Saturday, March 14, 2009

True Hypocrisy!

Obama just lifted the ban of federal funding for embyrotic stem cell research. This comes as no surprise considering he favors out and out infanticide. The reasoning behind it is what eats my goat. His claim is we can't let religious beliefs get in the way of good science. Basically, science knows all so we can't let something like morality get in the way of good science. Then later he states that it's the government responsibility to promote the cures for certain ills and eliminate those ailments. Well, if that's not making a moral statement, then what is. This shows the lack of morality of this man. Well, what can I expect from a man that views any of his own potential grandchildren as a punishment.

To state that morals are religious beliefs to get in the way, well, that is making a moral statement right there. It's that those of faith have morals that are immoral to him. They get in the way of science, even if the consequence of such science gets in the way of right and wrong. Very few people question the morals of the development of the A-Bomb except on scientist at the time: Albert Einstein. It was he that made the statement that man's science and learning is developing faster than his moral responsibility to question should it be done. Just because we can do something doesn't necessary mean we should.

To make the statement that science is all good is either immoral or completely nuts. Science is about what is, how things work. It's amoral in its nature. It is what it is. It is man with his intelligence that allows us to conjure up how we will use this information. Building chambers isn't bad in of itself. Building them to herd people to gas them with chlorine gas is. Building a rocket to explore space is a good thing. To build them to deliver a nuclear bombs, not so good. So the fact we can do this research doesn't mean it's right. That's a moral statement that only the truly evil and self centered would make on face value.

Obama's later statement is the one that should worry us all. He talks of the cures that will come because we wasted too much time not pursuing them in the first place. Well, first of all, get the facts right. Bush never banned the research, just the federal funding of such research. Why do we expect the government to fund everything? Used to be companies would research these things on their own dime because developing such technology would give them a marketable advantage in the development of the technology. So why do we have to have our money taken in takes to fund this research? What will become of this. Well, Obama stated cures for ailment that will benefit mankind. This give the moral implication that those with these sickness are not a benefit to man. If one is sick, then they're undesirable. After all, the talk was we can eliminate certain genetic disorders and no longer have society burden of such people. If this doesn't remind me what was in Mien Kaupt, I don't what will. The end of handicapped people. That's the philosophy of the tyrants who wants to rid his country of those he find undesirable. Not to mention, seeking the cure for what he calls the benefit of mankind and it's the government's responsibility, that's making a moral statement that the government need to determine what's best for us, not the individual. I would trend on that road precariously. That's the pathway to tyranny.

So BO states morals is wrong in science in one statement, then it is when the government is involved. One thing I know from history. If you let the government define your morals for you, you may find your own existence being immoral for the state. Then you will learn the true meaning of immorality and evil. One man can never be trusted to be able to determine right and wrong for every individual. Most of the time, they can't even determine it for their own self. When hypocrisy is involved, nobody has ever benefited but the hypocrite.


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