Monday, March 30, 2009

Welfare for Terrorists. Oh what a country.

As BO prepares to release the the people of Gitmo, one problems is rearing its ugly head and BO showing is true loyalty has come up with the solution. Seems there are about 200 people in Gitmo that are so bad and horrible that their own countries don't want them back. I know those on the left think every single person there is innocent. That's why criminals and the ACLU love them. However, most in Gitmo are there because they belong there. They are the worse of the worse and given that a few aren't, there's 200 who's home countries, that includes the most radical, insane Muslim country of them all: Saudi Arabia. Though the Saudis are willing to take a great deal of them for "rehabilitation", they won't take half of them. If a radical state that gave birth to the wahhbism that feeds these terrorist's hatred don't want them, how bad are they? Why else won't they take them. Worse yet, what are we going to do with them since the anointed one not only pardon them for their sins, but they're unwanted at home.

Well, just when I thought BO couldn't offend and disgust me worse, he out does himself. He's going to release them here in the United States. I wish this move surprised me, but it doesn't. Conservatives were warning people though out the campaign that this man is a Muslim and this shows his loyalties to the Muslim faith. Before we get into "not all Muslim are terrorists" nonsense, just answer one question. Have you ever met a Muslim that didn't defend the terrorists? If so, please have them write to me, because I can't. I've never met one that didn't defend them, or would speak out against them. Go to a mosque. Find one mosque that will condemn these monsters for their atrocities. I wish you luck. Now we're going to release these people, many hard core, evil maniacs here into the US.

It's bad enough to be in bed with the enemy and release him, but to your own population knowing darn well they will go back to their terrorist ways. Do you think they'll praise Allah and be grateful to the US for allowing them to have freedom and be one with the Great Satan? If so, I have some money I need to transfer, but I can't without your help. No, I think I'll sell this deed of some swampland. Or better yet, WAKE THE FREAK UP!!! What shocks me about BO is not that he supports the end of America and his policies reflecting them. It's how out in the open he does and and then finds a way to rub salt in the wound. So not only are we going to release these terrorist, but we're going to give them welfare while we, the working people, work and save what little we can save up to have us taxed to death and give them to terrorist. Heck, let's release Walker Lin while we're at it, or dig up Saddam and his sons while we're at it, and give them the keys to Fort Knox while we're at it. This should have had people up in arms. If we took Nazi's captive and released them in to the populace and gave them benefits as well during World War 2, FDR would had been strung up. But this isn't FDR, this is BHO. But hey, you wanted change, and now you're going to get it.

Those of you that support this, are too stupid to know what's going on, or just plain too apathetic to care, just remember. They're going to come to your neighborhood. They're not going to spare you because you showed mercy to them. They're going to think you're weak, stupid and unworthy of life and will make it their mission to TAKE YOU OUT FIRST! They're disgusted with you. When they fight, they fight to win. They fight to kill the enemy even if they must take themselves out with you. They fight to praise Allah. By releasing them and giving them money, it's not only stupid and an outrage. IT'S TREASON!!!


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