Monday, April 6, 2009

Obama isn't at war with Islam. Too bad Islam is at war with the West.

I remember what was the most powerful, fearful, and destructive enemy in the Star Trek series (the New Generation, not the one with Kirk). They were called the Borg and their objective was clear: you are to be assimilated. They add the ever well known line and one of the top one liners in Science Fiction history: Resistance is futile. The Borg are a collective of cyberborgenic organism that are removed of their free will and connected to the machine that joins them all in the collective. All of an race's humanity (though many are aliens that aren't humans, but that's besides the point) is taken from them and they become automatons to this massive, bloated collective. Those that resist, are destroyed. Sounds like the mantra of a certain religion of pieces.

The most baffling lines ever in the movie is the Federation barely escaped intact after their first encounter with the Borg. A small group crashed on a planet with one survivor. One of the crew comes up with a plan to destroy the Borg and one person dares to say it was unethical because no formal declaration of war had been made by the Federation. The retort was classic. Not by us but definitely by them. We are to be assimilated. This meeting can basically typify the mentality the left has in fighting anything that's determined to destroy them. We're not at war with them, so it's wrong for us to fight back against them. They rather surrender and made little work of the Borg and be assimilated.

BO's statement about how we're not at war with Islam, and those with him, border on insane or like that idiot in the room that didn't want to fight back at a most ruthless and vicious enemy, capitulate. You see, the mantra of the Islamic enemy we have is that we are to convert or die. Not much different than you will be assimilated and have your humanity removed. Islam is all about submission and BO's bowing and kissing the hand of that so called dignitary was a complete act of submission to a superior in the Muslim world. If this doesn't show his true colors to you, then nothing will. Not even a complete confession. Then he goes to Turkey and makes the statement the US is not at war with Islam. He never addresses the fact that Islam is at war with the West. To state it in Turkey isn't even a brave act. Turkey maybe a Muslim country, but it has a secular government. The only one in the Middle East to have a secular government. So making such a statement didn't take any courage. Try making one like that in Iran or Pakistan. I doubt he would last two minutes before everyone riots as they show their true colors.

Denying you're at war so you shouldn't fight will not protect you against an determined, ruthless, immoral enemy as the radicals of Islam are. They will proclaim peace while tearing you to pieces. Lying is a divine commandment. Worse, they are so submitted to the Imams and radical elements of their faith, especially to the predestination concept that means their fate is already decided and nothing they do can change it. We're all puppets of God (which confuses why they get angry when they're killed during their Divine work. After all, it's God's will). We have no free will. Freedom is irrelevant because only Allah has freedom, we are to be his slaves. Slaves that whose religious leaders determined to be chosen by Allah to be free beings and who's will is reflected by Him. Talk about tyrants subduing the populace. That's all this is. The main goal of Islam is to take away your humanity and replace it by what some leader says is God's will. To completely submit. To be assimilated for be destroy. Thankfully, in this world, resistance isn't futile, but our leader sure doesn't believe it. Otherwise, he would be asking for them to show that they are not at war with us. Unfortunately, he thinks resistance is futile and wants us to capitulate.

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