Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hilary to enbrace muslim nations. HA HA HA HA!!!

So, BO is sending HRC to woo the IMC. To put that in terms liberals can understand, Barack Obama is sending Hilary Rotten Clinton to woo the Insane Muslim Countries. This is so wrong on so many fronts it's like shooting ducks in a barrel and trying to just shoot one particular duck. Sorry PETA, I think ducks are delicious as well. Especially with orange sauce and you haven't outlawed meat yet. Back to topic, this is wrong on so many levels, but I will just stick to two. The two biggest flaws, or the biggeset ducks in the barrel.

First, sending a woman to negotiate with muslims, well, you may as well send Bin Laden to win Christians to radical Islam. It's just not going to happen. Obama, being Muslim himself or at the very least, sympathic to Muslims and their causes over American interests, knows very well this is a fool errand for her and is just so stupid or naive to not know any better. There's no way a muslim, much less a muslim country, is going to respect a woman. It's ingrained in their wonderful and peaceful, oops, I mean pieceful religon, oops, I mean cult. Women in Islam are lower than cattle. They are just sexual playthings for the men (even in rape and adultary unless they are caught during the act, then it was Allah's will they both be punish). They are nothing of real value and their opinions are meanless and worthless to them. Just by publishing that statement, I will condemn by them but being condemned by these animals is a badge of honor for me. So sending a shrill, feminazi hag like Hillary isn't going win their respect for America, in fact, they'll laugh at us for being weak and penisless and frankly, they're right. The feminazi's and their ilk like Hillary have cut us of our conjonas and we have earned our disrepect.

Second, this show BO's comtempt for America. Why is he so hell bent on gaining the approval of our enemies. Afterall, I thought his election alone was going to gain respect for America on its own merits. Isn't the appointment of the anointed one to bring world peace? Isn't he the one that gained America as a multicultural and accepting nation that people of the world can now look to with awe and anew respect and hope? Well, guess the illusion is over folks. I'm hearing more and more liberal leftist wishing to take their vote back and it's only been a month. His approvals are dropping faster than Bush and it took Bush 6 years of incompetence and stupity. It only took BO about a month. His comtempt is so transparent, I guess that's what he meant by most transparent government, that people can no longer miss his intentions. He's not doing anything, but spend money we don't have, for Americans and we know that's not a good thing, unless you're one of those parasites that wanted a raise. The fact that's he running all over to gain the amiration of our ENEMIES than CITIZENS shows his hatred for America and Americans. He rather be loved by terrorists and their sympathizers than law biding Americans. What's really confusing BO is not only is it not working, but their hatred and enboldness is getting worse. Just look at what's happening in Pakistan. The Talaban just took over 1/4 of the western region and inacting the sharia law that got us fighting in Afganistan. This is a major nightmare that wasn't expected by the new adminstration, but they will do nothing. They're not able fight against their muslim brothers. Fear not Iran, the radical muslims can just take the 30 nukes from Pakinstan and create havoc before the Assyrian Hitler in Iran. With the Talaban making progress in the southern region of Afganistan, BO is setting up America's biggest humiliation since Vietnuam. I think he wants us to lose there so we can accept that Islam is a stronger faith because they worship the one true God. This will happen, and Code Stink and the other anti-war nuts will say nothing as we go down in flames.


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