Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Real End of America. Part 2.

I had done a blog about the documentary based on Naomi Wolf's book titled The End of America and how with half truths and distortion of history, she got the real threats to America all wrong. After all, if we're living in 1933 Germany, why did her tripe get released. Same with Michael Bore's Ferihient 911. These fools don't realize is if Bush as the evil monstrosity that they portrayed, they would had been dead.

Now, let's go over what's right about this documentary that should really concern us all. The REAL threats to America. As I stated before, Naomi's historical perception that the terrorist taken off the battlefield trying to murder civilians and our troops alike are being oppressed just like the Jews in Germany during the 193o's. What a horrid perception and complete distortion of history. Taking history and turning the innocent and making the most evil and destructive people as those innocent is nothing short of stupid, crazy, or treasonous. How can any make this mistake is beyond me, unless of course, it's no mistake. It's all a propaganda war against America.

Now to go onto the other real threats. Even the most stupid and evil of people aren't wrong all of the time. Bush with the war on terror was just and right. His invasion of Iraq, however, wasn't. Iraq will go in history as one of the biggest blunders and miscalculations in history. Bush used the mantra that was believed by all in the Western Intelligence that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Well, I never felt that he made his case and history proved me correct. This had lead to never ending spending for 21 million ungrateful, racists Iraqi's that have stabbed us in the back at every opportunity. The biggest blunder, or perhaps plot, was the financial calamity that has befallen us.

In 1930's German, financial crisis paved the road to the radical path that allowed the Nazi's to overtake power and conquered the Political body. Well, what did the financial miscalculations have done. Spiraling debt that has no end and a corrupt financial system that is so rotten to the core that Madloff can steal what's look like over $100 Billion and only have house arrest and how knows if he'll see any real prison time for all the lives he's ruined. Our government involvement in it's complete incompetence or complicity because they were getting their share of the pie showed how much we've fallen economically as a country. Now, with BO, it's giving him every excuse in the book to solidify power for the Democrats and the executive branch that dangerously skewing the balance of power of the 3 branches. This crisis is leading us to socialism. A system that has been a disaster everywhere it's been tried. Bush was by far the biggest fiscal socialist in US history and BO is looking to be Bush on steroids.

The political fallout from the war has lead to the polarization of our society. One doesn't need to be a PhD in History to realize how this played a part in the rise of Hitler and the Nazi's. They polarized the Germans to go after phantom enemies of Germany: Jews, homosexuals, handicap, etc. and cajoled the people to taunt the government to take it's perverted actions. There's a good reason why the people didn't speak out or object to the actions til it was too late: they supported it. They were brainwashed to believe they were the reason why they were suffering. How much of this do we hear from the media that conservatives, Christians, corporations, the rich, etc. are the ones causing the suffering of the people. Bush didn't do much to quell this media sedition. Now with BO in office, he's going to use this mantra to his advantage and so far, he and his party are succeeding. Anyone now questioning him is being blacklisted by our media or being discredited as being unpatriotic or just plain crazy. Isn't this the same criticism that Wolf complained about with Bush? However, with BO, people are actually being silenced. Think about that. At least with Bush, you can make your statement and move on with your life. Now livelihoods are being threaten.

The Nazi's were able to write laws that took away rights from their citizens and allow Hitler to make executive orders with impunity. Obama has issued 17 such orders and only in 50 days. That's more than the top 4 presidents executive orders COMBINED!!! That's only after 50 days and nobody is questioning him about it. Where's the outcry like when Bush did his 4 orders, especially on stem cells and oversea abortions. Obama is writing his own laws and nobody is asking if this is an abuse of power. When Bush was spying on foreign entities here, it was those that can be threats since they're with government hostile to us. Now we got BO wanting to spy on us.

The worse of all this political fall out, the terrorist have basically won the war. Obama wants to negotiate with moderate Talibanian. Even the Taliban is asking what the hell is he talking about. They know they've won this war because he's going to cower and appease them. Same with the Hitler of our time in Iran. Heck, we're inviting Hamas and the Syrians to the party. While we're at it, why not Chavez and lets dig up Sadam while we're at it. What does this tell you about our current leadership when they hop in the sack with these evil men while our allies are left out in the dust? Seems the leadership of today are in love with dictators. Could it be birds of a feather flock together? Yet, not one in the media is asking any questions about this. My biggest one is what the heck are they going to talk about. The weather? Boy it sure is hot here. Iran isn't going to give up their nukes so there's nothing to talk about there except to plead with them to not send them to DC. Pakistan is in complete disarray, mainly because of Bush's don't fight to win policy that allowed the Taliban to regroup, which can lead to war with India and these two have nukes. Russia is embolden and BO seems to be all for it as long as they talk the BS he's been to the American people over Iran. I wonder when I woke up and found myself in Wonderland.

All Obama and the democrats need now is a civilian army, like the Leninist and Maoist had during their revolutions and the Brown Shirts (later to become the SS) and everything will be set to have history to repeat itself. We're already seeing the end of free speech, and they're going after the guns next. With the NSF, our government will have complete and absolute control. This is what the founding fathers tried to prevent. Will the other amendments be next. Why not, you can't just reinterpret them or better yet, say our constitution is unconstitutional because it violates international law (whatever that is). The next 4 years are going to remind me too much of that old Chinese saying: Will there ever be an end to these interesting times?


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