Thursday, January 15, 2009

Women as pigs. A new assessment.

I'm no fan of Opra. She defines everything that's wrong with women, and frankly, with American today. She truly hates men, blames them for everything wrong in the world, and espouses her belief and desire that men should be responsible for everything while women are all victims to men's hatred, prejudices, and sexism. She never looks at the wrongs that women do and have any accountability for their actions unless, in her mind, they're action of heroism or strength. Heck, she blames us for the social ills of divorce and single motherhood when in more than 93% of the cases, it's the woman that makes that decision. Heck, women are getting pregnant by other than natural mean, which means no male is even involved, and still we men get the blame.

It shouldn't came as a surprise of two incidences in the media currently. First is Ann Coulter stating that women should bare the majority of responsibility of results of un-wed motherhood. Her research as shown that the overwhelming majority of social ills by the youth today have one thing in common: single mothers. The youths involved in crime, dropping out of school, having relationship problems, emotional and educational problems all seem to have single moms. When she was on the view, a faminazi propaganda show, one so called conservative co-host suggested it's the men that walk away from their responsibilities that's the cause, not the women. Oh pleeeeeeease. Opra would be crying like Obama's victory if she was present. Women, contrary to feminist propaganda, have the overwhelming majority of power in the relationship. After all, when was the last time the man had a say in where the relationship is to go? They just make crappy choices or when a father wants to be involved, they do whatever they can to exploit that by extorting all that they can out of it and they, in general, still don't let father's be involved. Hard to do so when you're brainwashed to believe that all men are evil and should be kept from children at all cost, but when the consequences hit you in the face, then you can blame their absence, that they cause, for the blame. No matter what, women win, father's lose.

The second issue is a survey that show men in general think of women as pigs today. Oh, I can't wait for the venomous feminazis to use this in their propaganda war, but as usual, they have nobody but themselves to blame but will no doubt with the aid of our penisless media (that's a good thing, right?) will transfer the blame to the evil and chauvinism of men. They demand respect when they themselves don't show any. They come on with offers of affection and sex and that's before the first date. I remember a caller on the Dr. Laura show where a young girl was asking if she was actually dating a man. She confessed that she was having sex with the man and she asked what's wrong with her when she's allowing something so intimate as letting a man enter her body and she didn't even know if they were dating or not. Well, as Planned Parenthood would say, she's entitled to her sexuality, but how is that man is to respect her when he doesn't even need to DATE her to enjoy her sexually?

After all, we have a woman in San Diego who's auctioning off her virginity on E-bay so she can pay for her degree to become a family/marriage therapist. After her sister paid for her education as a call girl. After further research, I found out she only needed to work 3 weeks to pay for her ENTIRE education. And the feminazis say men are exploiting women when they sell their bodies off. I like to have a job that would pay for my engineering degree in just 3 weeks, but that's not going to happen. The auctioneer stated that she can't understand why men are so willing to pay (3.5 million with 4 days left in bidding) for deflowering her when sex and virginity isn't worth anything. Yea, and it's all the men fault too I guess. And she's going to be consulting people on family and marriage issue. My God how far we've fallen in such a short amount of time.

Men in the survey have little to no hope of finding a good wife and mother for them and their children. After all, it's one of the worse cardinal sins to be either a wife and mother. As a good mother, that sin can be forgiven if you do it without the aid of a man. As a wife, it's the lowest form of life for them. That's why men today have no respect for women, and fear marriage. After all, if she wakes up one day and discovered she isn't happy to him, who's the one that's going to pay for it financially, emotionally, and mentally. Who's going to be the one under suspicion for abuse, child molestation (67% of divorce have that accusation against the father. It's been proven true in only 3% of the cases, but that's OK, he's only a man), and basically have all rights of respect and decency taken away. It isn't going to be the woman. I still remember one case where a woman made a false abuse claim to get her boyfriend's house. It worked. She got to live in it rent free for a year and half before he got her out of there (Only because she found a bigger, better deal) all the while have to get an apartment in the meanwhile and couldn't go within 100 yards of his own house on the restraining order from a ACCUSATION of abuse. Sorry ladies, I have no respect for Western women and never will again. You have nobody but yourself to blame and all the name calling in the world won't change it.


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