Thursday, April 16, 2009

The bias against the tea parties.

I've been watching over the news coverage of the tea parties that have been going on all over the country. What I see should out right scare you. Is it because of the radical right wing terrorist that the media and BO is claiming to be behind these protests? No. What should scare us is the bias and downright compitulation of the media. This is a pathway to tyranny and other than the few that were out there protesting, nobody, especially the media, doesn't get it.

The protest are mainly about the obscene spending that our government is doing. It's not so much taxes per say, but how much we need for the spending that our government is doing. What are we spending it on? Transsexual beauty pageant's, Jazz museums, ACORN. I mean what will the 9000 earmarks that BO said he would never sign into law have to do with the growth or prosperity of our country? How will it benefit the economy or American citizens in general? BO has nearly quadruple the national debt and in only 3 months and that's for starters. It doesn't take a math or economic major to figure out that this kind of spending and the taxes needed to pay for and maintain this level of spending. And contrary to what you're being told by CNN, it's not because of racism either. Both parties are being criticized and for good reason. Our country for all intent and purposes is bankrupt and nothing the congress and the President for the last 16 years had done nothing to curtail it and that is what the people are protesting against. The quadrupling of the debt is the wake up call that was needed to finally get people to speak up.

What should scare us all now is how the major media, other than Fox News, is spinning the protests. All right wingers, all anti government, all white, all racist. The racist angle is what got my attention. The bias I expected, but the angle I didn't. It was clear that BO used the race card to get himself elected. Anyone against me is against me because I'm black. Now that he's spending us into beyond 3rd world poverty, the media is going to use his race as defense of his policies and to circumvent the issues that are trying to be brought up. Beware of this line of reasoning because that what was used in Zimbabwe and look at how that turned out. It isn't about race, and from those individual that sent in their video of the events, it's just not true. There were people of many races. Whites were predominate, but think who it is that pays most of the taxes. The issue they're not getting is eventually they will be taxed to death to pay for all this as well and then they'll ask why didn't anyone say anything (and most likely say racism was why). Enough of this spin. Nobody is buying it anymore.

The media was suppose to be set up as a watch dog of the government, not their legal defenders. They are to enlighten what they do and give us the facts of what is going on and let us make our own rational and intelligent decisions about it. Instead, they push the leftist agenda, that BO is surely supportive of, and give half truths and down right lies and manipulate the masses that if they believe against the government, they're racist, unpatriotic, or downright evil. Freedom of the press wasn't put in for this. In fact, it was suppose to keep this from happening.

What this leads to is that we're being spent into slavery to foreign interests, to financial ruin, and incompetence to defend ourselves. The left, and BO as well, hate this country, hate what it stands for and represents, and are in league in her destruction. Many of the policies and now spending and taxes that are to come are indicative of this leftist agenda. The media and the President knew these protest were coming and given a few of the propaganda that was instilled just before the events, I fear the protesters have fallen for an old Communist trick. When you can see the opposition coming, make a study showing the evils that such protests and policies of the opposition are, and when they do verbatim, you can say see I told you so. Remember the report 2 days earlier about the biggest threat to America isn't radical Islam, but the right wing militias and the returning soldiers. Especially during a recession. They made the enemies sound like our friends and supporters of freedom, democracy, and life while the patriots are the terrorists. Then the protest happen with the cry that they said would come from the true terrorists. Now I fear with the media's compitulation, the protesters just played into their hands.

So those of you on the left supporting everything BO is doing and having disdain for these protesters. First they'll come for the right wingers, you'll say nothing. Then the Christians, you'll say nothing. The Jews and productive business owners, you'll say nothing. Then all the whites, you'll say nothing. Then the minority conservative supporters, you'll say nothing. Then when there's nothing left of the economy and they go after you, there'll be nobody left to say anything for you.


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