Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to Bizzaro World

I'm a fan of the Black Sphere. Kevin Jackson is far superior at expressing the policitical hypracasy then I with far better wit. With his latest article of illogic of all of Obama's reasoning we have, without boxing up our goods, hiring a truck, or breaking the family heirlooms, moved from the US to Bizzaro World. Everything is being redefined were right is wrong, good is bad. Promises to not hire lobbyist and 3 days later hires 17 and calls any of us who reminds him of his promise liars and hyprocrites. More waste and higher debt as stimulus. Reaching out to the muslims in the Middle East because they made America while they're trying to destory America. Alice will find Wonderland more rational than the country is today.

BO complains about the tax cuts and how it only benefited the rich, yet he appoints at the time of this writing 3 tax cheats to high position. If the rich so highly benefit, then why are these liberals cheating on their taxes? Aren't they paying too little and need to keep even more? Seems his reasoning about the cuts were false, but now we live in Bizzaro World, so now cheating on taxes is a tax cut. He's going to raise taxes to the roof, put us in greater debt and this is what he call economic responsibility. Is he using the abandonment of free market to save the free market argument? If so, then how is he different from Bush who I believe was a fiscal socialist. This will make him Bush on steroids. But in Bizzaro World, if Bush does it, it's fiscal irresponsibility, if BO does it, it's fiscal stimulus.

Hiring lobbyist, who are basically nothing more than people who are hired to bribe politicians. You can argue that they educate the offical about the issues, but why do they need to pay for the previlege? In Bizzaro World, bribery is freedom of speech. Now he's hire these bribers to high positions of governmental power and this is keeping a promise of not hiring lobbyist? Alice had a better time in Wonderland than those with a brain are having in Bizzaro World and I don't recalled when I asked to move there. We moved from a world that was corrupt to a world now those same corrupt behaviors are now virtueous. In Bizzaro World, we moved from the virteous being corrupt and the corrupt being virtueous. Perhaps in Bizzaro World, the Republicans that were liberals will become conservatives again. Otherwise, we're in serious trouble because the Soviet Union weren't as dedicated Bizzaro citizen as this adminstration has become.

Bizzaro citizen in congress have been working for years to make freedom fighters, Americans, terrorists and the terrorist as freedom fighters. After all, panties on the head is torture, but sawing off head with a rusty kitchen knife while chating to Allah is culture expression. Well, now that we've move to Bizzaro World, that is the case. The leader of Iran (who's name I can't remember how to spell) now is calling America stupid, weak, and having no stomach to fight. Well, we're in Bizzaro World now. We consider that a sign of strength that will usher a policy of peace and respect among the citizens of the world that citizen of Bizzaro World claim to be. So we're mocked and threatened by the Hilter of our time and he will have nukes by the end of the year, and we consider that a pathway of peace. Perhaps in Bizzaro World pieces is peace and peace is pieces because that's where we're heading with this policy. The citizen of world don't want Bizzaro World citizen in their world because they view them stupid, weak, and worthless and they're right. Our response, oh, yes they do and we'll feel their pain, listen to their greivence, and appease even if the appeasement is our extinction.

In Bizzaro World, love is hate, hate is love, right is wrong, black is white, and insanity is sane. We all moved to Bizzaro World on January 20th and now it's the government's intention to become citizen of the world. I don't know about you, but I'm want out of Bizzaro World and obtain my US citizen back.

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