Sunday, February 22, 2009

Going Ape.

Well, when they say politics make strange bedfellows, this wasn't what I had in mind. What do I mean? Well, the NYP had an editorial that showed two police officers and a dead chimp with two bullet holes. One of the officers say, "I guess they'll have to get someone else to write the next stimulus bill". That has prompted the leftist liberals to going ape over the editorial as branding it racist and assault on Obama. And voters thought they were going to get more free speech with these monkeys in the congress.

I know asking liberal blacks to give up the race cards, especially when the last bastion of their prejudices has been proven false, is akin to asking Bin Laden to give up suicide bombers and their hatred of the Jews. As we see true racism in action, they just can't. It comes as no surprise because the race card is the only thing liberal blacks have of political value. Without any resembled of racist against them, they have no cause left to fight because they don't believe in anything else. All they know is how to be perpetual victims. If you don't believe that, just look at the difference between Katina victims and those of the snow storms in the Midwest. After all, Kentucky has been hit worse in lost of property then Katina. The only reason lost of life is lower is because most of them weren't stupid waiting for the government to provide for them and actually planned ahead prepared instead of waiting to be bailed out. FEMA is nowhere to be found just as the criticism of BO. If this had been a black state and McCain in office, it would be headline news for months. Liberal blacks, like liberals in general, are true racist to the core but never get called on it. Unlike the racist mayor of New Orleans that not only allow the disaster and debacle afterwards to happen, but then wanted to make sure New Orleans remain a chocolate New Orleans. I can only imagine what would happen if McCain wanted America to be a white America. Racism is alive and well, but mainly healthy on the left, not the right.

This racism is the root at all the hatred and media buzz over this editorial. I don't understand whenever an primate is used in an editorial that one, it must be about a black person, and two, it must had been a racist white man that drew it up. It was clear, to anyone with a brain, that the editorial was criticizing the congress, mainly Pelosi that drew up this primate of a bill, while using the main headline of the day: the chimp attack in Connecticut. How did BO get involved in this? The "chimp" in the editorial didn't look anything like him. If fact, it looked more like Pelosi than anyone. The only reason that it was interpreted as an assault to blacks and mainly BO is by the blacks themselves. Why I ask myself. It can only be because they themselves think of themselves as primates. It's not coming from the conservatives or independents that work to eliminate such thinking because it's destructive and not good for the country. When it comes from cries of racism it's always from the same group: Liberal blacks and racist illegal Latinos. Now before you go claiming as a part of white America I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm racist myself because it's ingrained in my DNA as often I hear from these stupid clowns note this. My closest friend is Hispanic, my wife is a Filipina. I worked for an Indian (the country) before going into teaching, I worked for blacks, and Jews and I never had an issue with any of them. If one is ethical and judge people by their character and not their outward appearance, which can be deceptive, then I'm all with them. My favorite blog is written by a conservative black man who can't stand all this BS over BO. I compliment those conservative blacks that speak out against this race baiting. It's quite refreshing given all the bile spewed by the left.

This man says, if one acts like a monkey, people will call you a monkey. He was referring to the congress's behavior over the stimulus bill. Worse is the adulation and the media's propaganda that anyone who opposes the anointed one must be doing so because of his race and not because his policies are unsound. I thought this ended with the departure of Bush. Now it's reversed now that a Democrat is in office. We have had 16 years of this class and social warfare since Clinton was in office. Now we're not going to oppose bad policies and bad decisions because of the color of the president? Well, welcome to Planet of the Apes meets Alice in Wonderland. We thought things were crazy the last 16 years, just wait what insanity the next 4 brings us. That's OK, though. If anything goes wrong, we can just be off with their heads and blame the racist white America.

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