Friday, February 27, 2009

Where are the Heroes?

I've often heard many definition of a nation. By borders, language, and culture being one as previously written about. Hearing the story of the Miracle on the Hudson had me thinking of one way of defining what makes a nation, person, organization, faith, etc. Look at who they choose as their heroes. What I found made a large degree of sense because who is risen to the pedestal is who we inspire to become. Who we make as our heroes are the people we inspire to become.

So, I took my hypothesis and looked at their heroes and see what we could determine what's their motivation. Take the children who want to become firemen, police officers or doctors. What trait do these children have in common? The desire to help people. They are children who think of others before them and want to benefit others. When I was teaching I found very few that wanted to go into this field. There are some that want to become engineers. I found that these people are people who like to build. These people look up to inventors and pioneers of industries for their inspiration. And then there are leaders and they tend to look at the great leaders in history: Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Ben Franklin, MLK, etc. People worthy of praise and emulation. Then there's the traits that is going on in society in general now. This should tell us something about the society and people in general.

The first one that gets to me is the rock star status of two people that really should disturb us. The first is Madloff. This guy is getting so much media attention and treated with way more respect that he should. This man stole BILLIONS and ruined THOUSANDS maybe MILLIONS of lives. Yet, the government and media treat him as if he's a victim and misunderstood. What does this say about the media and our government? Perhaps since the government is perpetuating the same fraud with their insane tax, print and spend, this should tell us something. The other, and this has me in amazement, is the octuplet mother. Here's a woman that's unmarried, has 6 children that she can't take care of as it is, doesn't work and popping out 8 more children because she wants them. I have to ask myself why would a woman want children she can't afford. Worse, why are we praising it? I'm shocked that the feminazis aren't up in arms because the worse thing a woman can be is a breeder. Then again, what I think is really make this the media darling that it is, she's doing it without a man. Both financially and biologically. The media wants to spread how men aren't necessary anymore. Now this woman is being offer a porn contract. I've seen and heard enough of this woman. The last thing I want to do is watch her try to conceive more children, only naturally this time.

The biggest trait I'm seeing, especially among our adolescent youths, should alarm us. The heroes to this generation of children: Thugs. These kids loop up to the gangsta hip hoppers and their message of hate, class and race warfare, drugs, rape, and violence should really scare us as a nation because these are who the children want to emulate. Guess what folks? They are. Just look at the statistics. Gang and drug crimes are shooting through the roof. When is the last time you've heard of progress with outreach or youth organizations? Because they're not choosing them. They rather go to jail now as a badge of honor. This is what is passing for honor these days. What's it going to be like when they become adults walking around with their pants to their legs? Does the baby boomers really think this generation is going to pay for their Social Security? The Bailout? The national debt? Boy, I wonder what's going through people's head and nothing is being done to stem it mainly out of fears of being perceived as racist. Well, stopping this insane and destructive lifestyle is racist, then let me be a bigot. Most will be in jail or dead by the time they're 25 and if that's not worth fighting to prevent, then who's the real racist?

Then look at what some country's make as national heroes. Russians idolize socialist revolutionist, so they fight for communism. Asians Buddha, so they inspire for inter peace. European used to respect heroes who fought the moors and those that enlighten Christian faith and scientist that brought Europe to be such a world power in the past. Now that the Muslim invasion has taken most of Europe, they are become like the Muslim country. Worshipping terrorist and Islamic tyrants. Hamas, Hezbolla, CAIR, Islamic Brotherhood, bulk of the Middle East, their hero is the suicide bomber, the jihadists, the murder and the terrorist. Hence why these country are the hell holes that they are. There are some secular countries like Turkey, Qatar, UAE, and they have secular heroes that the radicals want eliminated, but for the bulk of the countries they idolize hate, murder, death. Yet now today, we want to appease these countries and now perhaps some will understand when I ask why. Why we can't negotiate with them. Many of their heroes are those that lied when they made treaties and exterminated countries. No reason to think anything has changed.

Then I look at our president. Who are his heroes? A racist pastor (Jeramiah Wright), an unrepentant terrorist (Bill Ayers), an alcoholic, abusive, and abandoning father, many socialistic writers. Is it any wonder he hates America, sympathetic to the Muslims and their causes, and is socializing our economy? Those of us that loved America tried to warn you, but we were written off as nuts and racists. Many that voted for him has within a month regretted it. Now given the state the country is in we may be finished as a free nation. Anyone could had seen it coming. After all, just look at the heroes those that brought it down have. Look at what our leaders and young generation heroes are. This should had come as no surprise. Now fear what our heroes in the future is going to become. Is there any honor left for our heroes. I fear now the answer will be no. The heroes of today have no honor. That's why a pilot that lands a crippled plane will be praised for two week and then replaced for months by a breeder and perhaps porn star, a slut that pukes on herself, a dead actor that once played a gay man, a gang banger, or the socialist president for weeks on end. Truly, our honorable heroes have died.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FEMA then and FEMA now.

I got done watching about the mountain people of Kentucky and the drugs, unemployment and poverty that have bewitched these people. Many were high spirited, but grossly uneducated and grunts for the coal industry. Much of it look like the ghettos of the intercity that are so often talked about in the political and social realms. These people have the highest casualty rate (deaths per 1000 people as a population as a whole) than any other region in the country. Yet people like these, unlike the minority slum that we get endless feeds from the media and leftist organization, get no recognition or sympathy. As learning about these people and their problems, the reaction of FEMA or the lack thereof got me thinking about Obama and his class warfare and his bigotry. You see, this state, especially the mountains where these people lived, got hit hard by the ice Storm. Lives lost, power out, food shortages, energy shortages, destroyed home, you name it. Yet, it's been weeks, power is still out, food is still scarce, and FEMA is nowhere to be found. Also someone else is missing as well: the media. Why?

Seems when Katrina hit New Orleans, the media wouldn't stop talking about for a year. The Bush administration, rightfully so, was criticized to no end for the slow response time for getting FEMA, which was created to handle emergencies like these, out there to give the aid that his organization was created to give. Then the race card was played and we haven't heard the end of it since. So, it took FEMA 3 days to get its act together and that was because Bush was racist. I took it as showing Bush's incompetence. So did America, his approval ratings dipped below 50% that week and never broke over 50% again for the rest of his presidency.

Now, Obama completely ignores the plight of the people of Kentucky. To this day, FEMA is nowhere near Kentucky. Where's the media's coverage, the outrage, the compassion for the suffering of the people that have lost their homes, are freezing to death, that are going hungry because supplies aren't being shipped? Not a peep. It's been over 7 weeks. THAT'S 7 WEEKS! These people have been given the finger by BO and no one cares. This show the true racism and bigotry of the Media and BO. The only real difference between the plight for those in New Orleans and those in Kentucky is the people in Kentucky are white. That's the only real difference and thus must be the cause of the real difference in response by those in the media and the new administration. My gosh, I thought racism and bigotry was going to end with this new messiah in office. Now I see it worse and more blatant than ever. I guess now, white people can just die and be thrown in the cold street and be completely forgotten. This is the audacity of hope that BO was talking about. Or just the audacity of white people that they should be treated equally from this administration.

I didn't care for the Bush administration's reaction to Katrina. I felt that it was incompetent and ridiculous. The local governments could have, and should taken more responsibility for evacuating people and did too much of the blame game, but Bush did his share as well. Why isn't BO getting any, pardon the pun, heat for this? Why is it ok to give white people the finger, but not blacks? Is this the hope and change his supporters meant? If so, then I'll have the audacity to say it, you people are bigots. To sit down and let his get away with this is evil racism you are part of the problem and not the solution. We're never going to get better as a nation if we keep this racial warfare going and I for one want to end this war for all people. If you don't, then I hope you don't need help yourself someday because you may not get it.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Asta La Vista, Govenator!

The state of California is by far, in my opinion, the most dysfunctional and corrupt government in the union. Though those in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois may content they do, but the level of corruption, waste, and out right prostitution by our politicians isn't only embarrassing for a state, it's also all to predictable. Gray Davis who ran a campaign of how he spent his entire political life to prepare for the role of governor of the state was elected in a huge landslide in 2002. All his life for this position and he became only the 2nd governor in the country's (that's the whole US) history to be recalled and ousted. He was so bad and so transparent that many basically said he put a for sale sign in the front of his office on a map of the state. The backlash was swift and harsh.

Thus we replaced him with Arnold, the Govenator. With his election, there was hope for fiscal conservatism for the first time since Pete Wilson that nearly shut down the state in his fight against the democrat continue of tax, spend and waste policy of the time that continue to this day. At first, it looked like he was ready to fight the good fight against this terrible inert and corrupt legislation branch (don't get me started with the judicial which are dictators that legislate from the bench, but that's a different blog) and pulled no punches in calling the status quo members "girly men" in their stagnation. He was winning points with the populace that's tire of the corruption. We felt that the terminator was coming in to shoot down all the BS in the government here in the state. Then, like in the movie, the terminator got crushed.

What happened that crushed what was a promising beginning? The govenator got a rude shock when the evil, corrupt elements of the state system fought back in the special election of 2005. The governor tried to cut the head of the snake of dysfunctional government by enacting 5 initiatives that would break the big money that has kept us prisoner by our government: the monopolistic unions. He tried to break the teachers union by making it more difficult to get tenure, eliminate the state employee's and teacher's union money by making it illegal to use union dues unless they had written permission by members to do so (which the member would overwhelming deny if they had that right), and the biggest one, redistricting. These 3 alone would had broken the corrupt system at its heart. However, even the govenator was no match for these forces. In a blitz of money and constant assault by the media, the initiatives were soundly defeated and with it, Arnold's political capital. The terminator for conservatives in the state of California was turned into the Kindergarten cop that was eaten alive by the childish morons that run our government. It seems afterwards, Arnold lost all political will to fight back.

History will show that defeat turned his position completely around. Afterwards, he hired extreme leftist, including a militant male hating lesbian feminazi to run his staff to show how inclusive he was. After that, the rest just fell apart. Now not only do we have out of control spending again, it's worse than it was when he defeated Grey Davis which is main campaign platform was to end this insane fiscal suicide. Now our taxes are about to go through the roof. I'm glad I paid my vehicle registration because it's about to double. I have no clue what I'm going to do next year. I may just give up the car. Sales taxes are going up 1 to 2% in a state that's 4th in highest sales tax, with the fourth highest unemployment in a state that's considered the most hostile business climate in the world. Not, that the country, but the whole world. We've lost 1.5 million non immigrant people, thus losing more 1st world citizen while importing more 3rd world immigrants. My wife compare this state to her home country of the Philippines that she says no longer compares to what's going on here. She fears soon the economic woes of her home will follow her here in California. Our 8.4% unemployment isn't going to get any better now and raising these taxes, including 12 cents a gallon for gas, isn't going make it better for those that do have jobs and struggling just to keep the lights on. Yes, utilities taxes are going up as well. You name it, they raised it. I can only imagine, since the climate is there now, what will happen if they can finally get rid of that that pesty proposition 13 that limit their ability to raise property taxes. I'm serious considering throwing up my hands and just pack what I got and moving out of here.

I stay here because my children are here and I'm studying engineering. The community college system here is the best anywhere and thus am taking advantage of it. However, since our fees are about to double, threatening that status. If these irresponsible bozo are going to be rewarded by taking more money from us to waste on illegals, the non-productive, and punitive towards the productive, well, it's got me wondering why bother. I have better opportunities overseas and there's only so much I can take before I have to do what's necessary to survive. If the terminator can be cut down to becoming Kindergarten cop, then what hope is there for us? Our best hope has been destroyed and now we're going to pay the price for it. For those of you in the rest of the country, consider this. In California we have only a 1% higher percentage of democrats running things and we have a 2/3rds majority requirement for budget passage. The same corrupt morons are in the congress and only need a 50% majority for passage. So what's going on here will be coming to us all on a national level. This lame bill that was just passed is the same BS that's been going on here for over 4 decades now. Now we've become Michigan West. Our best hope was pacified and his term will end after this year and all I can say for now is asta la vista, govenator. You were a true disappointment. We elected you to fight for against this kind of evil and when they gave you a bloody nose, you whined like the last action hero and became Kindergarden cop. For the rest of the country, you wanted change and hope and all you're going to get is neither but more of the same. Basically, you're going to get Bush on steriods. I just hope we don't even up saying asta la vista America.

Going Ape.

Well, when they say politics make strange bedfellows, this wasn't what I had in mind. What do I mean? Well, the NYP had an editorial that showed two police officers and a dead chimp with two bullet holes. One of the officers say, "I guess they'll have to get someone else to write the next stimulus bill". That has prompted the leftist liberals to going ape over the editorial as branding it racist and assault on Obama. And voters thought they were going to get more free speech with these monkeys in the congress.

I know asking liberal blacks to give up the race cards, especially when the last bastion of their prejudices has been proven false, is akin to asking Bin Laden to give up suicide bombers and their hatred of the Jews. As we see true racism in action, they just can't. It comes as no surprise because the race card is the only thing liberal blacks have of political value. Without any resembled of racist against them, they have no cause left to fight because they don't believe in anything else. All they know is how to be perpetual victims. If you don't believe that, just look at the difference between Katina victims and those of the snow storms in the Midwest. After all, Kentucky has been hit worse in lost of property then Katina. The only reason lost of life is lower is because most of them weren't stupid waiting for the government to provide for them and actually planned ahead prepared instead of waiting to be bailed out. FEMA is nowhere to be found just as the criticism of BO. If this had been a black state and McCain in office, it would be headline news for months. Liberal blacks, like liberals in general, are true racist to the core but never get called on it. Unlike the racist mayor of New Orleans that not only allow the disaster and debacle afterwards to happen, but then wanted to make sure New Orleans remain a chocolate New Orleans. I can only imagine what would happen if McCain wanted America to be a white America. Racism is alive and well, but mainly healthy on the left, not the right.

This racism is the root at all the hatred and media buzz over this editorial. I don't understand whenever an primate is used in an editorial that one, it must be about a black person, and two, it must had been a racist white man that drew it up. It was clear, to anyone with a brain, that the editorial was criticizing the congress, mainly Pelosi that drew up this primate of a bill, while using the main headline of the day: the chimp attack in Connecticut. How did BO get involved in this? The "chimp" in the editorial didn't look anything like him. If fact, it looked more like Pelosi than anyone. The only reason that it was interpreted as an assault to blacks and mainly BO is by the blacks themselves. Why I ask myself. It can only be because they themselves think of themselves as primates. It's not coming from the conservatives or independents that work to eliminate such thinking because it's destructive and not good for the country. When it comes from cries of racism it's always from the same group: Liberal blacks and racist illegal Latinos. Now before you go claiming as a part of white America I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm racist myself because it's ingrained in my DNA as often I hear from these stupid clowns note this. My closest friend is Hispanic, my wife is a Filipina. I worked for an Indian (the country) before going into teaching, I worked for blacks, and Jews and I never had an issue with any of them. If one is ethical and judge people by their character and not their outward appearance, which can be deceptive, then I'm all with them. My favorite blog is written by a conservative black man who can't stand all this BS over BO. I compliment those conservative blacks that speak out against this race baiting. It's quite refreshing given all the bile spewed by the left.

This man says, if one acts like a monkey, people will call you a monkey. He was referring to the congress's behavior over the stimulus bill. Worse is the adulation and the media's propaganda that anyone who opposes the anointed one must be doing so because of his race and not because his policies are unsound. I thought this ended with the departure of Bush. Now it's reversed now that a Democrat is in office. We have had 16 years of this class and social warfare since Clinton was in office. Now we're not going to oppose bad policies and bad decisions because of the color of the president? Well, welcome to Planet of the Apes meets Alice in Wonderland. We thought things were crazy the last 16 years, just wait what insanity the next 4 brings us. That's OK, though. If anything goes wrong, we can just be off with their heads and blame the racist white America.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hilary to enbrace muslim nations. HA HA HA HA!!!

So, BO is sending HRC to woo the IMC. To put that in terms liberals can understand, Barack Obama is sending Hilary Rotten Clinton to woo the Insane Muslim Countries. This is so wrong on so many fronts it's like shooting ducks in a barrel and trying to just shoot one particular duck. Sorry PETA, I think ducks are delicious as well. Especially with orange sauce and you haven't outlawed meat yet. Back to topic, this is wrong on so many levels, but I will just stick to two. The two biggest flaws, or the biggeset ducks in the barrel.

First, sending a woman to negotiate with muslims, well, you may as well send Bin Laden to win Christians to radical Islam. It's just not going to happen. Obama, being Muslim himself or at the very least, sympathic to Muslims and their causes over American interests, knows very well this is a fool errand for her and is just so stupid or naive to not know any better. There's no way a muslim, much less a muslim country, is going to respect a woman. It's ingrained in their wonderful and peaceful, oops, I mean pieceful religon, oops, I mean cult. Women in Islam are lower than cattle. They are just sexual playthings for the men (even in rape and adultary unless they are caught during the act, then it was Allah's will they both be punish). They are nothing of real value and their opinions are meanless and worthless to them. Just by publishing that statement, I will condemn by them but being condemned by these animals is a badge of honor for me. So sending a shrill, feminazi hag like Hillary isn't going win their respect for America, in fact, they'll laugh at us for being weak and penisless and frankly, they're right. The feminazi's and their ilk like Hillary have cut us of our conjonas and we have earned our disrepect.

Second, this show BO's comtempt for America. Why is he so hell bent on gaining the approval of our enemies. Afterall, I thought his election alone was going to gain respect for America on its own merits. Isn't the appointment of the anointed one to bring world peace? Isn't he the one that gained America as a multicultural and accepting nation that people of the world can now look to with awe and anew respect and hope? Well, guess the illusion is over folks. I'm hearing more and more liberal leftist wishing to take their vote back and it's only been a month. His approvals are dropping faster than Bush and it took Bush 6 years of incompetence and stupity. It only took BO about a month. His comtempt is so transparent, I guess that's what he meant by most transparent government, that people can no longer miss his intentions. He's not doing anything, but spend money we don't have, for Americans and we know that's not a good thing, unless you're one of those parasites that wanted a raise. The fact that's he running all over to gain the amiration of our ENEMIES than CITIZENS shows his hatred for America and Americans. He rather be loved by terrorists and their sympathizers than law biding Americans. What's really confusing BO is not only is it not working, but their hatred and enboldness is getting worse. Just look at what's happening in Pakistan. The Talaban just took over 1/4 of the western region and inacting the sharia law that got us fighting in Afganistan. This is a major nightmare that wasn't expected by the new adminstration, but they will do nothing. They're not able fight against their muslim brothers. Fear not Iran, the radical muslims can just take the 30 nukes from Pakinstan and create havoc before the Assyrian Hitler in Iran. With the Talaban making progress in the southern region of Afganistan, BO is setting up America's biggest humiliation since Vietnuam. I think he wants us to lose there so we can accept that Islam is a stronger faith because they worship the one true God. This will happen, and Code Stink and the other anti-war nuts will say nothing as we go down in flames.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

exercise in obsurdity

Lawmakers in Connecticut are writing a bill that will protect children who write hateful electronic publications, even if it's written on school grounds using school computers. This idiocy is a reaction to a case in 2007 when a 17 year old student made obscene rants about the administration of her school. Don't get me wrong here, I have not use kind words to describe the administration when I worked in Vallejo, but I'm more sophisticated where I can find more proper words than douche bag and a few words that start with S, B, and F. The school, naturally, punish the student. The parent, though she wished her daughter used more sophisticated language (goodie for her), though she she shouldn't be punished at all and now is suing the district. After all, it's free speech. Isn't it?

This gets into one of the abuses of free speech. A child writing in hip hop language her displeasure at the administration of her school isn't what I think the founding fathers had in mind. It was to be free to make political speech without fear of life and property in retaliation from the government. This child didn't have any life or property taken or threaten. In fact, freedom of speech was intended for being able to make political statements and not be harmed by the government. It was never intended for having no consequences at all. After all, I'm not allowed to go to a crowded building and scream fire and laugh while everyone scrambles out the exits, many getting hurt from the panic. The consequences from the public, and the state if it endangers life and property, wasn't to be exempt. I can call you an big a**hole. If I get punched in the mouth, does that give me the right to sue for violation of my free speech? Well, the government isn't going to prosecute me since life and property isn't being threaten. After all, we all have the right, for now anyways, to be a dumba$$ if we wish. I'm not free from the consequence of making such a statement.

Now some will argue that the administration is in part a branch of the government, thus have no right to punish anyone for making such statements and criticism. She is not threatening life and property. Well, on that front I disagree for two reasons. First, the child is a minor and not subject to free speech. After all, what does a 17 year old know about anything. That's why they don't vote, they can't run for office (til they're 21 or older depending on the office), not allowed to drink, etc. To make this free speech is akin to letting a baby shit on someone and calling it art. Oh wait, we do that, but we wouldn't call it free speech though some would find the message appropriate depending on who they're pooping on. The baby isn't make a statement, just doing what it does naturally. The second is though the administration is in parcel an arm of the state government that fund and writes the laws that govern the education of the children of the citizens (and non-citizens as in California), their main function is to maintain a safe and inclusive environment for the students. This is a property right (intellectual property). That includes discipline and safety issues. This means the students while they're on campus are subjected to the rules and policies that in place to maintain a learning environment. When I was teaching, there was so little respect for education, teachers, and administration that it became a joke. It was a gang bang social gathering more than an educational environment and if you want more of that in your children's school, then keep supporting stupid laws like this. Soon, all the kids will be calling everyone bitc**s, wh*res, f this and f that. Without discipline, there's is no learning and that what the schools are set up to do. If you undermine the authority of the school, you'll end up with anarchy and I know all to well how well that works. Then when they fail the test because they don't actually know anything, you will be wanting the heads of the teachers and administrators that we make responsible for the failure. It's why you can never get me to be a teacher again. Frankly, if we're going to give stupid teenagers and their stupid parents legal teeth against teachers and administrators, why bother going into the profession? Just let the students do whatever they want? After all, that's the number one reason why teenagers think teachers and administrators are douche bags in the first place.


Friday, February 13, 2009

more true faces of evil

Oh goodie, the stimulus bill has been passed and what are we going to get out of it. For those of us that are working or productive, not a dang thing. Those that pay taxes, more taxes. Those that are parasites of societies or that contribute to Obama's campaign, a lot. However, unlike this bill that has nothing for the productive and everything for the non-productive, there is one provision in there that should scare us all and the mentality of the people that put it there should also.

There's a provision in the bill that slipped in that will allow the government access to all our medical files for the purpose of government sponsored medical care. The government wants to sort out those medical procedures that are too cost ineffective and start to discriminate, yes I used the discriminate behind democrats who are the most racist and bigot group, medical practices. You see, they deem some people are not Worthy of living. If you don't believe that, just look at their abortion arguments and that's just for starters. How they let the mentally ill out on their own only to starve in the street or worse. They don't care about children or the handicap unless they can vote. The compassion and the all out love for evil in this country is getting ugly and it doesn't surprise me that more and more Americans, especially conservatives, are wanting to leave. We know the economic and social downfall that's coming and we want no part of it. Some are still fighting, but given the polls by the ignorant or downright stupid public and the voting records of those in our governments, the fight is going in the wrong direction and how much more can out and out wrong change in direction that this country has been making for the last nearly 50 years last before something has to give?

We've become more acceptable to eugenics so are willing to test for and terminate any child that is deemed imperfect. Just look at a poll of disorders that people were willing to support the termination of a fetus for. The number one answer just sent a shock wave down my spine, and not it wasn't Down's Syndrome. It was obesity. So just being overweight, and 60% of us are, is grounds enough to terminate life. Hey, who knows, with this new government bill, we just might go out and terminate the overweight, or in the name of health, deny food and give it to the poor. Oh wait, the poor are more fat than the wealthy, so I guess only the rich will get to eat.

The other incidents and they're increasing. is the Muslims boldness in attacking their enemies, especially Jews. These animals know the West will not fight them anymore. One Muslim member in Parliament in England kept a film maker out of England because he made a movie that wasn't flattering to Islam. One out of 122. So much for free speech. Muslim student in Canada attack an Israel support group. The police supported the rioters. So much for protecting life and property. Honor killings are on the rise and not being prosecuted. Wow, isn't multiculturalism wonderful. Christian are murdered and oppressed and that's ok, but insult a Muslim who would love to slit your throat just simply because he doesn't like you, and everyone bends over to kiss his feet as well as another part that the sun doesn't shine. Why don't we just give them guns and say all targets are open for season like in Cammonaroon. The game where you got points for running people over. The liberals in the Western world love these guys because they're being effective at depowering their enemies, but they still don't get that they are their enemies as well. The Muslims get it, but the liberals are useful idiots. They're getting positions of power without firing a shot in their war against the West and letting the West destroy itself from within and then will clean them up when the destruction is done. The Muslim, they're crazy, but they're not stupid. Unlike Liberals who are not only as evil as the Muslims, but are both crazy and stupid.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1933 all over again?

Looking over the political and economical climate and things are getting really interesting, as well as scary. What do I mean? Well, first of all, our president's attitude towards Americans and their enemies. Then, there's the similarities of the Wiener Republic of 1931 Germany and the current state of the US.

Obama has shown his loyalty to the Muslim enemies of the US when he did his first press conference in the UAE and not the American people that elected him or those that doubted him. So instead of appeal to his supporter and proving the doubts of those that didn't as vain, he gave us all the finger by appealing to the Muslim in the Middle East. Pardon me, what does the people in the Middle East, some of the most radical, evil, hateful, and prejudiced people on the planet, especially the Arabs. Of the 15 conflicts that are currently going on in the world, ALL of them are caused by Muslims not getting along with their neighbors and Obama his appealing to them, not you first. He really thinks America was build by Muslims in the Middle East, and not Americans. He's given us all the finger and the treasonous media just writes it off as healing America's wounded image. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. Those people hate us because they're jealous while they have nothing but hate and destruction with perhaps some sand and oil. We're prosperous, though not for much longer, while they're paupers. Our enemies are crazy, but not stupid. They know they can corrupt us from within and they have their Manchurian candidate in the office. They'll give their usual hate speech about Israel (which has nothing to do with the other 14 conflicts around the world) and their loyalty to Sharia law. Obama has shown he's loyal to those causes otherwise why appeal to them. Take his first speech which wasn't articulate and passionate as the one in UAE. He stumbled and fumbled over his word like a person BSing his way out of a situation. He didn't believe in them because he doesn't believe in us.

Now what should start to worry us all. We're currently in the state of affairs of 1931 Germany. Germany was weaken and corrupt from the aftermath of WWI with their economy and political climate being poisoned by the defeat, costs and the reparations of WWI. We're in the middle of a defeated occupation with the cost already over 1 trillion dollars. The cost to Germany was 15 billion Marks which is about $400 billion by today's dollars. That means our costs is over 3 times more. The political climate from the consequence of those cost became radical and intense. Tell me things are not intense and radical today. We're so polarized that you can cut the tensions with a knife at times. The media turned against the democracy. Does that sound familiar? The economy had been tanking for over a year. Wow, which am I'm talking about? Germany or America? Then the people elected a charismatic leaders that bought hope to the people of economical recovery and world political prestige by repairing the country's image to the world. The bankers and politicians think they can control him. Wow, I still don't know which one I'm talking about. Frankly, it's both of us. What happens to 1933 should concern us all. They had a stimulus type spending policies that eventually lead to hyper inflation, the media turned against the democracy and made escape goats of the communist and Jews. Just replace with Capitalism and Conservatives and does this sound familiar. With his loyal brown shirts and complicit media, he eliminated his political enemies, imprisoned or murder those that he felt weaken his country, be it Jews, Communist, homosexuals, handicapped, gypsies, etc. Well, we have heterosexuals, Christians, men, whites, class warfare, etc. Once his opponents became irrelevant, he took his brown shirts and created the secret police of the SS and the rest was history. All we need now is the NSF because conservatives and Republicans are already irrelevant and when Obama is done taking over the census and rigging the elections for himself and his party, our transformation will become complete (first thing Hitler did in 1933 was dissolved the democracy, rigging the elections will accomplish the same thing).

Note to the liberals that find all this a good thing as to be rid of their political enemies and usher in a era of peace that they think they'll get. Remember, when I mentioned Hitler elimination of his political enemies, he didn't go over the Communist, Jews or etc first. He cleaned out those that he thought was disloyal to him in his own party first. He needed to have those that would back him and his power grab before he could expand outward to eliminating his other enemies. That means if history continues to repeat itself as it is right now, the Democrats have a lot more to fear than Republicans and Conservatives do. At first anyway. It will be those Democrats he'll go after first. Only, by this time, the liberals will realize too late, what we have done. Only then, they'll realize they became like the collaborators at death camps that lead their own people to the gas chambers. Sounds too harsh? Well, lets just say, I rather be harsh and wrong then soft and right. I hope to God on this issue I don't say those words I often say, "God, I hate it when I'm right".


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to Bizzaro World

I'm a fan of the Black Sphere. Kevin Jackson is far superior at expressing the policitical hypracasy then I with far better wit. With his latest article of illogic of all of Obama's reasoning we have, without boxing up our goods, hiring a truck, or breaking the family heirlooms, moved from the US to Bizzaro World. Everything is being redefined were right is wrong, good is bad. Promises to not hire lobbyist and 3 days later hires 17 and calls any of us who reminds him of his promise liars and hyprocrites. More waste and higher debt as stimulus. Reaching out to the muslims in the Middle East because they made America while they're trying to destory America. Alice will find Wonderland more rational than the country is today.

BO complains about the tax cuts and how it only benefited the rich, yet he appoints at the time of this writing 3 tax cheats to high position. If the rich so highly benefit, then why are these liberals cheating on their taxes? Aren't they paying too little and need to keep even more? Seems his reasoning about the cuts were false, but now we live in Bizzaro World, so now cheating on taxes is a tax cut. He's going to raise taxes to the roof, put us in greater debt and this is what he call economic responsibility. Is he using the abandonment of free market to save the free market argument? If so, then how is he different from Bush who I believe was a fiscal socialist. This will make him Bush on steroids. But in Bizzaro World, if Bush does it, it's fiscal irresponsibility, if BO does it, it's fiscal stimulus.

Hiring lobbyist, who are basically nothing more than people who are hired to bribe politicians. You can argue that they educate the offical about the issues, but why do they need to pay for the previlege? In Bizzaro World, bribery is freedom of speech. Now he's hire these bribers to high positions of governmental power and this is keeping a promise of not hiring lobbyist? Alice had a better time in Wonderland than those with a brain are having in Bizzaro World and I don't recalled when I asked to move there. We moved from a world that was corrupt to a world now those same corrupt behaviors are now virtueous. In Bizzaro World, we moved from the virteous being corrupt and the corrupt being virtueous. Perhaps in Bizzaro World, the Republicans that were liberals will become conservatives again. Otherwise, we're in serious trouble because the Soviet Union weren't as dedicated Bizzaro citizen as this adminstration has become.

Bizzaro citizen in congress have been working for years to make freedom fighters, Americans, terrorists and the terrorist as freedom fighters. After all, panties on the head is torture, but sawing off head with a rusty kitchen knife while chating to Allah is culture expression. Well, now that we've move to Bizzaro World, that is the case. The leader of Iran (who's name I can't remember how to spell) now is calling America stupid, weak, and having no stomach to fight. Well, we're in Bizzaro World now. We consider that a sign of strength that will usher a policy of peace and respect among the citizens of the world that citizen of Bizzaro World claim to be. So we're mocked and threatened by the Hilter of our time and he will have nukes by the end of the year, and we consider that a pathway of peace. Perhaps in Bizzaro World pieces is peace and peace is pieces because that's where we're heading with this policy. The citizen of world don't want Bizzaro World citizen in their world because they view them stupid, weak, and worthless and they're right. Our response, oh, yes they do and we'll feel their pain, listen to their greivence, and appease even if the appeasement is our extinction.

In Bizzaro World, love is hate, hate is love, right is wrong, black is white, and insanity is sane. We all moved to Bizzaro World on January 20th and now it's the government's intention to become citizen of the world. I don't know about you, but I'm want out of Bizzaro World and obtain my US citizen back.