Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stupid Lawsuits.

There are many lawsuits that make me scratch my head and wonder what are people thinking or where did our common sense go. The all time favorite of stupid lawsuits, and this one took 10 years before the common sense ruling by the Supreme Court finally put an end to the while fiasco was a truck driver that went completely blind sued his employer for firing him. His reason for the lawsuit? The Americans With Disabilities Act. Since he was fired for being blind, the sued claiming that it violated the ADA and he was entitled to his job back with back pay for wrongful termination. I mean come on folks. 10 years!!! Thank God that even the liberal Supreme Court, at the time, had enough brains to rule that if the disability takes away a skill or ability that is REQUIRED to do the job, then it's not a violation of the ADA. In other words, if you need to clap for your job and you only have one arm, then you can be legally denied the job.

Common sense and legal ruling are rarely combined. There's a suit that's come out today about a man that was driving his motorcycle well drunk over .10 on a blood test and he hit a wild pig on the road seriously hurting himself. Caltrans, our transportation bureaucracy here in California, was sued and 12 idiots ruled in favor of the drunk driver for the tune of $8.6 million. This reminds me of the saying that in the court system, you put you life in the hands of 12 people that were too stupid to figure out how to get out of jury duty. Seems this applies. The jury bought the argument that since 12 other vehicles hit these wild pigs, that Caltrans had a precondition danger and was negligent. Never mind none of the others were either drunk, or had any serious damage in reacting to the pigs. It makes as much sense as saying, I got drunk and struck out against Wells in a baseball game. Well because 4 other struck out, being drunk had nothing to do with me striking out. Ok, it's not likely I could hit a pitch by wells, but I sure can't drunk. At least sober, there's a chance I could if he makes a mistake or I get lucky. So because someone else had hit these wild pigs before doesn't mean one, that he would had also, and two, he's not culpable for his action that he was committing a crime when he got hurt. Also, Caltrans were required not to interfere with the pigs migrations by our stupid animal rights laws and thus were obeying a bad law while the motorcyclist was violating a good one. When we reward people for irresponsibility, then these suits are going to continue until there's no money left to do the basic services we need including maintaining our roads. But hey, we're protected if we drink to intoxication and injure ourselves.

However, the lawsuit that's really burning me is one by 3 out of state students and their family. They're suing the state of California for discrimination by charging them out of state tuition while illegal aliens (that's what I'm calling because by legal definition, that's what they are, not undocumented immigrant because an immigrant OBEYS the law, not breaks them) are allowed to go to our school with the in state tuition. Since the laws were written so state citizens wouldn't be unfairly denied by others from richer states or better prepared students from other states, were allowed priority in selection and costs so the state will benefit from their citizens getting that education than having an out of state, or alien student, learning and taking the fruits of that education out of the state or the country. If you want that privilege here, you must pay out of state tuition, or a premium for the privilege. Well, if anyone who lives here will tell you, illegal aliens have it pretty good here. They can work and get welfare, medical and free education as well as state financial aid for college as well as paying in state tuition. They even benefit from affirmative action here as well. They're not even citizens and they get the more privileges than citizens do. These family find it unfair these illegal aliens are getting benefits while they're getting penalized. They've followed the law, the other hasn't. They find that it discriminates against them because they're US citizens from other state while giving preferential treatment to another because they're of another race or citizenship. On all accounts, they're right. What was support to be law for the protection of the citizens of that states and to use it to use against not only the citizens of the state, but all US citizen makes the policy a clear violation of the intent of the law. It's obvious that illegal aliens were never suppose to benefit from in state tuition making it more appealing to break the law than do it legally. This rewards criminal behavior (despite the BS that they're law abiding illegal. An oxymoron as well as moronic statement if I ever heard one), and penalized those that follow the rules. This is a stupid lawsuit in the sense, it, like the blind truck driver claiming he was wrongly terminated because being blind doesn't give the company the right to deny him his job to drive a truck, nor should those that break the law be rewarded for doing so while penalizing those that do obey the law. This lawsuit should be upheld and the policy terminated. However, being this is California, I'm sure the rats in black robes, like those 12 village idiots, will rule against common sense and rule in favor of the criminals.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Welfare for Terrorists. Oh what a country.

As BO prepares to release the the people of Gitmo, one problems is rearing its ugly head and BO showing is true loyalty has come up with the solution. Seems there are about 200 people in Gitmo that are so bad and horrible that their own countries don't want them back. I know those on the left think every single person there is innocent. That's why criminals and the ACLU love them. However, most in Gitmo are there because they belong there. They are the worse of the worse and given that a few aren't, there's 200 who's home countries, that includes the most radical, insane Muslim country of them all: Saudi Arabia. Though the Saudis are willing to take a great deal of them for "rehabilitation", they won't take half of them. If a radical state that gave birth to the wahhbism that feeds these terrorist's hatred don't want them, how bad are they? Why else won't they take them. Worse yet, what are we going to do with them since the anointed one not only pardon them for their sins, but they're unwanted at home.

Well, just when I thought BO couldn't offend and disgust me worse, he out does himself. He's going to release them here in the United States. I wish this move surprised me, but it doesn't. Conservatives were warning people though out the campaign that this man is a Muslim and this shows his loyalties to the Muslim faith. Before we get into "not all Muslim are terrorists" nonsense, just answer one question. Have you ever met a Muslim that didn't defend the terrorists? If so, please have them write to me, because I can't. I've never met one that didn't defend them, or would speak out against them. Go to a mosque. Find one mosque that will condemn these monsters for their atrocities. I wish you luck. Now we're going to release these people, many hard core, evil maniacs here into the US.

It's bad enough to be in bed with the enemy and release him, but to your own population knowing darn well they will go back to their terrorist ways. Do you think they'll praise Allah and be grateful to the US for allowing them to have freedom and be one with the Great Satan? If so, I have some money I need to transfer, but I can't without your help. No, I think I'll sell this deed of some swampland. Or better yet, WAKE THE FREAK UP!!! What shocks me about BO is not that he supports the end of America and his policies reflecting them. It's how out in the open he does and and then finds a way to rub salt in the wound. So not only are we going to release these terrorist, but we're going to give them welfare while we, the working people, work and save what little we can save up to have us taxed to death and give them to terrorist. Heck, let's release Walker Lin while we're at it, or dig up Saddam and his sons while we're at it, and give them the keys to Fort Knox while we're at it. This should have had people up in arms. If we took Nazi's captive and released them in to the populace and gave them benefits as well during World War 2, FDR would had been strung up. But this isn't FDR, this is BHO. But hey, you wanted change, and now you're going to get it.

Those of you that support this, are too stupid to know what's going on, or just plain too apathetic to care, just remember. They're going to come to your neighborhood. They're not going to spare you because you showed mercy to them. They're going to think you're weak, stupid and unworthy of life and will make it their mission to TAKE YOU OUT FIRST! They're disgusted with you. When they fight, they fight to win. They fight to kill the enemy even if they must take themselves out with you. They fight to praise Allah. By releasing them and giving them money, it's not only stupid and an outrage. IT'S TREASON!!!


Oakland: A city of evil?

Seems the shootings that killed four officers is really bringing out the worse in people and exposing how this great empire of America is truly dying. As I stated before with my opinion of the San Fransicko Chronicle as to why they're a dying newspaper after defending that evil piece of puke that murdered the officer and his stupid evil family. Well, seems evil and stupidity have more than affected the brains of the San Fransicko newspapers. It seems to have hit the entire bay area as well. What brings this out? First, there was a protest near at least one police station that I know of protesting how the police murdered the turd that killed their own. Seems the family is going after blood in the media against the Oakland Police department. Given how blood thirsty and greedy the sister is, it comes as no surprise that this stupid evil family are going after the police as well. As their beloved leader BO would say, "You can't let the facts get in the way of a good crisis."

This "family" and some group which sounded what it is, made up, is calling this turd a hero and a soldier in the war against a violent government that's determined to murder the entire black race. Pardon me, but if the government wanted to do that, they could just get the black community to do it to itself since they're doing a great job of doing that themselves. They're making their usual cries of he was being harassed by a policy, and I'm not making his up, driver while black. They're crying racism is why he was pulled over and he had every right to murder those evil police officers. Well, you can't let the facts get in the way of race baiting either. The police officers knew this garbage was dangerous and had an arrest warrant for this human debris because he kidnapped and raped a 12 year old girl. It seems that kidnapping and raping 12 year old isn't immoral to these worthless animals unless done by a white or a Jew it seems. I hear them praise this man as a hero and victim just makes me sick. Why the sister that gave him the AK47 that killed the other two officers isn't under arrest and facing capital murder charges is beyond me, but hey, women have it so easy in our court. She's not going to face charges and will most likely win money in a lawsuit and we wonder why we have anarchy in our country.

What added salt to the wound was those that showed up to the funeral. Boxer (who wasn't invited but thought she was too important not to invite herself), Fienstein, Newsome who lets illegal gangs run loose and murder commuters. A list of liberal dopes that defended and supported these monsters and have the gall to show up to a funeral of officer that died because of their lenient policies. I can only imagine the double whammy for the family and I'm sure those in power made their stand known. Boxer took the cake when she said that we need to follow the path of MLK and not let violence beget violence. Hey, bit**! THAT'S WHY THEY'RE DEAD!!! They're not allow to have their weapons ready when apprehending a known violent and armed thug. Thanks to the likes like those above with aid of Cop Watch and the ACLU, those officers were doomed. The turd took a handgun and shot the first one in the neck, then went after the second and shot him in the back of neck. Got to Praise those that shoot someone in the back. Then he shot them both in the head when he went back to his car. Neither officer had time to draw their weapons. Then he hides in the dark like the cockroach he is and armed with an AK47 that his sister gave him, shoots through the door and kills two others. I wonder if he knew his sister was removed from the room? I doubt he would had cared.

Liberal and bleeding heart policies are leading to our demise. I wonder what will happen when organized terrorist hit because watching this, if I was Al Queda, I be laughing my butt off and readying the terrorists. They would be able to plunge us into total chaos before the authorities could respond and lets face it. When it's over, the government will PROTECT THEM, not us. These "leaders" presences were a total insult to those that protect us. Several were asked not to speak (only Boxer defied them to no surprise to this writer). Here's a man that was terrorizing and harming his community. When officers tried to protect them by arresting this sewer, they praise he that was hurting them because their hatred, bigotry and racism is so out of control, they rather see white men die than their own protect.

I was born in Oakland, but now am ashamed I started my life there. Now, I would never set foot in the city because now, it's just too dangerous. Oakland has bought the 3rd world and their stupidity, ignorance, destructive prejudices and hatred to Oakland. I'm sure cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington DC and let's not forget the wonderful people of New Orleans are rejoicing in Oakland joining to their level. How much more of this stupid moral relevance are we going to take. How far we've fallen as a people when a murdering child rapist is put to the same level, if not higher, than four police officers that tried to protect us all and allow the criminal supporters to praise him. People of Oakland, you not only should be ashamed. You all should be disgusted!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is technology making us lose our humanity?

I'm a fan of the terminator movies and the hard hitting TV show. The main theme is the war between humanity vs. the machines. The series hits hard about what it means to be humane and how technology, in our lust to preserve our view and our vision of humanity in our society, end up threatening the survival of it. Often a common theme in nearly all Science Fiction shows: the advancement of science and technology having us lose our humanity.
As anyone knows from the series, Skynet, a master, and living computer, from the future, uses time travel and cyborgs to try to terminate John Conner, the man that will rise humanity from the ashes of extinction and eliminate Skynet and win the war. Now those of you that are skeptical about machines becoming alive and taking over the world, I'm with you but that misses the point however. Though I can't believe machines can become alive (wouldn't that make them somewhat humane?) and take over the world, it's how this whole disastrous mess got created that is the point, not really can it happen this way.
Skynet was created by the Cyberdyne corporation for a defense contract with the US military to created a computer that can run the entire defense network and using only machines, we wouldn't have to take another causality in war again. No lose situation. Can't lose the war because you won't take any damage. Only the computer fights back and the humans couldn't pull the plug. We lost control of our own creation and become targeted by our own creation that ended up doing what it was design to do: kill humans. When we create device with the sole purpose of destroying human life, we lose our humanity and become endangered to our own creation.
So, the main point after that antadolal evidence from a sci-fi movie. Lately, I've witnessed so much cruelty, evil, in humaneness from people that I would suspect that without technology, wouldn't dare behave in such inhumane behavior. What do I mean. First, I'll take My Space. There's so much information on these sites that anyone with dishonest intentions will have more than enough information to be able to do damage to such person. I seen children and adult give out information to complete strangers they would never do in person. I often wonder why if they wouldn't do it in person, why they do it online where the information never goes away?
Take chat boards. Not only do people give out information they would never do in person, but often say things they wouldn't in person either. Too many times people go off in a profane tirade using language that would make a sailor blush and to ladies, children, peers, etc. Make harsh, vicious, mean statements. And then there's the perverse and seductive behaviors that goes online. Because of the annyonitomy, people are willing to take risks they would never do in person. Age doesn't seem to matter anymore. Kids seduce adults and vice versa. No morals are off limits online and because we can't see or suffer any immediate consequences, we don't fear doing what we know is wrong because we're not likely to get caught or prosecuted.
Cyber bullying is skyrocketing and getting worse. Too often, because anybody and anyone can open up one of these online social accounts and claim to be anyone, this has created the unintended consequence of people impersonating others and slandering them. Make them out to be something that they're not ruining reputations and doing great deal of emotional, and in some cases, physical hard to the victim. One mother pertended to be a teen boy to give a neighborhood girl who she didn't like to believe she was making a new cyberfriend. In the end she broke it off calling the girl horrible names and two hours later, the girl killed herself. The mother was found out and since this isn't a crime , never suffered any legal consequence for her evil actions. Often at times, when I learn of things like this, I wonder who's worse. The humans are the machines as I use the metaphors from the terminator movie. Or to quote Ripley in Aliens, "I don't which species is worse, Burk. You don't see them screwing each other over a God D*** percentage do you?" Now we don't even need a percentage to screw each other. Just not to like them.
The other that bring this point out: The Nigerian Mail Scam. If a stranger came to you in the street and asked a favor using your bank account because he got millions he needs to get out of the country, but need to use your bank account to smuggle it out, what would you say to him/her? You laugh in their face. I doubt anyone would be even stupid enough to try this in person. With the Internet, you can send millions of these pitches (God knows I get at least one a day) and one or two bites from desperate people and VOILA, money and nobody can even identify you.
Lastly, it's bad enough that these things happen as unintended consequences, but not, there are actual website that ENCOURAGE this behavior now. They're called gossip site, but no information is taken on the those that join. With total anynomousness, anyone can say anything about anyone else. No question asked. Now if this was to happen in a newspaper or TV show, you would be sued for libel or slander, but because of that stupid, 1996 law, since it's the Internet, it's totally LEGAL. Now we're legalizing slander and defamation and rewarding site that do.
How far have we fallen as a people that we allow this to happen? What humanity do we have left when we're ok and encouraging the ruination of our fellow man? How many many more lives need to be ruined, reputation to be destroy, physically harmed, stupidly ripped off, molested, bashed, and treated with such evil before we wake up. Wake up and realize that we've are losing our humanity and becoming like the machines. Then creating Skynet would be seen as a good thing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

SF Chronicle, kiss your F***** A** goodbye!

I was going to go over the loss of humanity because of our technology, but that will have to wait. The shooting in Oakland and the response by the SF Chronicle deserve a response. The headline of this dumb excuse trash of a newspaper was "Gunman who shot police feared jail". I've had read some outrageous headlines but this one just plain disgusts me. Headlines like this shows the hatred and evil these newspapers support and why they're going out of business and I say good bye and I hope these who run these papers end up in the street and have a special place in hell waiting for them when they finally, and justifiably, starve to death.

This evil paper had the audacity to blame the police for the shootings when they didn't fire a shot til the cowardly animal hided in a closet and not only refused to come out with his hand in the air, but shot two of the four men he murdered through the closet and was gunned down in the firefight. He was tracked down to his sister house where he hid like the pussy cat that he is after he shot down two police officers that pulled him over for a routine traffic violation. He took an assault rifle (hey, aren't those illegal here? I guess not if human fetal matter are using them) and shot the officers in the head. They never were able to reach for their gun and then he ran home to his sister house where his final stand was made. For this stupid newspaper to blame the police is the epitome of evil and stupidity. He fired, he murdered and he was responsible for this atrocity. If these "people" don't get it, then the people of San Fransisco need to start asking why they are supporting this garbage.

I wish this was the gist of this incident, but it didn't end there. The paper even interviewed one of the widows. I just wish it was one of the officer's widows, but it was the murderer's who was callous enough to go on a rampage against the police and if they just left him alone everything would be fine. Problem is when criminals are on their rampage, they hurt the entire community. This man was back doing his violent crimes in Oakland who, by the way, was all black on black. To go on the tirade about white racism was the cause and the non-black officers got what they deserve for their racism against the gunman, remember, he was victimizing his fellow African Americans. But, hey, keep up the victimization's mentality. When the white, Asian, and Hispanics stop protecting them, then they'll cry racism because they're constantly under assault by their punks.

Sadly, the sister that got him the assault rifle, which is a Class B felony here, is not only not going to be prosecuted, but she's threatening to sue the police for manhandling her and using excessive force in the death of her brother. To have the paper supporting this evil, but to punish the city for it as well let another violent criminal get away with her culpability in the crime as well. Welcome to anarchy and get ready for the misery to come because nobody will come to your defense if you continue to defend the most vile and evil elements of your society. I for one, can't wait for this paper to go out of business and people like this evil pig and his sister to go to God for judgement. I have enough sins of myself to worry about. To have others thrown in my face and being responsible for crimes that I wasn't responsible for, like slavery, just gives me disdains for these evil bigots and no longer deserving of our humanity. Next time you need protection from the evil elements of society, before you complain how the police aren't coming to your aid just remember this case and understand why you're on your own against these evil monsters. As for the Chronicle, you can go to hades and I hope you rot there.

You can tell what bias a paper has by which groups it targets for its readership. Let's take a look at the Chronicle's bias and why. First, it's really big on catering to illegal immigrants, especially those from Mexico. Well, most illegals are ignorant and illiterate. They can't read a paper and I doubt they would read theirs if they could since they're loyal to Mexico. Thus they're not going to gain any readership from that group. They're pro criminal and anti police as the above stupid article demonstrates. Since most people are law abiding, though we may have difference of opinions of which laws we should pass and what should be legal or not, most of us do obey the law and support those that protect us from our violators. Since our criminal elements are stupid, ignorant and worship the gun, money, and power and not the written word, they're not reading this junk. They're pro terrorist (freedom fighters by their book) and anti-American and anti-military. Most against are patriots, though we may differ on what constitute what's patriotic, we do believe in our country and defending her, so being pro terrorist and anti-American just alienate those of us who are patriotic. Al Queda isn't going to read the American papers, they have their Arabic hate sheets to read over this. Most Americans aren't going to pay with what little money they have left for this dribble. Last, the Chronicle is pro homosexual and anti-family. Since most, normal people are hetero and pro family (except feminazi's), these people aren't going to buy this assault on their values. There just aren't enough deviants from all the spectrum to generate the income and advertisement for this garbage to stay fiscally viable. When you appeal to a gross minority of readership and alienate the general populace and continue to assault their values while perpetrating the perversions of our enemies. Well, SF Chronicle, you can kiss your evil f****** A** good bye. Good bye and good riddance.


Friday, March 20, 2009

GOV is the real threat, not AGI.

Over the last few weeks the outrage over the bonuses for the AIG executives have hit fervor heights. As I've listen to the phony baloney outrage that the congress and the President have over these bonuses, one better take a look at the facts that have lead to this chain of events before their emotions totally take control and people do something rash. Enthusiasm without wisdom is wasted.

First of all, Chris Dobbs had put the bonuses into the stimulus bill to begin with. Now we're suppose to believe Geitner and company didn't know about it. Pleeeeeeeeeease! This bonus was deliberately put into the bill. Then, BO, the man that was going to look over every spending bill line by line and veto all the earmarks and pork, signed it with blind faith. The government knew about it because they put it in there. It was only after they got caught with their dirty hands in the cookie jar did they feign outrage. Now to cover their own butts, they write up an unconstitutional bill to tax all the money back. Talk about the height of abuse of power and arrogance.

First of all, I'm sick and outraged that these men are going to get these grossly overpaid bonuses as much as anyone. With so many of us not being able to get work because of the greed and stupidity of many of them. However, many of these bonuses were earned before this debacle began and are part of the contractual agreement made by the company and the employees. So like it or not, they're entitled to those bonuses. Now because the situation is bitter and unfair, we're going to negate these contracts? What next? We can dissolve any contract we suddenly find inconvenience or no longer to our advantage, even though the other party fulfilled their end in good faith. That's a recipe for chaos. The same kind of chaos that got us in this mess in the first place. As much as it makes me sick, these guy should get their bonuses.

What should outrage us is the way the government is handling this farce. They created it first with the Bush and Obama bailout money. Hey, what do you expect when you hand out money like candy and with no oversight? Did you expect it to be spent wisely and responsibly? If you didn't want these guys to get the bonus there was one and only one way to kept from rewarding failure like this: LET THE BUSINESS FAIL!!!! Hello!!!! That's how the market deals with bad businesses that make bad decision. Now this government has been rewarding failure before they even got into office and now that an exgregious example has presented itself naked for all to see, we now get outraged. AT THE BUSINESS!!! It's our crappy two parties that gave us this disaster and farce and they are the ones ultimately responsible. Had they let the market forces do what they're designed to do, this wouldn't even be a news item.

So now they've used fear tactics to gain support and pass these bad policies and the people are starting to notice. When they get caught, the government does what it always does: cry foul and start to point fingers. This is part the complete incompetence that this administration has about economics and it's only been two months. Now they're pumping a trillion dollars into the economy and everyone was asleep while going ga ga over this. With the spending that BO has done in just two months, we're looking at over a trillion dollars of added debt a year and we're just starting. With this new money being pumped in, it's making me glad I don't have any savings or investment because soon we're going to have one of two things happen and neither are good.

What happens when a government pumps more money in the economy while there's no increase in production of goods and services? If you said inflation you would be correct. But wait, that's assuming there's no growth in the economy with pretty much been the case. It's actually worse because with the increase of unemployment the declining production of our manufacturing base (what's left of it anyways), production is actually down. What this lead to is stagnation. Where inflation that's usually a result of increase production and wages, is now just from printing of money while jobs and goods are becoming scarce. What can happen if this continues, and there's nothing indicating they're going to do anything to increase production, is what is known as hyperinflation. If you want an example, just look at Zimbabwe. The racist president there had all the white people either deported or killed and gave the farmland to the blacks there. The problem was the black people didn't know how to farm and those that did were killed or deported. A year later, there was no food, no new goods or services. They have inflation now that's a 1000 percent a day and rising. They have riots in the markets because a 10 minute wait can mean paying twice as much. The riots at the banks are a hoot because any delay in cashing a check can mean a great loss of purchasing power in a matter of an hour. All this because the country can't produce anything except more paper money that's more worthless by the second. Now food is so scarce, people are raiding zoos and national parks and eating the animals there. Elephants have been the biggest target because they offer the most meat.

We think it can't happen here, but we're copying all the trait that got them there in the first place with the economic policies. Hyperinflation and government corruption is a far greater threat than any bonus by an executive and we're letting it happen right under our noses. Will we wake up in time before we see our savings and wages become dust right before our eyes. Or will we just keep following the crocodile tears of our corrupt government and focus our outrage on trivial matters as how one gets paid?


Saturday, March 14, 2009

True Hypocrisy!

Obama just lifted the ban of federal funding for embyrotic stem cell research. This comes as no surprise considering he favors out and out infanticide. The reasoning behind it is what eats my goat. His claim is we can't let religious beliefs get in the way of good science. Basically, science knows all so we can't let something like morality get in the way of good science. Then later he states that it's the government responsibility to promote the cures for certain ills and eliminate those ailments. Well, if that's not making a moral statement, then what is. This shows the lack of morality of this man. Well, what can I expect from a man that views any of his own potential grandchildren as a punishment.

To state that morals are religious beliefs to get in the way, well, that is making a moral statement right there. It's that those of faith have morals that are immoral to him. They get in the way of science, even if the consequence of such science gets in the way of right and wrong. Very few people question the morals of the development of the A-Bomb except on scientist at the time: Albert Einstein. It was he that made the statement that man's science and learning is developing faster than his moral responsibility to question should it be done. Just because we can do something doesn't necessary mean we should.

To make the statement that science is all good is either immoral or completely nuts. Science is about what is, how things work. It's amoral in its nature. It is what it is. It is man with his intelligence that allows us to conjure up how we will use this information. Building chambers isn't bad in of itself. Building them to herd people to gas them with chlorine gas is. Building a rocket to explore space is a good thing. To build them to deliver a nuclear bombs, not so good. So the fact we can do this research doesn't mean it's right. That's a moral statement that only the truly evil and self centered would make on face value.

Obama's later statement is the one that should worry us all. He talks of the cures that will come because we wasted too much time not pursuing them in the first place. Well, first of all, get the facts right. Bush never banned the research, just the federal funding of such research. Why do we expect the government to fund everything? Used to be companies would research these things on their own dime because developing such technology would give them a marketable advantage in the development of the technology. So why do we have to have our money taken in takes to fund this research? What will become of this. Well, Obama stated cures for ailment that will benefit mankind. This give the moral implication that those with these sickness are not a benefit to man. If one is sick, then they're undesirable. After all, the talk was we can eliminate certain genetic disorders and no longer have society burden of such people. If this doesn't remind me what was in Mien Kaupt, I don't what will. The end of handicapped people. That's the philosophy of the tyrants who wants to rid his country of those he find undesirable. Not to mention, seeking the cure for what he calls the benefit of mankind and it's the government's responsibility, that's making a moral statement that the government need to determine what's best for us, not the individual. I would trend on that road precariously. That's the pathway to tyranny.

So BO states morals is wrong in science in one statement, then it is when the government is involved. One thing I know from history. If you let the government define your morals for you, you may find your own existence being immoral for the state. Then you will learn the true meaning of immorality and evil. One man can never be trusted to be able to determine right and wrong for every individual. Most of the time, they can't even determine it for their own self. When hypocrisy is involved, nobody has ever benefited but the hypocrite.


Friday, March 13, 2009

War's over. The terrorist won!

So, among the list of many items that Obama is overruling by Executive order, that one can make a career going over them, but I'll go over the ones I find most appalling. Today's is he's taking the term enemy combatant out of the lexicon. Basically, he's surrendering to the terrorist and giving them human rights they're not entitled too. What's worse, it's evil and it's going to spread evil across the globe against American interests. Then again, what I know of the man, after all I've read his books, I expected this. If anyone can't see where this man's loyalties are by now, then they're either stupid, blind, or as evil as he is.

First, why this capitulates as a surrender. Well, since he's taking the term out, they can't be prosecuted for what they really are: terrorist. By Obama's standards now, they're freedom fighters of the Islamic cause. As I written before, radical Islam is a real threat, but Americans seem to think until the temperature gets to 2 million degrees, it isn't. This is a determined and patient enemy that takes joy and delight in the murder of western citizens. Just take a look at what's going on in Britain to see that.

For those that are ignorant, the term enemy combatant came from the time of the Geneva Convention. It referred to those that weren't uniformed soldiers fighting for a government in a war for their cause. They referred to those that destroy and terrorize for the goal of murdering civilians for the cause of creating fear and panic. They were basically, terrorist. Even during World War 2, if a person was caught and deemed to doing an destructive act while not in the duty of military action for a government, the offending party had the right to shoot them without trail. FDR did so to Nazi collaborators and spies during the said war. Any POW that did any act of destruction without representing themselves as with a military unit (good luck if you're a POW), then they were deemed as terrorist. So the hatred of Bush using such a term on our terrorist enemy was justified and given by the same powers that is being used to demonize him while praising the current administration.

What does this mean now for the war on terror? Well, if we're not going to be allowed to call them terrorist nor treat and detain them as such, then the war is over because they're going to surrender or play nice because we're too stupid to take the kid gloves off. We're bringing pea shooters to a machine gun fight now. The terrorist can now openly admit and we're going to have to treat them as if they're a civilian criminal. I like to know how our military is going to follow the rule of evidence in the battlefield. It's no possible and it's out the jurisdiction of the civilian court. This mean, these animals, the worse of the worse, are going to be released, since this rule is going to be impossible to get. Not without giving up all our state secrets. The enemy will play their legal game, be given preparental treatment, and eventually released and most likely will sue the US for false imprisonment. What a way to fight a war.

I would like to say this is a surprise, but Obama is a Muslim. Frankly, I'm sure there are some that aren't, but personally, I never met a Muslim that wasn't a terrorist supporter. It's ingrained in their religion, as well as butchery and dishonesty. Obama has now shown who's side he's on in the war on terror and it's not the US or her citizens. Think, we the day comes when the bomb is detonated, be it nuclear, neutron, or just some proper household chemicals in the proper proportions, the government is going to protect THEM, not us. Obama has shown he's for the terrorist and he will give them what they want. Perhaps those talks with Iran isn't about the nuclear program but how to divide up the West to the Islamic world. Who gets what part of Europe and America like the Allies did to Germany, Eastern Europe and Korea after World War 2. Regardless, this is a bad day for all of us. The Islamic enemy is more embolden than ever. They won the war on terror and they know it. Now it's only a matter of time before they're no longer afraid to do any atrocity against America and her interests. Remember folks, they don't care about the 52% that voted for their man. They'll kill you just as much as I or your children as much as mine. May God be with us because this government won't.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Real End of America. Part 2.

I had done a blog about the documentary based on Naomi Wolf's book titled The End of America and how with half truths and distortion of history, she got the real threats to America all wrong. After all, if we're living in 1933 Germany, why did her tripe get released. Same with Michael Bore's Ferihient 911. These fools don't realize is if Bush as the evil monstrosity that they portrayed, they would had been dead.

Now, let's go over what's right about this documentary that should really concern us all. The REAL threats to America. As I stated before, Naomi's historical perception that the terrorist taken off the battlefield trying to murder civilians and our troops alike are being oppressed just like the Jews in Germany during the 193o's. What a horrid perception and complete distortion of history. Taking history and turning the innocent and making the most evil and destructive people as those innocent is nothing short of stupid, crazy, or treasonous. How can any make this mistake is beyond me, unless of course, it's no mistake. It's all a propaganda war against America.

Now to go onto the other real threats. Even the most stupid and evil of people aren't wrong all of the time. Bush with the war on terror was just and right. His invasion of Iraq, however, wasn't. Iraq will go in history as one of the biggest blunders and miscalculations in history. Bush used the mantra that was believed by all in the Western Intelligence that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Well, I never felt that he made his case and history proved me correct. This had lead to never ending spending for 21 million ungrateful, racists Iraqi's that have stabbed us in the back at every opportunity. The biggest blunder, or perhaps plot, was the financial calamity that has befallen us.

In 1930's German, financial crisis paved the road to the radical path that allowed the Nazi's to overtake power and conquered the Political body. Well, what did the financial miscalculations have done. Spiraling debt that has no end and a corrupt financial system that is so rotten to the core that Madloff can steal what's look like over $100 Billion and only have house arrest and how knows if he'll see any real prison time for all the lives he's ruined. Our government involvement in it's complete incompetence or complicity because they were getting their share of the pie showed how much we've fallen economically as a country. Now, with BO, it's giving him every excuse in the book to solidify power for the Democrats and the executive branch that dangerously skewing the balance of power of the 3 branches. This crisis is leading us to socialism. A system that has been a disaster everywhere it's been tried. Bush was by far the biggest fiscal socialist in US history and BO is looking to be Bush on steroids.

The political fallout from the war has lead to the polarization of our society. One doesn't need to be a PhD in History to realize how this played a part in the rise of Hitler and the Nazi's. They polarized the Germans to go after phantom enemies of Germany: Jews, homosexuals, handicap, etc. and cajoled the people to taunt the government to take it's perverted actions. There's a good reason why the people didn't speak out or object to the actions til it was too late: they supported it. They were brainwashed to believe they were the reason why they were suffering. How much of this do we hear from the media that conservatives, Christians, corporations, the rich, etc. are the ones causing the suffering of the people. Bush didn't do much to quell this media sedition. Now with BO in office, he's going to use this mantra to his advantage and so far, he and his party are succeeding. Anyone now questioning him is being blacklisted by our media or being discredited as being unpatriotic or just plain crazy. Isn't this the same criticism that Wolf complained about with Bush? However, with BO, people are actually being silenced. Think about that. At least with Bush, you can make your statement and move on with your life. Now livelihoods are being threaten.

The Nazi's were able to write laws that took away rights from their citizens and allow Hitler to make executive orders with impunity. Obama has issued 17 such orders and only in 50 days. That's more than the top 4 presidents executive orders COMBINED!!! That's only after 50 days and nobody is questioning him about it. Where's the outcry like when Bush did his 4 orders, especially on stem cells and oversea abortions. Obama is writing his own laws and nobody is asking if this is an abuse of power. When Bush was spying on foreign entities here, it was those that can be threats since they're with government hostile to us. Now we got BO wanting to spy on us.

The worse of all this political fall out, the terrorist have basically won the war. Obama wants to negotiate with moderate Talibanian. Even the Taliban is asking what the hell is he talking about. They know they've won this war because he's going to cower and appease them. Same with the Hitler of our time in Iran. Heck, we're inviting Hamas and the Syrians to the party. While we're at it, why not Chavez and lets dig up Sadam while we're at it. What does this tell you about our current leadership when they hop in the sack with these evil men while our allies are left out in the dust? Seems the leadership of today are in love with dictators. Could it be birds of a feather flock together? Yet, not one in the media is asking any questions about this. My biggest one is what the heck are they going to talk about. The weather? Boy it sure is hot here. Iran isn't going to give up their nukes so there's nothing to talk about there except to plead with them to not send them to DC. Pakistan is in complete disarray, mainly because of Bush's don't fight to win policy that allowed the Taliban to regroup, which can lead to war with India and these two have nukes. Russia is embolden and BO seems to be all for it as long as they talk the BS he's been to the American people over Iran. I wonder when I woke up and found myself in Wonderland.

All Obama and the democrats need now is a civilian army, like the Leninist and Maoist had during their revolutions and the Brown Shirts (later to become the SS) and everything will be set to have history to repeat itself. We're already seeing the end of free speech, and they're going after the guns next. With the NSF, our government will have complete and absolute control. This is what the founding fathers tried to prevent. Will the other amendments be next. Why not, you can't just reinterpret them or better yet, say our constitution is unconstitutional because it violates international law (whatever that is). The next 4 years are going to remind me too much of that old Chinese saying: Will there ever be an end to these interesting times?


Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Real End of America.

I rather enjoy watching documentary. I get another person perspective of people and events and keep me on my toes about current or past events. However, there are some that leaves me scratching my head. Then there is the latest one I've watched that not only got me scratching my head, but got me scared and downright angry. Those that don't learn from history is often doomed to repeat it. Perhaps we should start looking at those that distort history and the consequences. This so called documentary had more propaganda and distortion than An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary is The End of America by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern which detail the story behind Namoi Wolf's book of the same title. I find it ironic that the author's name is Wolf because that's what she is. A wolf in sheep's clothing. This film could be one of the most dangerous films I've ever seen. The main reason isn't because of the downright lies in it. It's the truth that's in it with the slight of hand to miss the lesson from history.

To start, I'll go back to the Garden of Eden. For you atheist out there, just think of a story with a moral. In the Garden as Lucifer, shortly to become Satan, was working his act of deception look at the technique he used. He mainly told the truth to Eve. It was only one lie that bought man down. If fact, it was the addition of just ONE word that deceived Eve and the fall of human kind. The deceiver just said that she would not die. Well, the rest is history. So the point? It just take one small distortion to completely deceive and bring about horrendous consequences. This movie, and the book it's based on, has so much facts mixed with deception, that this become a dangerous propaganda machine.

Frankly, I didn't watch the whole movie. After 20 minutes there was so much misinformation it it I couldn't take it anymore. It was a complete insult to my intelligence. To sum it off, she was comparing the Bush Administration to the rise of the Nazi's. Taking events that happened in the 30's and making comparisons to events during this decade. What got her to investigate this horrid rise in power was her junior high daughter telling her that all that was going on during the current events, especially the war on terror, all happened before in Germany. First of all, if you're going to take the word of a 12 year old who most likely is just regurgatating what a leftist teacher taught her, well, there's something to fear, but at least she researched her history. I just wish she hadn't made one of most common mistakes: getting the events, but not the reasons.

The first thing she was preaching was how dictators gain their power over the people. At least here, she got her facts right. By raising fear in the people til it becomes right to persecute other that aren't in the norm. Very good. Her research was on the Nazi's using the economic crisis that was plaguing Germany at the time to scare the people to oppose the Jews. On that front she's right, but it's the reason why. The leaders truly believe that they were undermining Germany from within and destroying the country. Turns out it was a lie, but none the less. So first thing, you make up a crisis and then get the citizens scare to fight against a politician's enemies. This was done to the citizens of Germany that had no records of subversion. The crisis was caused by the aftermath of World War I, not the Jews, as well as other that the Nazi's wanted to be rid of because they felt they were inferior and had no rights to life. The gypsy, handicap, homosexuals, communists, etc.

From this fear the Nazi's got the people to start supporting laws that consolidated the powers to the state. Again correct. However, what did the Patriot Act had to do with consolidating powers. The powers there was for those that had contact with foreigners of interest and though the government was granted powers to search though phone records, library checkouts, email, etc. It was the foreign element that gave that to them. To this day, not one person can tell me how they were affected by this law other than terrorist sympathizers. Germany piece by piece took rights away til the government had complete power. To state Bush had done the same is a contradiction. If so, she wouldn't be on the media telling it. If Bush was the evil man that she made him out to be, she would had been dead long before her book or this movie came out. The first thing dictators do is take complete control of the media. Bush not only didn't do this, but he let them go to far supporting the enemy. Something no country had ever done in human history. The powers are still in check and balances here. The biggest issue was coming from the detaining of enemy combatant and how the President had complete powers of that.

Though, that was true about Bush, keep in mind for him to use that, they have to take from the battlefields that were being fought overseas. Not one US citizen was detained over this (except Padilla who clearly was confessed he was a terrorist before recanting and the media kissing his rear end). Perhaps she should had done some checking of her history. It was FDR that enacted that power during World War II to deal with the Nazi Saboteurs that were destroying out shipyards. When dealing with an enemy that wants your complete destruction, you don't play with kids gloves. You terminate the cancer before it grows. To criticize Bush and make it an argument of the rising of a dictator was just plain wrong since it foreigners on the battlefield that were violating the Geneva Convention. I won't get too much into the Geneva Convention since it wasn't brought up from what I witnessed. The point is that she took oppression of foreign terrorist caught on the battlefield and made a comparison of those that were taken from their homes in Germany and made that a historical analogy. It was complete rubbish. A historical fact mix with a piece of leftist propaganda.

The next point was made that the politician made up a crisis, an enemy that need to be fought and eliminated. Again, got her history of Germany correct. She was referring to the burning down of a theater house that was blamed on Communist sympathizers that usher the sending of the SS to root out those responsible. The real reason was to imprison or kill political enemies and any threat to Hitler's power. The culprits was most like Nazi's on Hitler's order. Now the part that got me outraged. She compared this to a bogus enemy of those that hit the twin towers. A dictator need a phony enemy to make a crisis that will rally the people behind him while he takes absolute control. This makes the comparison that the twin towers weren't hit by Islamic terrorist, but Bush himself to start a phony war. Last I check, there was real terrorist on board, and they really did hit the towers and thousands of people witnessed it. Flight 91 proved beyond any doubt who were behind it, and it wasn't the CIA. To make this analogy is to believe Bush made these attacks and blamed the Islamic terrorist. Oh man, talk about a whopper. If you're going to make that comparison, what are you using for brains? Or do you really believe Islamic terrorism isn't a threat. Well, Islamic terrorism is a real threat, they really murdered our people on 911 and they will continue their jihad against us till we are either dead or converted. To disregard this is completely irresponsible and a major threat to our survival because you're denying we have a real enemy and won't even define them as such much less fight them. These guys will fight you to the bitter death rather you want to fight or not.

The third comparison and the one that made me turn it off was illegal detainment of the innocent. Again, correct with Germany. After the SS was released, they went out and made it out that all the undesirables were behind all of Germany's woes. They went after the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc. These people were citizens and were just honest people trying to make their living. However the Nazi's just plain wanted them out of their society to make way for the master race. The lie and the part completely wrong was the comparison to the US. Having me watch the comparison to the treatment of the terrorists and make them out to be oppressed and abused just made me sick. People who aren't citizens and are killers. They use their own civilians as Shields, bomb the schools, mosques and shopping centers. Indiscriminate murders and suicidal bombers and we're to have compassion and sympathy for them as if they're innocent civilians being oppressed while viewing the US as the evil perpetrator. I couldn't take being insulted by this stupid woman anymore. She doesn't get these people aren't innocent, but I guess when the US fights a morally justified war against forces of evil, liberals always show their true colors.

Take a look at what's going on today. Bush is one my least liked President, but not because of the war on terror, but because he's too socialistic. To this day and most likely my dying days, I don't understand why the socialist left hated him. He's done more for their causes than any socialist president to this day could had hoped to accomplish. Now we have a communist in the white house and look at what's he's doing. Wants to set up the NSF which is Brown Shirts all over again. Nationalizing all the banks, auto industry, insurance institution and we haven't gotten to the medical care yet. Issuing executive orders one after another. Taking out the census. The building up of a totalitarianism government. His phony war is against the productive, capitalism, free countries. Why do you think he cares more about our enemies positions than his own country. It's only been 6 weeks and he's already outspent Bush's 8 years. So take a look at what's going on with "her" President and see if she makes any of the correct analogies. Somehow, I don't expect to read that book or see that movie anytime in my lifetime.


Friday, March 6, 2009

CPAC should be renamed Complete Crap!

The republicans just had a little get together that was CPAC. Basically all they did was the usual political mantra of Republicans good, Democrats bad. Not that I disagree with the latter, the precedence has issues as well. The only other message, other than praising Rush Limburgh, was their strategy for the 2010 election. Basically, it's an exercise in denial and complete delusion that will guarantee the end of the Republican party if they continue on their stupidity and ignorance of reality.

What do I mean. Well, their strategy is that if they repackage the message, the conservatives will come out and put them back into power again. Well, their are two things wrong with this strategy. The best definition of a nation is its borders, language and culture and the conservatives are all for it, and the two parties are against. First, the Republican party is no longer conservative and conservatives are no longer supporting them. After all, they do nothing for our borders. They're just as much for open borders despite the rhetoric to the country. Their actions always bring more of the same because of the interest of the big business that profit from the illegal labor. I should say slave labor which doesn't inspire me to support these clowns. But that's OK, because the democrats are bad because they want the illegal vote. The truth is we're being invaded, conservatives want to stop it and the crap from both sides wants to keep the invasion going. Never mind it will destroy the country and make us the despot of Mexico. Just take a look at Mexifornia to see. They are against language. After all, in the culture wars, they talk the talk then go walk elsewhere when it comes voting time. English has completely no support politically anymore and it's now the language of international trade. Foreign countries keep the teaching of English to only the political and economical elites to maintain their power. If the peasants can participate, it would delude that power. Seems the same is going on here. In the culture wars, they have been MIA. Not since the moral outrage of 911 has any republican display any outrage even though we've assaulted the unborn for their stem cells, assaulted lawful gun owners for the gun crimes done by stolen or black market guns, men are being kept out of college in record numbers over women, have the global warming myth perpetuated, assault on the family by the homosexual mafia, assault on our troops by cowardly and seditious dregs of our society, have social spending to absurd levels, the undermining of law enforcement, the worshipping of criminals in our media, the taking of money by the gun of government to give to the unproductive, the rewarding of illegal immigration and the pugnacity of the legal, etc.. Where were the conservatives? Speaking out against these injustices. Where were the republicans, taking their special interest money and acting I would say as the RINO's they are, but just plain acting like the whores that they are. Taking the money and selling themselves out to the highest bidder which isn't the conservative voters. To over look this problem is not only a downright joke, but an insult of conservatives that see all this and given the finger.

The other, and far more dangerous oversight is the transformation this country has gone through the last 30 years. The republicans still think the majority of voters are conservative and if they can just repackage the message and get everyone to listen, they will see the errors in their ways and vote them back to office again. I see this all the time on conservative blogs and sadly, these people are basing this optimism on a false premise. The lack of fighting on the culture wars and the prostitution of the political body has transformed the country. This is no longer a working society that based on moral and working principals that ushered in the Reagan era that the republicans claim that they want to bring out the vote. Well, first of all, even if we were to believe this BS, it wouldn't work. With 30 years of the left controlling the media and the education establishment, and half of the government, the country has completely changed. People no longer believe in being productive, working members. We are now an entitlement society that based on the premise that it takes a village to raise a child, so the village should pay for it. That not only is for child rearing, but for every member of society. Most people don't inspire to be someone that makes a great discovery or invention. No longer to people inspire to benefit others or find joy in the fruit of labor. Now it's all give me. Most people now are brainwashed to think they can have it all without having to work at all. If they don't, it's because someone got in the way or unjustly took it away. Just look at the ruling from our courts the last 30 years. Why do you think so many of our jobs have been outsourced? It's not the wages. We have illegals to do the cheap labor. It's the work ethic of the American worker. If you think I'm crazy ask this question, "Do you think the idiot that can't keep his pants on his waist is going to be productive enough to pay for your Social Security?" If you can honestly answer yes to that, and most Americans do, then you're dumber than they are. The fact that the republicans think they can get them to vote for them if they just repackaged the message is even dumber.

This thinking that's now infesting the Republican Party is dangerous at this point in time. Most people are now socialist by the brainwashing from our media and education system and republicans can put their message in all the nice pretty packaging they can muster. The gift will still be rejected because those ideas are being rejected. They are being taught as what is wrong with the country and that this country is evil and those ideas must be destroyed. Obama's election is proof of that since most people want the socialism that's he's ushering. They will, as these dopes at the CPAC, that system is doom to fail, but it will be long after the republicans are finished as a party and we're an one party socialist country. This thinking must be purged now and kicked in the rear, or for every true blooded American conservative out there, our worse nightmare will materialize.