Sunday, April 19, 2009

Strength in capitulation.

Seems BO has been schmoozing a lot with the worse of humanities ilk lately. Bowing to Islamic patriarch, having a cigar with Castro, shaking hands with Chavez. Heck, let's dig up Hussein while were at it. Don't forget the meeting come up with Adminijad, the Hilter of our time. 10 years ago, had Bill Clinton done this, he surely would had been impeached and removed from office. This would be too radical and would had been exposed as a traitor to the principal of our constitution and American values since these evil dictators represent everything America opposes. Not with BO. His argument for these "friendships" just makes me scratch my head. By befriending our enemies, America becomes stronger. Huh?

Perhaps in those ultra-leftist schools that BO went to, they forgot to teach him history. Better yet, deliberately omit a few facts like the militant Japanese do by excluding the years 1931 to 1945 in their history books. See that stupid and insane argument BO is using is the same as another nortious politician of the 20th century because he used the very same argument. 3 years later, that went out the window in a hand basket. That politician was Chamberlain. As Britain, still reeling from the horrific losses during World War I, are still in the mind set of avoiding another catastrophic conflict at all costs, was making peace with Herr Hilter. Appeasing in hopes of strafing off another costly war was giving concession after concession to the Nazis. It's no coincident that the holocaust started after that meeting. Hitler knew that he had Chamberlain in his pocket and could do what ever he wanted which he did til September of 1939 and only because Parliament had the power to declare war, not the Prime Minister. If not, World War II would have had a different outcome. What's forgotten is he was still Prime Minister til August of 1940. It wasn't til he was secretly trying to sue for peace by an offer little known in the western world. Hitler though Britain was a part of the Assyrian race and had the right to rule the world as the German people. He was willing to share that power with Chamberlain, but when the Parliament found out, they removed him and replaced him, finally, with Churchill.

BO is making the same claim. By being friends with these murderous dictators, we'll be strengthening America. Against whom? Where exactly will be gaining this strength? How are Cuba and Venezuela a threat? Unless those missiles are back in Cuba, no matter if they're Russian or North Korean, there is no threat and the only thing Chavez has is oil, but that would be cutting off his nose to smite his face to use that weapon. Then again, dictators aren't usually rational either. This can only lead to disaster as often appeasement does. The more an enemy gets, the more they'll want. It didn't stop World War II, and it won't stop the conflicts of freedom loving people against those that would like to oppress us. The bigger question that should be ask is why does BO seem so happy to make deals with these guys? We have no after effect of any horrific war (Iraq doesn't come close to counting) of the like of World War I. Yet, he's all for getting in bed with these animals. There's nothing to gain? This President has catered to every enemy of the US and thumb his nose at every ally. Even the socialist ones like France and Germany. After all, he didn't want to go to the war memorial in Normandy because he didn't want to offend the Germans. Say what? No, it's because he hates Americans and American interests. Terrorist are freedom fighters, marines are terrorist, and allies are worthless, and our enemies are our friends. I don't know about you, but I need an aspirin because this logic is giving me a headache.

Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat history. Seems like multiple facuet of history is playing out here and the endgame isn't going to be pretty. Especially if the Islamics get their way because if history is any idication, we will have a blood bath all over the world like never seen before. I rather we avoid those mistake and get back on the right track. Otherwise, we'll be like Anikin Skywalker. We'll end up joining the dark side instead of destory (or at least minumizing) it.


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