Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The assault on Christians.

I'm not of a fan of beauty contests or any other contest that are based on "judges" decisions. Judges are often bias and basing a winner on something subjective are often speculative at best as to who was really the best at something. Look at what happened in the last Winter Olympics where the Canadians were judged the best only to find out two of the judges were bribed and the title was shared with the runner up Americans. Beauty pageants are basically based on the opinion of about 8 judges, so the winner is based on what 8 people think. Hardly grounds for what a population as a whole would find appealing. However, even I can't escape the escapades of the latest Miss USA contest. This contest is showing how dangerous times are becoming in the US and how we, especially Christians, have a lot to fear and better start waking up and fighting back before we find ourselves second class citizens like those in Muslim countries. Only it won't be the religious fanatics that will be persecuting us.

Miss California, who finished first runner up in the contest, has stirred up a hornet nest by her response to the finalist question "Do you support homosexual marriages? Why or why not?" Basically she stood by her Christian beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman and all hell has broken loose. A "man" by the stage name of Perez Hilton an open homosexual has blasted her for her response. So much as to make a YouTube video saying she lost not because of her answer but because she's a stupid b*tch. Yea, way to show your love and impartiality. This man's vulgar and hatred being displayed for all of us to see you would think would be condemned by well meaning and thinking people. After all, a beauty contest is suppose to be about beauty from within and without but this man is showing us ugly hatred and intolerance towards those that have a different view than he does. Everything that a contest like this is suppose to be against. This man had no right to be judging this contest.

Now her views, being viewed as bigot, ignorant, and homophobic (whatever that is suppose to mean) is constantly being harassed now. Though she is getting some support, it mainly in the negative against her. This is most worrisome. Seems the media, as well as the radicals that control our school, have done a good job of giving the public its opinion on this subject. Intelligent discord is out the window and prejudice and hatred are the norms of those that think otherwise for homosexual marriage that my gay uncle thinks is an oxymoron. I guess that makes him a bigot as well? It's a sad day a woman can give her opinion and a militant homosexually not only demonize her which is his right, but to do so with such vulgarity and hatred. I thought hate speech was a crime. I guess it depends who you hate and hating Christians is the in thing right now. Just ask that stupid talentless moron Mirey Cyrus, aka Hanna Montana. She thinks Miss California was wrong and a hypocrite for opposing gay marriage. It's unchristian like to make judgements. What a stupid answer from a stupid moron. My daughter used to be a fan of her til Twilight came out. Thank God for that because vampires make a better role model than this hedonist dope who makes a living by duping teens with dumb parents to listen to her crappy music at $300 a ticket. Never mind that she made a judgement that about Miss California about how wrong it is to make judgement. Miss Cyrus (and I use the term miss loosely) it's easy to pick on Christian because we don't chop heads off when we're offended. It's not against the bible to make judgements about right and wrong. It's wrong to make judgements about how God will judgement people for enternity. Typical (il)logic of the left.

This debacle is a prime example how free speech is dead. A person can give an opinion, get crucified for it, and then be branded as a hate monger. With the hate speech legislation being written in the congress right now about giving homosexuals hate crime protections, well, we're on our way to becoming like the Middle East where you can be prosecuted (there, you can be executed if found guilty) for insulting Islam or in Brazil you can go to jail if you save a voodoo worshipper to Christ (discrimination about Voodoo, but nothing about when it's the other way around). The latest hate crime laws that are being written are design for one thing and one thing only: to destroy the free speech and religion of Christians. If this law passes, Christians can be jailed for what Miss California just did. If you don't hire a homosexual because you run a Christian bookstore and it would be bad for business. Jail. If you preach homosexuality is an act against God. Jail. If you state that sex outside marriage is wrong (since most homosexuals don't like marriage and wouldn't do it anyways). Jail. Starting to get the gist of this. What's to keep such legislation from going even further. Say anything against the President or congressional policies? Want to get even with Whites? Make anything supporting white Americans as hate speech or hate thought. Don't like Amish, outlaw horses. I mean this is the path to tyranny and we saw a great deal of it on Stage Sunday night. We better start taking the fight against the real hate mongers in this country. Otherwise, by the end of the year, we won't even recognize America any more and Christians have will lose their rights to worship God. After all, according to Homeland Security, Miss California is a greater terrorist threat than Bin Laden. Those of you who support Hilton, remember one thing. After the Christians are gone, they can and will come after you. Then who will speak up for your rights?

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