Wednesday, February 11, 2009

1933 all over again?

Looking over the political and economical climate and things are getting really interesting, as well as scary. What do I mean? Well, first of all, our president's attitude towards Americans and their enemies. Then, there's the similarities of the Wiener Republic of 1931 Germany and the current state of the US.

Obama has shown his loyalty to the Muslim enemies of the US when he did his first press conference in the UAE and not the American people that elected him or those that doubted him. So instead of appeal to his supporter and proving the doubts of those that didn't as vain, he gave us all the finger by appealing to the Muslim in the Middle East. Pardon me, what does the people in the Middle East, some of the most radical, evil, hateful, and prejudiced people on the planet, especially the Arabs. Of the 15 conflicts that are currently going on in the world, ALL of them are caused by Muslims not getting along with their neighbors and Obama his appealing to them, not you first. He really thinks America was build by Muslims in the Middle East, and not Americans. He's given us all the finger and the treasonous media just writes it off as healing America's wounded image. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease. Those people hate us because they're jealous while they have nothing but hate and destruction with perhaps some sand and oil. We're prosperous, though not for much longer, while they're paupers. Our enemies are crazy, but not stupid. They know they can corrupt us from within and they have their Manchurian candidate in the office. They'll give their usual hate speech about Israel (which has nothing to do with the other 14 conflicts around the world) and their loyalty to Sharia law. Obama has shown he's loyal to those causes otherwise why appeal to them. Take his first speech which wasn't articulate and passionate as the one in UAE. He stumbled and fumbled over his word like a person BSing his way out of a situation. He didn't believe in them because he doesn't believe in us.

Now what should start to worry us all. We're currently in the state of affairs of 1931 Germany. Germany was weaken and corrupt from the aftermath of WWI with their economy and political climate being poisoned by the defeat, costs and the reparations of WWI. We're in the middle of a defeated occupation with the cost already over 1 trillion dollars. The cost to Germany was 15 billion Marks which is about $400 billion by today's dollars. That means our costs is over 3 times more. The political climate from the consequence of those cost became radical and intense. Tell me things are not intense and radical today. We're so polarized that you can cut the tensions with a knife at times. The media turned against the democracy. Does that sound familiar? The economy had been tanking for over a year. Wow, which am I'm talking about? Germany or America? Then the people elected a charismatic leaders that bought hope to the people of economical recovery and world political prestige by repairing the country's image to the world. The bankers and politicians think they can control him. Wow, I still don't know which one I'm talking about. Frankly, it's both of us. What happens to 1933 should concern us all. They had a stimulus type spending policies that eventually lead to hyper inflation, the media turned against the democracy and made escape goats of the communist and Jews. Just replace with Capitalism and Conservatives and does this sound familiar. With his loyal brown shirts and complicit media, he eliminated his political enemies, imprisoned or murder those that he felt weaken his country, be it Jews, Communist, homosexuals, handicapped, gypsies, etc. Well, we have heterosexuals, Christians, men, whites, class warfare, etc. Once his opponents became irrelevant, he took his brown shirts and created the secret police of the SS and the rest was history. All we need now is the NSF because conservatives and Republicans are already irrelevant and when Obama is done taking over the census and rigging the elections for himself and his party, our transformation will become complete (first thing Hitler did in 1933 was dissolved the democracy, rigging the elections will accomplish the same thing).

Note to the liberals that find all this a good thing as to be rid of their political enemies and usher in a era of peace that they think they'll get. Remember, when I mentioned Hitler elimination of his political enemies, he didn't go over the Communist, Jews or etc first. He cleaned out those that he thought was disloyal to him in his own party first. He needed to have those that would back him and his power grab before he could expand outward to eliminating his other enemies. That means if history continues to repeat itself as it is right now, the Democrats have a lot more to fear than Republicans and Conservatives do. At first anyway. It will be those Democrats he'll go after first. Only, by this time, the liberals will realize too late, what we have done. Only then, they'll realize they became like the collaborators at death camps that lead their own people to the gas chambers. Sounds too harsh? Well, lets just say, I rather be harsh and wrong then soft and right. I hope to God on this issue I don't say those words I often say, "God, I hate it when I'm right".


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