Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama's first 100 days.

I've been listening to the media's praise of BO's first 100 days making comparisons of him to FDR, Kennedy, Lincoln, and the most that makes me want to barf, Ronald Reagan. I say let's take an objective look, something the media is completely unable to do now that they have been completely invested into BO and their credibility is completely on whether he's successful or not, and see how he really compares to the above presidents.

First, FDR. FDR was a socialist that used manipulation and control of the media to entrenched his power and moved the US from an individual based economy to a more centralist government. He tried, somewhat successfully, to move the base of power from the states, which is where the individual rights were by our founding fathers, to the federal government. He tried to nationalized the banks and industries, which, fortunately, was struck down by the supreme court. FDR responded to this obstacle by threatening to place judges that would rule in his favor which he did over the years, but by the time he got his majority in the court, we were already in the middle of World War II and no longer was able to push his socialized agenda because bigger problems were now looming. As for BO, he's on the verge of nationalizing the banks as well as other "non-banking" industries like the insurance companies. There he's more successful than FDR. FDR would never be photographed by a black man, well, on that front, BO will fail miserably because he can't escape that about himself. BO has nationalized the auto industry, with the exception of Ford. Yea, he's manage to make himself a bigger, better FDR.

Kennedy, I don't know what he wants to compare himself to as far as this man's accomplishments? JFK's biggest accomplishments are the forward of the civil rights moment, the drive to get to the moon. BO like to eliminate NASA and wages class warfare among the races, not moving forward. JFK did got us started in Vietnam, something that's overlooked. JFK was ready to go to war against Russia when we were being threaten with missiles 90 miles from our shores. Compared that to the pathetic fight that BO is waging in Afghanistan and his capitulation to our Muslim enemies, especially Iran which can have the bomb by the end of the year, I say BO fails miserably on his comparison to JFK. He's no JFK.

Lincoln, I'm not going there since there is no civil war other than the one he's declaring on the returning vets and those that disagree with him on the right. He's fighting a war against patriot Americans that want to preserve our sovereignty, borders, language, and culture that are now being totally melted down. Americans, WHITE AMERICANS, fought against the truly racism citizens in the South who were fighting mainly to not just secede, but to preserve the slave state that they relied on for their industrial output: agriculture. BO has done more race baiting than all the Imperial Wizards of the KKK. After all, if you didn't vote for him or oppose his policies, you're a racist. So on this front, BO is really the anti-thesis of Lincoln who was for preserving the union (even if he was willing to compromise on the slavery issue) and for the destruction of the union.

As for Ronald Reagan, this one just plain makes me sick. He's being compared to the grate orator. BO can't speak a complete sentence clearly without his teleprompter. Mainly, because, this man doesn't believe a word of what he's saying as well they're not his thoughts. Reagan mainly did his speeches live and without any aides. He believed his message and gave them with passion and articulation. BO gives a boring remedial read out. I don't understand people's fascination of his speeches as they toe the same ole arguments, class warfare, and racist overtones that I can hear in 30 seconds of a rap song. The only "talented" thing he does, is have his writers do it without the aid of profanity. If one was to take the position of the communist manifesto and put them on a teleprompter, you have Obama's speeches. He's really communicated nothing. Does anyone have a clue what his plan is? Or what it is he's even promising? The banks are learning this lesson the hard way because they took government money without having the fine print even written up. Once it was with most of the congress not even reading it (it's over 600 pages for crying out loud) and now they're left bewildered. It's not like he DIDN'T promise not to nationalize them. He's been very artful at dodging, or what I call circumlocution, the issues. He never takes a solid stance. He's just good at making it appears as if he's taking a voter's side. Reagan, you knew what he stood for and why. He's plan for retaliating against the Libyans when they did their terrorist act was no surprise (though the left thought he never have the canjohnas to actually go through with it). The Libyanan's got the message and never assaulted us again. BO is as great of orator as Beethoven is a poet. Completely out of his element.

BO first 100 days have been a disaster, but the media spin and the ignorance or racism of the American public have him as the height of popularity. Our debt has been quadrupled and he's just started, liberties are going down faster than Zero's did in the pacific war, and our progress to Socialism and tyranny has been accelerated to a frightening pace. This is the first 100 days. I just hope people wake up before it's too late. After all, Lincoln said it best, "You can fool some of the people all of the time, all of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." Only question, will we wake up before it's too late.

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