Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Real End of America.

I rather enjoy watching documentary. I get another person perspective of people and events and keep me on my toes about current or past events. However, there are some that leaves me scratching my head. Then there is the latest one I've watched that not only got me scratching my head, but got me scared and downright angry. Those that don't learn from history is often doomed to repeat it. Perhaps we should start looking at those that distort history and the consequences. This so called documentary had more propaganda and distortion than An Inconvenient Truth. The documentary is The End of America by Annie Sundberg and Ricki Stern which detail the story behind Namoi Wolf's book of the same title. I find it ironic that the author's name is Wolf because that's what she is. A wolf in sheep's clothing. This film could be one of the most dangerous films I've ever seen. The main reason isn't because of the downright lies in it. It's the truth that's in it with the slight of hand to miss the lesson from history.

To start, I'll go back to the Garden of Eden. For you atheist out there, just think of a story with a moral. In the Garden as Lucifer, shortly to become Satan, was working his act of deception look at the technique he used. He mainly told the truth to Eve. It was only one lie that bought man down. If fact, it was the addition of just ONE word that deceived Eve and the fall of human kind. The deceiver just said that she would not die. Well, the rest is history. So the point? It just take one small distortion to completely deceive and bring about horrendous consequences. This movie, and the book it's based on, has so much facts mixed with deception, that this become a dangerous propaganda machine.

Frankly, I didn't watch the whole movie. After 20 minutes there was so much misinformation it it I couldn't take it anymore. It was a complete insult to my intelligence. To sum it off, she was comparing the Bush Administration to the rise of the Nazi's. Taking events that happened in the 30's and making comparisons to events during this decade. What got her to investigate this horrid rise in power was her junior high daughter telling her that all that was going on during the current events, especially the war on terror, all happened before in Germany. First of all, if you're going to take the word of a 12 year old who most likely is just regurgatating what a leftist teacher taught her, well, there's something to fear, but at least she researched her history. I just wish she hadn't made one of most common mistakes: getting the events, but not the reasons.

The first thing she was preaching was how dictators gain their power over the people. At least here, she got her facts right. By raising fear in the people til it becomes right to persecute other that aren't in the norm. Very good. Her research was on the Nazi's using the economic crisis that was plaguing Germany at the time to scare the people to oppose the Jews. On that front she's right, but it's the reason why. The leaders truly believe that they were undermining Germany from within and destroying the country. Turns out it was a lie, but none the less. So first thing, you make up a crisis and then get the citizens scare to fight against a politician's enemies. This was done to the citizens of Germany that had no records of subversion. The crisis was caused by the aftermath of World War I, not the Jews, as well as other that the Nazi's wanted to be rid of because they felt they were inferior and had no rights to life. The gypsy, handicap, homosexuals, communists, etc.

From this fear the Nazi's got the people to start supporting laws that consolidated the powers to the state. Again correct. However, what did the Patriot Act had to do with consolidating powers. The powers there was for those that had contact with foreigners of interest and though the government was granted powers to search though phone records, library checkouts, email, etc. It was the foreign element that gave that to them. To this day, not one person can tell me how they were affected by this law other than terrorist sympathizers. Germany piece by piece took rights away til the government had complete power. To state Bush had done the same is a contradiction. If so, she wouldn't be on the media telling it. If Bush was the evil man that she made him out to be, she would had been dead long before her book or this movie came out. The first thing dictators do is take complete control of the media. Bush not only didn't do this, but he let them go to far supporting the enemy. Something no country had ever done in human history. The powers are still in check and balances here. The biggest issue was coming from the detaining of enemy combatant and how the President had complete powers of that.

Though, that was true about Bush, keep in mind for him to use that, they have to take from the battlefields that were being fought overseas. Not one US citizen was detained over this (except Padilla who clearly was confessed he was a terrorist before recanting and the media kissing his rear end). Perhaps she should had done some checking of her history. It was FDR that enacted that power during World War II to deal with the Nazi Saboteurs that were destroying out shipyards. When dealing with an enemy that wants your complete destruction, you don't play with kids gloves. You terminate the cancer before it grows. To criticize Bush and make it an argument of the rising of a dictator was just plain wrong since it foreigners on the battlefield that were violating the Geneva Convention. I won't get too much into the Geneva Convention since it wasn't brought up from what I witnessed. The point is that she took oppression of foreign terrorist caught on the battlefield and made a comparison of those that were taken from their homes in Germany and made that a historical analogy. It was complete rubbish. A historical fact mix with a piece of leftist propaganda.

The next point was made that the politician made up a crisis, an enemy that need to be fought and eliminated. Again, got her history of Germany correct. She was referring to the burning down of a theater house that was blamed on Communist sympathizers that usher the sending of the SS to root out those responsible. The real reason was to imprison or kill political enemies and any threat to Hitler's power. The culprits was most like Nazi's on Hitler's order. Now the part that got me outraged. She compared this to a bogus enemy of those that hit the twin towers. A dictator need a phony enemy to make a crisis that will rally the people behind him while he takes absolute control. This makes the comparison that the twin towers weren't hit by Islamic terrorist, but Bush himself to start a phony war. Last I check, there was real terrorist on board, and they really did hit the towers and thousands of people witnessed it. Flight 91 proved beyond any doubt who were behind it, and it wasn't the CIA. To make this analogy is to believe Bush made these attacks and blamed the Islamic terrorist. Oh man, talk about a whopper. If you're going to make that comparison, what are you using for brains? Or do you really believe Islamic terrorism isn't a threat. Well, Islamic terrorism is a real threat, they really murdered our people on 911 and they will continue their jihad against us till we are either dead or converted. To disregard this is completely irresponsible and a major threat to our survival because you're denying we have a real enemy and won't even define them as such much less fight them. These guys will fight you to the bitter death rather you want to fight or not.

The third comparison and the one that made me turn it off was illegal detainment of the innocent. Again, correct with Germany. After the SS was released, they went out and made it out that all the undesirables were behind all of Germany's woes. They went after the Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, etc. These people were citizens and were just honest people trying to make their living. However the Nazi's just plain wanted them out of their society to make way for the master race. The lie and the part completely wrong was the comparison to the US. Having me watch the comparison to the treatment of the terrorists and make them out to be oppressed and abused just made me sick. People who aren't citizens and are killers. They use their own civilians as Shields, bomb the schools, mosques and shopping centers. Indiscriminate murders and suicidal bombers and we're to have compassion and sympathy for them as if they're innocent civilians being oppressed while viewing the US as the evil perpetrator. I couldn't take being insulted by this stupid woman anymore. She doesn't get these people aren't innocent, but I guess when the US fights a morally justified war against forces of evil, liberals always show their true colors.

Take a look at what's going on today. Bush is one my least liked President, but not because of the war on terror, but because he's too socialistic. To this day and most likely my dying days, I don't understand why the socialist left hated him. He's done more for their causes than any socialist president to this day could had hoped to accomplish. Now we have a communist in the white house and look at what's he's doing. Wants to set up the NSF which is Brown Shirts all over again. Nationalizing all the banks, auto industry, insurance institution and we haven't gotten to the medical care yet. Issuing executive orders one after another. Taking out the census. The building up of a totalitarianism government. His phony war is against the productive, capitalism, free countries. Why do you think he cares more about our enemies positions than his own country. It's only been 6 weeks and he's already outspent Bush's 8 years. So take a look at what's going on with "her" President and see if she makes any of the correct analogies. Somehow, I don't expect to read that book or see that movie anytime in my lifetime.


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