Tuesday, January 6, 2009

True colors

First, I like to make a retraction from a pervious post. Seems the senator that was nominated, after further research, is indeed qualified to be a senator, more than our current elected president. When he was stating that his refusal would appear racist, I took offense without first getting all the facts. I'll let that be a lesson for me. Never jump to conclusions til you know the facts. As for the other incident, that one stands.

This get me to what is bothering me. The nominee is wrong about how it would make the democrats look racist to not seat him. The only reason not to seat him would be down right racism. Listening to Reid's statements on the issue just proves that foot in mouth disease isn't reserved for just George W. Bush. Everything that comes out his mouth about this truely show the senate's racist colors. Jesus says you will know a tree's nature by the fruit's it bares and the fruit coming from the senate is looking, smelling and tasting completely rotten.

It's sad this man, though I can't stand his politics, is being a victim of the tired and true nature of the deomcrat party: the party of true racism and bigotry. This is the same kind of tatics that was used during the 50's by the same said party to block civil rights legistration. I worried that the super majority, which looks like the senate will fall one short of after the thef of the seat from minnisota by that evil clown Al Franklin, but given the bigotry, perhaps my fears of rubber stamping legislation was exaggerated. They're not going to give African Americans any real power as they are fighting it now in their own house. Add Franklin, who knows how long the courts will be tied up with this rigged recount, the senate will go from the top house to the big top with Franklin as top clown while Reid ringleads all the dems into summission. Frankly, African Americans, I ask you, is this the party you want to continue to represent you? They are NOT your friends and they will not ever give you fair representation.

Just look at the record of African Americans in the house. There's not much there and no significant legislation to speak of. They're not on many committee of significance and none are heads. Til Bush 1, none got a position of any power til Clearance Thomas and that took a tie breaking vote from VP Dan Quale to confirm. When Hill, who was an obvious phony who witnesses got their so called facts all wrong including three claiming wrongs that was done 8 months before she even met the man, was bagered worse by the dems than the republicans. Yet, they continue to support a party that is clearly racist against them and only allow any African American congressman nominal duties just to gain their votes during election time. I say, this is going to be a more interesting 4 years than I thought.


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