Sunday, February 22, 2009

Asta La Vista, Govenator!

The state of California is by far, in my opinion, the most dysfunctional and corrupt government in the union. Though those in New York, New Jersey, and Illinois may content they do, but the level of corruption, waste, and out right prostitution by our politicians isn't only embarrassing for a state, it's also all to predictable. Gray Davis who ran a campaign of how he spent his entire political life to prepare for the role of governor of the state was elected in a huge landslide in 2002. All his life for this position and he became only the 2nd governor in the country's (that's the whole US) history to be recalled and ousted. He was so bad and so transparent that many basically said he put a for sale sign in the front of his office on a map of the state. The backlash was swift and harsh.

Thus we replaced him with Arnold, the Govenator. With his election, there was hope for fiscal conservatism for the first time since Pete Wilson that nearly shut down the state in his fight against the democrat continue of tax, spend and waste policy of the time that continue to this day. At first, it looked like he was ready to fight the good fight against this terrible inert and corrupt legislation branch (don't get me started with the judicial which are dictators that legislate from the bench, but that's a different blog) and pulled no punches in calling the status quo members "girly men" in their stagnation. He was winning points with the populace that's tire of the corruption. We felt that the terminator was coming in to shoot down all the BS in the government here in the state. Then, like in the movie, the terminator got crushed.

What happened that crushed what was a promising beginning? The govenator got a rude shock when the evil, corrupt elements of the state system fought back in the special election of 2005. The governor tried to cut the head of the snake of dysfunctional government by enacting 5 initiatives that would break the big money that has kept us prisoner by our government: the monopolistic unions. He tried to break the teachers union by making it more difficult to get tenure, eliminate the state employee's and teacher's union money by making it illegal to use union dues unless they had written permission by members to do so (which the member would overwhelming deny if they had that right), and the biggest one, redistricting. These 3 alone would had broken the corrupt system at its heart. However, even the govenator was no match for these forces. In a blitz of money and constant assault by the media, the initiatives were soundly defeated and with it, Arnold's political capital. The terminator for conservatives in the state of California was turned into the Kindergarten cop that was eaten alive by the childish morons that run our government. It seems afterwards, Arnold lost all political will to fight back.

History will show that defeat turned his position completely around. Afterwards, he hired extreme leftist, including a militant male hating lesbian feminazi to run his staff to show how inclusive he was. After that, the rest just fell apart. Now not only do we have out of control spending again, it's worse than it was when he defeated Grey Davis which is main campaign platform was to end this insane fiscal suicide. Now our taxes are about to go through the roof. I'm glad I paid my vehicle registration because it's about to double. I have no clue what I'm going to do next year. I may just give up the car. Sales taxes are going up 1 to 2% in a state that's 4th in highest sales tax, with the fourth highest unemployment in a state that's considered the most hostile business climate in the world. Not, that the country, but the whole world. We've lost 1.5 million non immigrant people, thus losing more 1st world citizen while importing more 3rd world immigrants. My wife compare this state to her home country of the Philippines that she says no longer compares to what's going on here. She fears soon the economic woes of her home will follow her here in California. Our 8.4% unemployment isn't going to get any better now and raising these taxes, including 12 cents a gallon for gas, isn't going make it better for those that do have jobs and struggling just to keep the lights on. Yes, utilities taxes are going up as well. You name it, they raised it. I can only imagine, since the climate is there now, what will happen if they can finally get rid of that that pesty proposition 13 that limit their ability to raise property taxes. I'm serious considering throwing up my hands and just pack what I got and moving out of here.

I stay here because my children are here and I'm studying engineering. The community college system here is the best anywhere and thus am taking advantage of it. However, since our fees are about to double, threatening that status. If these irresponsible bozo are going to be rewarded by taking more money from us to waste on illegals, the non-productive, and punitive towards the productive, well, it's got me wondering why bother. I have better opportunities overseas and there's only so much I can take before I have to do what's necessary to survive. If the terminator can be cut down to becoming Kindergarten cop, then what hope is there for us? Our best hope has been destroyed and now we're going to pay the price for it. For those of you in the rest of the country, consider this. In California we have only a 1% higher percentage of democrats running things and we have a 2/3rds majority requirement for budget passage. The same corrupt morons are in the congress and only need a 50% majority for passage. So what's going on here will be coming to us all on a national level. This lame bill that was just passed is the same BS that's been going on here for over 4 decades now. Now we've become Michigan West. Our best hope was pacified and his term will end after this year and all I can say for now is asta la vista, govenator. You were a true disappointment. We elected you to fight for against this kind of evil and when they gave you a bloody nose, you whined like the last action hero and became Kindergarden cop. For the rest of the country, you wanted change and hope and all you're going to get is neither but more of the same. Basically, you're going to get Bush on steriods. I just hope we don't even up saying asta la vista America.

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