Wednesday, February 25, 2009

FEMA then and FEMA now.

I got done watching about the mountain people of Kentucky and the drugs, unemployment and poverty that have bewitched these people. Many were high spirited, but grossly uneducated and grunts for the coal industry. Much of it look like the ghettos of the intercity that are so often talked about in the political and social realms. These people have the highest casualty rate (deaths per 1000 people as a population as a whole) than any other region in the country. Yet people like these, unlike the minority slum that we get endless feeds from the media and leftist organization, get no recognition or sympathy. As learning about these people and their problems, the reaction of FEMA or the lack thereof got me thinking about Obama and his class warfare and his bigotry. You see, this state, especially the mountains where these people lived, got hit hard by the ice Storm. Lives lost, power out, food shortages, energy shortages, destroyed home, you name it. Yet, it's been weeks, power is still out, food is still scarce, and FEMA is nowhere to be found. Also someone else is missing as well: the media. Why?

Seems when Katrina hit New Orleans, the media wouldn't stop talking about for a year. The Bush administration, rightfully so, was criticized to no end for the slow response time for getting FEMA, which was created to handle emergencies like these, out there to give the aid that his organization was created to give. Then the race card was played and we haven't heard the end of it since. So, it took FEMA 3 days to get its act together and that was because Bush was racist. I took it as showing Bush's incompetence. So did America, his approval ratings dipped below 50% that week and never broke over 50% again for the rest of his presidency.

Now, Obama completely ignores the plight of the people of Kentucky. To this day, FEMA is nowhere near Kentucky. Where's the media's coverage, the outrage, the compassion for the suffering of the people that have lost their homes, are freezing to death, that are going hungry because supplies aren't being shipped? Not a peep. It's been over 7 weeks. THAT'S 7 WEEKS! These people have been given the finger by BO and no one cares. This show the true racism and bigotry of the Media and BO. The only real difference between the plight for those in New Orleans and those in Kentucky is the people in Kentucky are white. That's the only real difference and thus must be the cause of the real difference in response by those in the media and the new administration. My gosh, I thought racism and bigotry was going to end with this new messiah in office. Now I see it worse and more blatant than ever. I guess now, white people can just die and be thrown in the cold street and be completely forgotten. This is the audacity of hope that BO was talking about. Or just the audacity of white people that they should be treated equally from this administration.

I didn't care for the Bush administration's reaction to Katrina. I felt that it was incompetent and ridiculous. The local governments could have, and should taken more responsibility for evacuating people and did too much of the blame game, but Bush did his share as well. Why isn't BO getting any, pardon the pun, heat for this? Why is it ok to give white people the finger, but not blacks? Is this the hope and change his supporters meant? If so, then I'll have the audacity to say it, you people are bigots. To sit down and let his get away with this is evil racism you are part of the problem and not the solution. We're never going to get better as a nation if we keep this racial warfare going and I for one want to end this war for all people. If you don't, then I hope you don't need help yourself someday because you may not get it.

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