Friday, February 27, 2009

Where are the Heroes?

I've often heard many definition of a nation. By borders, language, and culture being one as previously written about. Hearing the story of the Miracle on the Hudson had me thinking of one way of defining what makes a nation, person, organization, faith, etc. Look at who they choose as their heroes. What I found made a large degree of sense because who is risen to the pedestal is who we inspire to become. Who we make as our heroes are the people we inspire to become.

So, I took my hypothesis and looked at their heroes and see what we could determine what's their motivation. Take the children who want to become firemen, police officers or doctors. What trait do these children have in common? The desire to help people. They are children who think of others before them and want to benefit others. When I was teaching I found very few that wanted to go into this field. There are some that want to become engineers. I found that these people are people who like to build. These people look up to inventors and pioneers of industries for their inspiration. And then there are leaders and they tend to look at the great leaders in history: Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Ben Franklin, MLK, etc. People worthy of praise and emulation. Then there's the traits that is going on in society in general now. This should tell us something about the society and people in general.

The first one that gets to me is the rock star status of two people that really should disturb us. The first is Madloff. This guy is getting so much media attention and treated with way more respect that he should. This man stole BILLIONS and ruined THOUSANDS maybe MILLIONS of lives. Yet, the government and media treat him as if he's a victim and misunderstood. What does this say about the media and our government? Perhaps since the government is perpetuating the same fraud with their insane tax, print and spend, this should tell us something. The other, and this has me in amazement, is the octuplet mother. Here's a woman that's unmarried, has 6 children that she can't take care of as it is, doesn't work and popping out 8 more children because she wants them. I have to ask myself why would a woman want children she can't afford. Worse, why are we praising it? I'm shocked that the feminazis aren't up in arms because the worse thing a woman can be is a breeder. Then again, what I think is really make this the media darling that it is, she's doing it without a man. Both financially and biologically. The media wants to spread how men aren't necessary anymore. Now this woman is being offer a porn contract. I've seen and heard enough of this woman. The last thing I want to do is watch her try to conceive more children, only naturally this time.

The biggest trait I'm seeing, especially among our adolescent youths, should alarm us. The heroes to this generation of children: Thugs. These kids loop up to the gangsta hip hoppers and their message of hate, class and race warfare, drugs, rape, and violence should really scare us as a nation because these are who the children want to emulate. Guess what folks? They are. Just look at the statistics. Gang and drug crimes are shooting through the roof. When is the last time you've heard of progress with outreach or youth organizations? Because they're not choosing them. They rather go to jail now as a badge of honor. This is what is passing for honor these days. What's it going to be like when they become adults walking around with their pants to their legs? Does the baby boomers really think this generation is going to pay for their Social Security? The Bailout? The national debt? Boy, I wonder what's going through people's head and nothing is being done to stem it mainly out of fears of being perceived as racist. Well, stopping this insane and destructive lifestyle is racist, then let me be a bigot. Most will be in jail or dead by the time they're 25 and if that's not worth fighting to prevent, then who's the real racist?

Then look at what some country's make as national heroes. Russians idolize socialist revolutionist, so they fight for communism. Asians Buddha, so they inspire for inter peace. European used to respect heroes who fought the moors and those that enlighten Christian faith and scientist that brought Europe to be such a world power in the past. Now that the Muslim invasion has taken most of Europe, they are become like the Muslim country. Worshipping terrorist and Islamic tyrants. Hamas, Hezbolla, CAIR, Islamic Brotherhood, bulk of the Middle East, their hero is the suicide bomber, the jihadists, the murder and the terrorist. Hence why these country are the hell holes that they are. There are some secular countries like Turkey, Qatar, UAE, and they have secular heroes that the radicals want eliminated, but for the bulk of the countries they idolize hate, murder, death. Yet now today, we want to appease these countries and now perhaps some will understand when I ask why. Why we can't negotiate with them. Many of their heroes are those that lied when they made treaties and exterminated countries. No reason to think anything has changed.

Then I look at our president. Who are his heroes? A racist pastor (Jeramiah Wright), an unrepentant terrorist (Bill Ayers), an alcoholic, abusive, and abandoning father, many socialistic writers. Is it any wonder he hates America, sympathetic to the Muslims and their causes, and is socializing our economy? Those of us that loved America tried to warn you, but we were written off as nuts and racists. Many that voted for him has within a month regretted it. Now given the state the country is in we may be finished as a free nation. Anyone could had seen it coming. After all, just look at the heroes those that brought it down have. Look at what our leaders and young generation heroes are. This should had come as no surprise. Now fear what our heroes in the future is going to become. Is there any honor left for our heroes. I fear now the answer will be no. The heroes of today have no honor. That's why a pilot that lands a crippled plane will be praised for two week and then replaced for months by a breeder and perhaps porn star, a slut that pukes on herself, a dead actor that once played a gay man, a gang banger, or the socialist president for weeks on end. Truly, our honorable heroes have died.


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