Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dr. Laura's Facsist Remark.

I'm often at ends with Dr. Laura. She's the only person that speaks up for family, children and men for the most part. The biggest beef I had with her is her hatred of divorced men who are often dealt a terrible hand by the sexist courts and then bashed for it. The other issue is how she tells women how when they neglect and are belligerent with their men that will lead them to having affairs and when a man does so because of the reason she states, she rips the man as an immoral jerk for destroying his family by his infidelity. Too much of trying to have it both ways, but I often read and listen because she is the only ray of positive reinforcement of men who do try to do the right things with their wives and families as well as supporting the family in general.

However, her latest blog require an outcry because she's not only down and right wrong, but fascist in her statement. As I've written, the government lately is going hog wild with taxes. I'm still waiting for the air tax where we're taxed for just breathing and if we stop breathing, we'll be assessed a death tax. Oh wait, we have that already. Dr. Laura was reporting how non-profits dealing with quitting smoking have seen their enrollments go up because of the increase in cigarette taxes. Using that antadolal evidence, she thinks it would be a great idea to legislate morality by taxing what she sees as immoral. Though I'm all for discouraging and eliminating those items she like to see tax the crap out of, she's not careful of what she's wishing for. The government is overextending their greedy hands out and taxing the crap out of anything they don't like. So taxing divorce, abortion (never will happen by the way because the Democrats are already getting a bundle of money from her most bitter rivalry: Planned Parenthood.), infidelity, shacking up, etc. This will lead to one of two things, and perhaps both, and they're both bad.

One, who's morals is the government going to base their taxes on? We live in a moral relative society and that is why we have the troubles we have in the first place. With the government we have now, this is paramount of having the moral taxed by the immoral and that would lead to taxes on Bible's, marriage (which was finally appealed in 2006, but efforts are being made to bring back the marriage penalty). The problem of any overreaching government is to tax the people into poverty allowing them to have all the political and economic power. That's how despots work. While she's at it, why end at taxes? Let's get on with imprisonment. Since she doesn't like child care, divorce, infidelity as I don't, but placing a punitive tax on them, that's a slope you don't want to get started because the government may go to taxing talk show hosts 110% of their income or advertising revenue.

The other, when you give the government money, you give them power. The more money, the more power the government gains. Just look at the power the federal government has gained just over the last century. Especially after the great depression when FDR started his socialist programs. Actually the abuse all started in 1919 when the income tax was enacted by Wilson's pleading. America as an economic power, except when Ike was President, has declined while governmental power has skyrocket. Now we can't even financially support our self. We rely on China and Muslim oil barons to support our economy and they're starting to tire. We have little influence in our own politics any more because of the massive power our government has over us and taxes is the government biggest weapon. To have more punitive taxes over what one finds immoral or wrong will lead to a theocracy like they have in the Middle East. After all, they enact a punitive tax on non-Muslim to support the mosque and their agenda. By her standards, taxing Christians so Islam can continue their war against the West and Israel is justified. We don't need to give any more power to our government and I sure don't find it wise to have the government deciding what's moral and what's not and how to tax those that they find immoral. After all, she will be the first one government would tax out of business and the fact she would support such a tax code not only scares me and I find to be fascist, but down right immoral. Something she claims to preach for.


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