Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Socialization of America.

So anyone remember those bailouts that were needed to save the economy? That original $700 billion that was going to keep us out the financial meltdown and the destruction of our economy. That was Bush's big blunder. Then we got BO which in addition to Bush's policy of bailouts and giving money to that that squandered or were just too stupid with it, gave out even MORE money. For the second time those that were stupid with their money and bought houses they couldn't afford (or even had jobs to pay back the loans) have defaulted again. So much for shame on me. When they couldn't pay the first two times, what was the government's clue they could the third time. Heck, even I at that point would wonder why pay. Seems responsible people are the dopes.

Now what's coming out from this administration is what their real objective have been from day one and I mean during the campaign: The nationalization of our banks. Many banks, under threat that we would all pay if they didn't get their tax payer subsidized checks are finding themselves under a hostile takeover from the government. Many banks that got the stimulus money that didn't need it or don't want it are not being allowed to pay the government back and get back their ownership. Seems the government whole objective was to gain ownership of the industry and take control of it. There's a word for that. It's called communism. Now that the banks are going to be nationalized, we thought the threat that the bank's were warning about was bad, this is going to be worse. Now the government will determine who's worthy for getting money and loans and who's not. What does that mean for the markets? It means the markets are no longer going to be in control of who gets money. This will be under complete control of the state (federal government). Now if the government doesn't like what you're producing, you're denied. If you're not politically correct, loan denied. If you'll be profitable, loan denied. This gang can give money away to their cronies, produce nothing, and deplete the nation's wealth. This will be a start in the government becoming so big, it can give you everything you need as well as take everything you own.

If that's not enough for you, look at the attempt of the hostile takeover the insurance industries. After all, if the government doesn't feel you're going to feasible, then they can take over. What's going to be their definition of feasible? Given the abusive nature of government when they get too big, it's going to be anything they deemed able to get their hands on the industry. Look at the auto industry. They have their hands in their as well and they companies are going to go bankrupt anyways. They have labeled anyone opposing these nationalization of our economy as potential terrorist now. Think what the consequences are going to be if they get their hands on the biggest prize of them all: health care. I'm sure the democrats are drooling at how close they are to finally getting the big prize. With the other industries they're nationalizing, that will give them control of at least 25% of the economy, and that's just the private sector. Add the 23% of the GDP before all this and they're getting close to that majority. All they will need is to find one more industry that needs rescuing, like the construction industries, and they'll have enough control of the economy to make us a totally communist state. God help us then because only God knows what they'll do after that. Given some of the hate crime laws they're writing up, the silencing of their political opposition it seems.


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