Monday, March 23, 2009

SF Chronicle, kiss your F***** A** goodbye!

I was going to go over the loss of humanity because of our technology, but that will have to wait. The shooting in Oakland and the response by the SF Chronicle deserve a response. The headline of this dumb excuse trash of a newspaper was "Gunman who shot police feared jail". I've had read some outrageous headlines but this one just plain disgusts me. Headlines like this shows the hatred and evil these newspapers support and why they're going out of business and I say good bye and I hope these who run these papers end up in the street and have a special place in hell waiting for them when they finally, and justifiably, starve to death.

This evil paper had the audacity to blame the police for the shootings when they didn't fire a shot til the cowardly animal hided in a closet and not only refused to come out with his hand in the air, but shot two of the four men he murdered through the closet and was gunned down in the firefight. He was tracked down to his sister house where he hid like the pussy cat that he is after he shot down two police officers that pulled him over for a routine traffic violation. He took an assault rifle (hey, aren't those illegal here? I guess not if human fetal matter are using them) and shot the officers in the head. They never were able to reach for their gun and then he ran home to his sister house where his final stand was made. For this stupid newspaper to blame the police is the epitome of evil and stupidity. He fired, he murdered and he was responsible for this atrocity. If these "people" don't get it, then the people of San Fransisco need to start asking why they are supporting this garbage.

I wish this was the gist of this incident, but it didn't end there. The paper even interviewed one of the widows. I just wish it was one of the officer's widows, but it was the murderer's who was callous enough to go on a rampage against the police and if they just left him alone everything would be fine. Problem is when criminals are on their rampage, they hurt the entire community. This man was back doing his violent crimes in Oakland who, by the way, was all black on black. To go on the tirade about white racism was the cause and the non-black officers got what they deserve for their racism against the gunman, remember, he was victimizing his fellow African Americans. But, hey, keep up the victimization's mentality. When the white, Asian, and Hispanics stop protecting them, then they'll cry racism because they're constantly under assault by their punks.

Sadly, the sister that got him the assault rifle, which is a Class B felony here, is not only not going to be prosecuted, but she's threatening to sue the police for manhandling her and using excessive force in the death of her brother. To have the paper supporting this evil, but to punish the city for it as well let another violent criminal get away with her culpability in the crime as well. Welcome to anarchy and get ready for the misery to come because nobody will come to your defense if you continue to defend the most vile and evil elements of your society. I for one, can't wait for this paper to go out of business and people like this evil pig and his sister to go to God for judgement. I have enough sins of myself to worry about. To have others thrown in my face and being responsible for crimes that I wasn't responsible for, like slavery, just gives me disdains for these evil bigots and no longer deserving of our humanity. Next time you need protection from the evil elements of society, before you complain how the police aren't coming to your aid just remember this case and understand why you're on your own against these evil monsters. As for the Chronicle, you can go to hades and I hope you rot there.

You can tell what bias a paper has by which groups it targets for its readership. Let's take a look at the Chronicle's bias and why. First, it's really big on catering to illegal immigrants, especially those from Mexico. Well, most illegals are ignorant and illiterate. They can't read a paper and I doubt they would read theirs if they could since they're loyal to Mexico. Thus they're not going to gain any readership from that group. They're pro criminal and anti police as the above stupid article demonstrates. Since most people are law abiding, though we may have difference of opinions of which laws we should pass and what should be legal or not, most of us do obey the law and support those that protect us from our violators. Since our criminal elements are stupid, ignorant and worship the gun, money, and power and not the written word, they're not reading this junk. They're pro terrorist (freedom fighters by their book) and anti-American and anti-military. Most against are patriots, though we may differ on what constitute what's patriotic, we do believe in our country and defending her, so being pro terrorist and anti-American just alienate those of us who are patriotic. Al Queda isn't going to read the American papers, they have their Arabic hate sheets to read over this. Most Americans aren't going to pay with what little money they have left for this dribble. Last, the Chronicle is pro homosexual and anti-family. Since most, normal people are hetero and pro family (except feminazi's), these people aren't going to buy this assault on their values. There just aren't enough deviants from all the spectrum to generate the income and advertisement for this garbage to stay fiscally viable. When you appeal to a gross minority of readership and alienate the general populace and continue to assault their values while perpetrating the perversions of our enemies. Well, SF Chronicle, you can kiss your evil f****** A** good bye. Good bye and good riddance.


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