Friday, March 13, 2009

War's over. The terrorist won!

So, among the list of many items that Obama is overruling by Executive order, that one can make a career going over them, but I'll go over the ones I find most appalling. Today's is he's taking the term enemy combatant out of the lexicon. Basically, he's surrendering to the terrorist and giving them human rights they're not entitled too. What's worse, it's evil and it's going to spread evil across the globe against American interests. Then again, what I know of the man, after all I've read his books, I expected this. If anyone can't see where this man's loyalties are by now, then they're either stupid, blind, or as evil as he is.

First, why this capitulates as a surrender. Well, since he's taking the term out, they can't be prosecuted for what they really are: terrorist. By Obama's standards now, they're freedom fighters of the Islamic cause. As I written before, radical Islam is a real threat, but Americans seem to think until the temperature gets to 2 million degrees, it isn't. This is a determined and patient enemy that takes joy and delight in the murder of western citizens. Just take a look at what's going on in Britain to see that.

For those that are ignorant, the term enemy combatant came from the time of the Geneva Convention. It referred to those that weren't uniformed soldiers fighting for a government in a war for their cause. They referred to those that destroy and terrorize for the goal of murdering civilians for the cause of creating fear and panic. They were basically, terrorist. Even during World War 2, if a person was caught and deemed to doing an destructive act while not in the duty of military action for a government, the offending party had the right to shoot them without trail. FDR did so to Nazi collaborators and spies during the said war. Any POW that did any act of destruction without representing themselves as with a military unit (good luck if you're a POW), then they were deemed as terrorist. So the hatred of Bush using such a term on our terrorist enemy was justified and given by the same powers that is being used to demonize him while praising the current administration.

What does this mean now for the war on terror? Well, if we're not going to be allowed to call them terrorist nor treat and detain them as such, then the war is over because they're going to surrender or play nice because we're too stupid to take the kid gloves off. We're bringing pea shooters to a machine gun fight now. The terrorist can now openly admit and we're going to have to treat them as if they're a civilian criminal. I like to know how our military is going to follow the rule of evidence in the battlefield. It's no possible and it's out the jurisdiction of the civilian court. This mean, these animals, the worse of the worse, are going to be released, since this rule is going to be impossible to get. Not without giving up all our state secrets. The enemy will play their legal game, be given preparental treatment, and eventually released and most likely will sue the US for false imprisonment. What a way to fight a war.

I would like to say this is a surprise, but Obama is a Muslim. Frankly, I'm sure there are some that aren't, but personally, I never met a Muslim that wasn't a terrorist supporter. It's ingrained in their religion, as well as butchery and dishonesty. Obama has now shown who's side he's on in the war on terror and it's not the US or her citizens. Think, we the day comes when the bomb is detonated, be it nuclear, neutron, or just some proper household chemicals in the proper proportions, the government is going to protect THEM, not us. Obama has shown he's for the terrorist and he will give them what they want. Perhaps those talks with Iran isn't about the nuclear program but how to divide up the West to the Islamic world. Who gets what part of Europe and America like the Allies did to Germany, Eastern Europe and Korea after World War 2. Regardless, this is a bad day for all of us. The Islamic enemy is more embolden than ever. They won the war on terror and they know it. Now it's only a matter of time before they're no longer afraid to do any atrocity against America and her interests. Remember folks, they don't care about the 52% that voted for their man. They'll kill you just as much as I or your children as much as mine. May God be with us because this government won't.

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