Saturday, January 10, 2009

The overrated.

There's a article about why the Houston Rockets can't seem to get over the hump and be the high caliaber team they are. After all, they have Yao Ming, Tracy McGrady, and Ron Artest. The conclusion is the same as always: their health. Man, people, especially those in the media, miss the obvious, but they can't stand to have their delusions proven wrong, so it comes as no surprise. However, the Houston Rockets will, and continue to go, nowhere because of the same old thing: A LACK OF TALENT!!!

Let's start with their pathetic coach: Rich Aldemen. I'm a King's fan and loved when they where good back just a few years ago. Now they're the armpit of the NBA. However, even back then most Kings fans were not impressed with Rick. He was weak, his rotations never made sense and listening to him during interviews, he's not a bright man. The biggest issue that frustrate us, he thinks D is the fourth letter of the alphabet. Just look at the choke session and you'll see a common pattern: poor defense. He never empathize the fundementals. You want to know why we lost to the Lakers in the 2002 finals, look at the poor defense in Games 4, 6 and 7. Also, he aweful in getting players to improve on their freethrows. With the exception of Chris Webber, most freethrow stats were stagnant or tanked. I still remeber those 12 clanks during 02 and that's from 21 attempts. No wonder we never had a chance to make the finals. Aldeman only made it twice and only won 2 of 12 games. Given the talent he had, this record is dismal. Be like having Magic, Worthy, and Kareem but only winning two games in the finals. He's passive, weak, and really doesn't know what he's doing.

Ron Artest may be one of the biggest jerks and is as stable as nitro in a milkshake machine. He's been a defensive present for the teams he's been with, but has proven to be a cancer not an answer. He breaks down emotionally and gives up or just go off at the worse of time. He's not much of a clutch player and gets in trouble with officials and coaching staff. After all, he leads the NBA in suspension days for a reason. Even the best of talents can't do a team any good when they're not on the court. Also, his numbers aren't that impressive.

Tracy McGrady. A really overrated talent. One, though he puts up good numbers, he's hurt too much. Again, the best of talents does no good if they're not on the court. When he has, the record speaks for itself, the rockets don't win without him. During the regular season, he's the franchise player. However, during the playoffs, even when he's playing, the numbers dip. He's never been out of the first round for good reason: he chokes. Remember, there are plenty of talent that do will during regular season, but when it's time to turn it up a notch, he's out of fuel.

Now for the biggest and most overrated player perhaps in all of sports: Yao Ming. Ever since this, I'm sorry to say, China man entered the NBA, the media has gone bonkers over him as the greatest thing since the formation of the NBA and frankly, the only reason the media goes muy loco over him is because he's Chinese. The only reason he makes the All-Star team is with 1.4 billion racist Chinese voting, it's next to impossible NOT to make the team, despite how good, bad, or ugly he plays. How come we hear nothing about Li or Sun? Ok, Sun's a rookie and isn't getting playing time, but neither did Yao when he was a rookie and we had to watch every shot attempt he made for a month. His numbers are medocre compared to many other centers, he can't perform in the clutch, and chokes under pressure. He's not even good during the regular season, much less the playoffs. Li of the Bucks numbers aren't much behind and he didn't even make the Chinese National Team that went an abarrassing 1-5 with Yao. I'm so sick of Yao, even though the media has laid off him. After all, you can only get embarassed so many time before you start to weary of it. Ever since the olympics where the Chinese could only beat Angola, Yao seems to have been finished as a media darling. Now it's LeBron James (who is good), and Chris Paul (Who's going to be a Hall of Famer if he keeps up his pace). I'm thankful for these two players for taking taking the spotlight off this overrated Chinaman and finally have everyone finally see him for what he is: an average center.

So perhaps the media should stop wondering, and look at the talent base and see the real reason why the Rockets aren't going anywhere and never will. Will bad coaching, an inconsistant forward, an underperforming franchise player, and an overrated center who's being overrated only because of racism, the Rockets will never overcome their obstitcle and get out of the first round, much less make it or win the whole ball of Wax. Not with true talents like Wade, Kobe, LB, Paul, heck any other all star. Wake up Houston and smell the coffee and not the BS and you can finally win something.


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