The evils of feminism

I was reading the list of the 10 biggest events of the 20th century. To my surprise, WWI wasn't on top (it came in 3rd), but women's suffrage did. I couldn't understand why women's right to vote would be voted as the biggest and most profound event in the 20th century especially what the after effects of WWI and the raise of communism, which came in second and was a direct result of WWI. Then I put some thought into and realize that the list is right and with good reason, though not likely the reason the authors of the list had in mind. I will illustrate but before I do and people get the idea I'm some kind of mismyngonist, these reasons are what they have fought for and I'm stating why they're so destructive. Just as we men had our issues and more than our share of contribution to the raise of greatness, we also contribute more than our share of sorrows and inhumanity as well. However, isn't the goal of history and political & social science is to learn from mistakes and from what's right and wrong as to better the benefit of all humanity? If so, then the question should be on what is going on but why so we can make corrections and do what's right. Unfortunately, it's not what is happening as I will get into.

The first disaster that results from women's suffrage is just before they got the vote. Here they haven't got the right to vote and they're committing their first great mistake: prohibition. Prohibition bought a lot of evils to our society all the while claiming to being rid of the biggest: alcohol. The women's movement blamed alcohol for the beatings, abandonment, abuse of women by their spouses as well as many other ills like unemployment. What resulted was a passage of a stupid law and the raise of organized crime to a level that wasn't obtainable in their wildest dreams. Al Capone couldn't had bribed enough politicians to advance his empire more than prohibition did for him. The onset of the depression didn't help matter and this law was repealed 12 years later in no thanks to the women's moment.

The next one I'll list is Roe vs. Wade. No legal decision has created more division than this one. I'm not going to go over the merits of both sides of this polarizing issue as we both know them by now and neither side is going to relent. I'm going going to go over the facts that's result and you can take it or leave it as you desire. The fact is it legalized open abortion that has lead to the demeaning to human life to its lowest since the crusades when the fanatical religious organizations went in an all out effort to exterminate the other by dehumanizing the other. I would put in communism, but that demeaning comes from evolution, not eugenics which is what the abortion issue is really all about. The founder of Planned Parenthood started the organization with the specific goal to rid the weak and undesirable, mainly blacks, from procreating. Why does that organization hate adoption? In it's entire history, it's not made one adoption recommendation, and I thought this was about birth control and planning parenthood, but they fight the family, fight life, fight abstinence, fight parental rights (going as far in their website telling teen girls that parents are too stupid to understand and need to be kept out of their decision and this is to MINOR children), fight adoption at every step. Since it's the women that have the babies, as we're so often reminded over and over and over, why do they, an organization that claims women have superior feelings over the creation of life over men, are so willing and haphazardly willing to exterminate life so easily. With the mothers, women, caretakers of society sees life as being so worthless and expendable, no wonder the rest of society. In Terminator 2, Sarah Connor taught low of men because they create the Hydrogen Bomb because they can't appreciate creating life, feeling it grow within them (never mind 2 women were involved in creating the H-Bomb, but that's not the point here). Given how often (1 in 4 pregnancies now end in an abortion) women destroy the life they feel growing inside her today, Sarah's argument is now greatly flawed because the women do and still have no appreciation and they're personally involved. Yes, what progress.

What else did we get, sexism to an all out institutional level. Though the past has share of discrimination, if one woman had the means, money, and smarts, she can still make it in the man's world. It was far more difficult, but it could be done. Now we have affirmative action and now look at what we got. University that churn out ignorance but angry and bitter graduates that are totally unprepared for the real world. You wonder why so many jobs are getting outsourced, it's not a lack of people, but nobody competent. Women are graduating from college at a 2 to 1 as men, but they aren't educated, but bitter, angry and vindictive people. They have expertise with a degree with said field, but don't bring productivity in them. They are doctors, lawyers, managers, executives, pharmacologist, TV advertising agents, etc, but what they excel best at is propaganda. Women own or manage 57% of the businesses in the country, but still complain men discriminate on the job too much and that's why they make only 76 cents to a dollar a man makes (as mentioned before, we work 39% more hours). Per hour wage, women are making nearly 20 cents an hour more. After all, they are more educated and they're accepting less pay from a man that's less qualified. Please, I'm not that stupid or gullible even though women think I am because I'm a man. Since it cost less to employ a woman, wouldn't businesses just fire all the men and make more profits by hiring women (they're better educated as well) and their response is we're so sexist we rather pay more and be around our kind than to make money. I don't know about you, but there's been no peer I liked that much. This, unfortunately, is the norm at the university level. Instead of hiring by merit, they hire by race and gender and they're too stupid in their field, so they spew socialist, sexist, and racist propaganda and call it higher education. This has been the results of affirmative action, and white women have been the greatest benefactor and thus has gain the most in their vindictive and sexist propaganda in the political machine.

Because of the previous two consequences, the family unit has been all but destroyed. Just go to a campus or media outlet and see for yourself. Who wants a family and who wants a career. Despite the BS spewed in the colleges, you really can't have both, and nearly all well pick career. They'll put family last and we have what we have today, breakdown of family, lackey children, abandoned or aborted babies, high divorce (One of NOW's lupus test for testing countries that are most benevolent towards women's right, the abortion rate is the other), low birth rates (the US would be having a declining population if it wasn't for immigration), and now, high shack-up and homosexuality rates. The family is consider to be so demeaning that it's considered to be treason to the gender to have a family, or at the worse, to make them a priority. After all, any women can be a 'breeder', but it takes a true and strong women to have a career. After all, they don't want no man to take care of them and they're sure not going to take care of any man or his seeds. Many women now consider all heterosexual sex as rape now and some consider childbirth rape and is gaining more acceptance. Does this seem sane? History shows, if you destroy the family unit of a society, you destroy the society. Oh, how well we progress.

The last, but the biggest is the bastardization of masculinity. When was the last time you seen masculinity being portrayed in a positive light? The last time was when I saw the movie Taken. A father goes all out and kick some major butt searching for his kidnapped daughter before she trafficked in the sex slave industry. In the end, the mother is made, rightfully so, to look foolish and ignorant and the father as a grand protector. I can't recall the last time the media did anything of the kind. I would have to go back to the Incredibles and that was a cartoon by Pixlar. Just read the paper, go to the university, watch the TV and it's all the same, men are stupid, incompetent, sexist, brutish, evil morons. We can't function or think unless we're told by a woman. Heck, the military is too masculine and now they want it more feminize. I'm sure our Islamic enemies are shaking in their dirty night shirts. Shaking with laughter. Look in many malls how feminized men are. There's a term for it: metro sexual. Just what our society needs, feminized men. We wonder why we're losing the war against our Islamic enemies. Men are at a disadvantage in court. Try getting custody of your children against an incompetent mother. Good luck. If a woman claims a man hits her vs. he by her. Even if he's the ones with the wounds and bruises, he's going to jail. We're 8 times more likely to getting arrested and, shocking, murdered even by his spouse contrary to the media BS. If we show any strength or leadership, we're bastardized or possibly arrested. If we state facts about difference in the gender we can lose our jobs are be jailed. Just look at the Colorado University Chancellor that claimed that there may be biological difference that makes men go into the science and engineering field by a 10 to 1 margin. He was fired 3 days later. Anything manly or masculine is discourage and many instances made illegal. Boys are 7 time more likely to be diagnosed with behavioral disorder not because they're sick but because they're boys. Ritalin prescriptions are sky high and I was one, just to chemical castrate the boys to pacify them. Don't try to be masculine or gentleman in the business or the academics and see how fast you get booted out.

Women react based on emotional foundation. It's not better or worse, but different, but making decision based on emotion without rational, as many of the above demonstrate, you get insanity and chaos. Just if you base decision completely on rational without considering the emotional tolls. Extremist on either end of the pendulum is evil. Now that we have 80 years of it, haven't we start to make consideration of limits how far it too far in our culture? I've not gone over consequence like socialism, class warfare, the educational downfall (I touch the university level, but there's far more), and others. There's just too many, but the one issue I'm starting to wonder about is one person, one vote when that person doesn't have to incur any consequence of that vote. I for one don't want to turn back the clock, but we've been having the clock turned for some time backwards and I for once, want to find a way to turn it forward. But unless we, men and women, start to say enough is enough to feminazi propaganda and fight it, the women suffrage unintendented consequence, radical feminism, may just bring about the clash of America.

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