Saturday, January 10, 2009

True hypocrasy

With the war on the Gaza Strip going on, the media sleeping with the enemy show the worse of hypocrisy at it worse. The first is from Hamas themselves. I mean, perhaps some of those evil psychopaths can explain something to me. Since dying by an enemy, especially a religious enemy, is a holy war and an automatic entry to paradise in heaven by these death worshipping maniacs, why do they get so angry when they use civilians as a shield by storing and operation their military campaign against the Jewist state, then act like the evil maniacs they are when they're killed in the military action that they expect from them? I mean, first, it must be God's will, since everything is God's will, and two, they're going to heaven with 72 virgins for their boys. So, what's with all the meanness and hatred. Israel is doing them a great favor. I find these vows of revenge silly given their sick beliefs unless of course, they just like to murder and kill for the joy of it.a After all, it's Divine work to take unarmed civilians, take them hostage, tie them up, and then cut their heads off chanting Allah be praised in the background. My wife was once Muslim and though she won't let me say anything derogatory about those that are Muslim, she doesn't have much to say about the religion itself. In fact, she doesn't say much about her experience, but the few things she does say bode will for antadolal evidence about the fananticalism of the worship of death. One of the few comments that she said is that she agrees with me that it's a death cult. So Hamas hatred and vow for vengeance isn't justified, it's evil at it worse since that's what they worship.

The hypocrisy that burns me is the Western media. Now that the fruits of this sick, psychotic cult is bearing, the media is quick to jump in bed with this evil organization to collaborate with them to rev up the propaganda machine for the terrorists. I mean what do they expect when they use civilians, especially women and children, as Shields. A tactic they, the Arabs, learned well from the Huns before they were converted to Islam by that mass murdering, child raping, psychopath Mohammad. The Huns would conquer a town, kill all the men, then line up the women and children while they ride behind so the next town wouldn't fight back til their walls were breached. They kill the civilians, and use the new conquered towns women and children to do the same to the next one, and so on. Add the death cult and they use the tactic on their own to win the propaganda war against their enemy. And these claims that Israel isn't following international law, are they serious? Israel is the one that IS following international law, it's Hamas that isn't. And Obama wants to "talk" to them. Oh, they'll be shaking in their dirty nightshirts: here comes Obama. Oh Allah, don't let him nag us to death. Please.

Here's a question to ask yourself, when those evil Islamics were attacking Bombay in India turning hotels into slaughterhouses, torturing (real torture, not the pantie raids) women and children and then slitting their throats all the while praising Allah, how many picture of those victims did you see on the liberal rags? What? Not a one? How many of Palestinians? Endless. Our media is doing more for evil by collaborating with these evil animals, and make no mistakes about it, these civilians, including the parents of the children, are willing participants. After all, they go to heaven if they're killed. Remember what they were doing when 9-11 occurred: dancing in the streets. These civilians are as innocent as Hilter was misunderstood. The media is committing treason and fortunately for them Bush is so weak that he never arrested them for their sedition. The founding fathers are turning in their graves to see the "freedom" of the press to deteriorate to this level, but they never thought the government media complex was a realistic prospect.

Bush didn't learn from the biggest mistake from the Vietnam War: the seditious media to broadcast and be willing participant for enemy propaganda. Israel has and thus has barred the media from the war zone. Good for them. Freedom of the press was never intended to be use for enemy propaganda. Having terrorist sleepers in the war zone will do nothing to win the PR war and will guarantee defeat in a war they can not afford to lose. It will be interesting to see how the media reacts if Obama goes to war. They may find them self in a catch-22. They don't want to sleep with the enemy but do anything derogatory to their messiah. Especially if this messiah bites back.

The good news is given how this terrorist sleeping rags are losing subscribers and advertising, the American people are showing their disdain towards these evil sympathizers. The people are saying enough to these rags. The only thing to worry about now, now that the people are having enough of the hypocrisy, is will the government bail them out. If so, the final nail on the coffin will be nailed be the press was never intended to be owned by the government. What will prevent them from becoming Provda? The final price to be paid for the hypocrisy can come at a high price for the American people. The end of the freedom of the press. I only wonder if anyone will notice.

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