Friday, February 13, 2009

more true faces of evil

Oh goodie, the stimulus bill has been passed and what are we going to get out of it. For those of us that are working or productive, not a dang thing. Those that pay taxes, more taxes. Those that are parasites of societies or that contribute to Obama's campaign, a lot. However, unlike this bill that has nothing for the productive and everything for the non-productive, there is one provision in there that should scare us all and the mentality of the people that put it there should also.

There's a provision in the bill that slipped in that will allow the government access to all our medical files for the purpose of government sponsored medical care. The government wants to sort out those medical procedures that are too cost ineffective and start to discriminate, yes I used the discriminate behind democrats who are the most racist and bigot group, medical practices. You see, they deem some people are not Worthy of living. If you don't believe that, just look at their abortion arguments and that's just for starters. How they let the mentally ill out on their own only to starve in the street or worse. They don't care about children or the handicap unless they can vote. The compassion and the all out love for evil in this country is getting ugly and it doesn't surprise me that more and more Americans, especially conservatives, are wanting to leave. We know the economic and social downfall that's coming and we want no part of it. Some are still fighting, but given the polls by the ignorant or downright stupid public and the voting records of those in our governments, the fight is going in the wrong direction and how much more can out and out wrong change in direction that this country has been making for the last nearly 50 years last before something has to give?

We've become more acceptable to eugenics so are willing to test for and terminate any child that is deemed imperfect. Just look at a poll of disorders that people were willing to support the termination of a fetus for. The number one answer just sent a shock wave down my spine, and not it wasn't Down's Syndrome. It was obesity. So just being overweight, and 60% of us are, is grounds enough to terminate life. Hey, who knows, with this new government bill, we just might go out and terminate the overweight, or in the name of health, deny food and give it to the poor. Oh wait, the poor are more fat than the wealthy, so I guess only the rich will get to eat.

The other incidents and they're increasing. is the Muslims boldness in attacking their enemies, especially Jews. These animals know the West will not fight them anymore. One Muslim member in Parliament in England kept a film maker out of England because he made a movie that wasn't flattering to Islam. One out of 122. So much for free speech. Muslim student in Canada attack an Israel support group. The police supported the rioters. So much for protecting life and property. Honor killings are on the rise and not being prosecuted. Wow, isn't multiculturalism wonderful. Christian are murdered and oppressed and that's ok, but insult a Muslim who would love to slit your throat just simply because he doesn't like you, and everyone bends over to kiss his feet as well as another part that the sun doesn't shine. Why don't we just give them guns and say all targets are open for season like in Cammonaroon. The game where you got points for running people over. The liberals in the Western world love these guys because they're being effective at depowering their enemies, but they still don't get that they are their enemies as well. The Muslims get it, but the liberals are useful idiots. They're getting positions of power without firing a shot in their war against the West and letting the West destroy itself from within and then will clean them up when the destruction is done. The Muslim, they're crazy, but they're not stupid. Unlike Liberals who are not only as evil as the Muslims, but are both crazy and stupid.


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