Monday, March 30, 2009

Oakland: A city of evil?

Seems the shootings that killed four officers is really bringing out the worse in people and exposing how this great empire of America is truly dying. As I stated before with my opinion of the San Fransicko Chronicle as to why they're a dying newspaper after defending that evil piece of puke that murdered the officer and his stupid evil family. Well, seems evil and stupidity have more than affected the brains of the San Fransicko newspapers. It seems to have hit the entire bay area as well. What brings this out? First, there was a protest near at least one police station that I know of protesting how the police murdered the turd that killed their own. Seems the family is going after blood in the media against the Oakland Police department. Given how blood thirsty and greedy the sister is, it comes as no surprise that this stupid evil family are going after the police as well. As their beloved leader BO would say, "You can't let the facts get in the way of a good crisis."

This "family" and some group which sounded what it is, made up, is calling this turd a hero and a soldier in the war against a violent government that's determined to murder the entire black race. Pardon me, but if the government wanted to do that, they could just get the black community to do it to itself since they're doing a great job of doing that themselves. They're making their usual cries of he was being harassed by a policy, and I'm not making his up, driver while black. They're crying racism is why he was pulled over and he had every right to murder those evil police officers. Well, you can't let the facts get in the way of race baiting either. The police officers knew this garbage was dangerous and had an arrest warrant for this human debris because he kidnapped and raped a 12 year old girl. It seems that kidnapping and raping 12 year old isn't immoral to these worthless animals unless done by a white or a Jew it seems. I hear them praise this man as a hero and victim just makes me sick. Why the sister that gave him the AK47 that killed the other two officers isn't under arrest and facing capital murder charges is beyond me, but hey, women have it so easy in our court. She's not going to face charges and will most likely win money in a lawsuit and we wonder why we have anarchy in our country.

What added salt to the wound was those that showed up to the funeral. Boxer (who wasn't invited but thought she was too important not to invite herself), Fienstein, Newsome who lets illegal gangs run loose and murder commuters. A list of liberal dopes that defended and supported these monsters and have the gall to show up to a funeral of officer that died because of their lenient policies. I can only imagine the double whammy for the family and I'm sure those in power made their stand known. Boxer took the cake when she said that we need to follow the path of MLK and not let violence beget violence. Hey, bit**! THAT'S WHY THEY'RE DEAD!!! They're not allow to have their weapons ready when apprehending a known violent and armed thug. Thanks to the likes like those above with aid of Cop Watch and the ACLU, those officers were doomed. The turd took a handgun and shot the first one in the neck, then went after the second and shot him in the back of neck. Got to Praise those that shoot someone in the back. Then he shot them both in the head when he went back to his car. Neither officer had time to draw their weapons. Then he hides in the dark like the cockroach he is and armed with an AK47 that his sister gave him, shoots through the door and kills two others. I wonder if he knew his sister was removed from the room? I doubt he would had cared.

Liberal and bleeding heart policies are leading to our demise. I wonder what will happen when organized terrorist hit because watching this, if I was Al Queda, I be laughing my butt off and readying the terrorists. They would be able to plunge us into total chaos before the authorities could respond and lets face it. When it's over, the government will PROTECT THEM, not us. These "leaders" presences were a total insult to those that protect us. Several were asked not to speak (only Boxer defied them to no surprise to this writer). Here's a man that was terrorizing and harming his community. When officers tried to protect them by arresting this sewer, they praise he that was hurting them because their hatred, bigotry and racism is so out of control, they rather see white men die than their own protect.

I was born in Oakland, but now am ashamed I started my life there. Now, I would never set foot in the city because now, it's just too dangerous. Oakland has bought the 3rd world and their stupidity, ignorance, destructive prejudices and hatred to Oakland. I'm sure cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington DC and let's not forget the wonderful people of New Orleans are rejoicing in Oakland joining to their level. How much more of this stupid moral relevance are we going to take. How far we've fallen as a people when a murdering child rapist is put to the same level, if not higher, than four police officers that tried to protect us all and allow the criminal supporters to praise him. People of Oakland, you not only should be ashamed. You all should be disgusted!


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