Friday, March 6, 2009

CPAC should be renamed Complete Crap!

The republicans just had a little get together that was CPAC. Basically all they did was the usual political mantra of Republicans good, Democrats bad. Not that I disagree with the latter, the precedence has issues as well. The only other message, other than praising Rush Limburgh, was their strategy for the 2010 election. Basically, it's an exercise in denial and complete delusion that will guarantee the end of the Republican party if they continue on their stupidity and ignorance of reality.

What do I mean. Well, their strategy is that if they repackage the message, the conservatives will come out and put them back into power again. Well, their are two things wrong with this strategy. The best definition of a nation is its borders, language and culture and the conservatives are all for it, and the two parties are against. First, the Republican party is no longer conservative and conservatives are no longer supporting them. After all, they do nothing for our borders. They're just as much for open borders despite the rhetoric to the country. Their actions always bring more of the same because of the interest of the big business that profit from the illegal labor. I should say slave labor which doesn't inspire me to support these clowns. But that's OK, because the democrats are bad because they want the illegal vote. The truth is we're being invaded, conservatives want to stop it and the crap from both sides wants to keep the invasion going. Never mind it will destroy the country and make us the despot of Mexico. Just take a look at Mexifornia to see. They are against language. After all, in the culture wars, they talk the talk then go walk elsewhere when it comes voting time. English has completely no support politically anymore and it's now the language of international trade. Foreign countries keep the teaching of English to only the political and economical elites to maintain their power. If the peasants can participate, it would delude that power. Seems the same is going on here. In the culture wars, they have been MIA. Not since the moral outrage of 911 has any republican display any outrage even though we've assaulted the unborn for their stem cells, assaulted lawful gun owners for the gun crimes done by stolen or black market guns, men are being kept out of college in record numbers over women, have the global warming myth perpetuated, assault on the family by the homosexual mafia, assault on our troops by cowardly and seditious dregs of our society, have social spending to absurd levels, the undermining of law enforcement, the worshipping of criminals in our media, the taking of money by the gun of government to give to the unproductive, the rewarding of illegal immigration and the pugnacity of the legal, etc.. Where were the conservatives? Speaking out against these injustices. Where were the republicans, taking their special interest money and acting I would say as the RINO's they are, but just plain acting like the whores that they are. Taking the money and selling themselves out to the highest bidder which isn't the conservative voters. To over look this problem is not only a downright joke, but an insult of conservatives that see all this and given the finger.

The other, and far more dangerous oversight is the transformation this country has gone through the last 30 years. The republicans still think the majority of voters are conservative and if they can just repackage the message and get everyone to listen, they will see the errors in their ways and vote them back to office again. I see this all the time on conservative blogs and sadly, these people are basing this optimism on a false premise. The lack of fighting on the culture wars and the prostitution of the political body has transformed the country. This is no longer a working society that based on moral and working principals that ushered in the Reagan era that the republicans claim that they want to bring out the vote. Well, first of all, even if we were to believe this BS, it wouldn't work. With 30 years of the left controlling the media and the education establishment, and half of the government, the country has completely changed. People no longer believe in being productive, working members. We are now an entitlement society that based on the premise that it takes a village to raise a child, so the village should pay for it. That not only is for child rearing, but for every member of society. Most people don't inspire to be someone that makes a great discovery or invention. No longer to people inspire to benefit others or find joy in the fruit of labor. Now it's all give me. Most people now are brainwashed to think they can have it all without having to work at all. If they don't, it's because someone got in the way or unjustly took it away. Just look at the ruling from our courts the last 30 years. Why do you think so many of our jobs have been outsourced? It's not the wages. We have illegals to do the cheap labor. It's the work ethic of the American worker. If you think I'm crazy ask this question, "Do you think the idiot that can't keep his pants on his waist is going to be productive enough to pay for your Social Security?" If you can honestly answer yes to that, and most Americans do, then you're dumber than they are. The fact that the republicans think they can get them to vote for them if they just repackaged the message is even dumber.

This thinking that's now infesting the Republican Party is dangerous at this point in time. Most people are now socialist by the brainwashing from our media and education system and republicans can put their message in all the nice pretty packaging they can muster. The gift will still be rejected because those ideas are being rejected. They are being taught as what is wrong with the country and that this country is evil and those ideas must be destroyed. Obama's election is proof of that since most people want the socialism that's he's ushering. They will, as these dopes at the CPAC, that system is doom to fail, but it will be long after the republicans are finished as a party and we're an one party socialist country. This thinking must be purged now and kicked in the rear, or for every true blooded American conservative out there, our worse nightmare will materialize.


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