Saturday, April 25, 2009

Welcome to the new Banana Republic.

As my wife is from a 3rd world country, she still has her faith and pride in the spirit of her nationality. Often making me wonder what is the difference between a 3rd world country and a so called 1st or 2nd world country. I've made some observation that have been made by both of us as we share our experiences and relate them to the current political landscape that is shaping the US today. Seems that there are some citeria that we've agreed on as follows.

First, the corruption level. Yes, I know that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but how does one get this power and how can one tell that they're crossing over the line. First, how much of the power is "diversified". Do I mean equal representation by all the races? You only wish. No, it's how much of the power is divided up from the populace in general. Is it divided up so that anyone and everyone has an equal portion of the power pie or is it held to a few tight knitted families. In her home country basically 5 families are fighting out for a majority of the power. Any threat to that power and they send out the goons. Take a look at the despots of the world, you'll find a handful of people or mainly a family control a vast majority of the power. Cuba is a prime example. Many African countries and the Muslim despots have such a structure by their royal traditions.

So, control by a handful of people or families is a tale tale sign. Take a look at the body politics for the last 20 years here in the states. First it was Bush, then Clinton, then Bush against, and now we got Bush and Clinton on steroids with BO. How often does the congress have a turnover of the politicians? 5% at most until the recent election when the turnover was 12% because of the complete incompetence of the Republican party. Now BO is taking control the Census as well as making a lot of Executive Orders. ACORN is entrenching to assure the same group gets elected year after year or worse, to have a one party system and become a totalitarian state. Taking a look at the power struggle going on, the Democrats are passing bill after bill to entrench their power base and neuter any opposition. This doesn't bore well for our republic.

The next thing we seem to agree on is the control of the money supply. 3rd world countries have micro-economic control of the money supply. One way they keep the power is that they see to it that any opposition groups are denied the capital and funding they need to function or survive. They have complete control of the banks and write the policies as they see fit. Sounds familiar, doesn't it. BO and the administration are seeking to nationalize the bank. Many of the banks that have taken the bail out money have found themselves being controlled by the bureaucrats and many that want out and pay the money back are finding they have made a pack with the devil and the devil wants his soul. Like Faust, they have learned too late what the real price they are to pay and what they got wasn't all that valuable with an insufficient return in comparison. Now, they're under complete mercy of the government and they have shown that they have no other interest but to rein in control of the money supply.

The next is the control of information. Many debated about what brought down the iron certain the breakup of the Soviet Union. I've heard many, the fear of Star Wars, our superior strength through superior firepower, our superior economic and political might. The one that the Russians and mainly Ukrainians had told me was a bit of a surprise: the Fax Machine. The Soviets were able to maintain control during the cold war because the citizens had limited information. They never knew what was going on in the west other than what the state was releasing and how, if anything, any chinks in the armor of the Soviet Empire. Once the fax was created, the Soviet couldn't control that information. The truth would eventually get out and eventually the government was unable to maintain the control and everything came apart. Here in the state, the government doesn't even have to use their iron fist to control information. The media, that's suppose to be a watchdog industry is now a lapdog industry. The Government Media Complex has taken root for so long, that the media doesn't even question the government anymore if a Democrat is in office. BO has done at least 3 acts of treason and the media either has sided as the right thing or just plain doesn't report on it. His comforting of the Islamic enemy, the take over of the banks, and the release of the CIA memos and threat of prosecuting those involved are acts of treason. Any other President had been doing this, there would be riots in the streets. Now, everyone is behind him. Either the populace wants to see their country die (which is their right. Nothing in the constitution doesn't say we can't vote our freedoms away) or they're ignorant because of the media lack of reporting. Anyway, our government, other than talk radio and the Internet, have control of the information that is distributed to the populace and they're targeting the Internet and the talk radio next. Soon, this blog may be illegal and those that defend them, you call this a free society?

Lastly, in a 3rd world country, there's is a complete lack of law and order. Government main function is to protect life and property, but in 3rd world countries, it seems like a suggestion than a prime directive. Their, they're promised the moon and that the government's job is to provide everything for them only to have everyone just as improvised (except those few families that have the bulk of the power). Criminal elements have a great deal of control or have their way at will. Take a look at 3rd world countries and the biggest problem they have is crime. People have no way to protect what little they have and the criminal empires have so much money, power, and firepower that they are their own government in themselves. Take a look at the criminal behavior that has been going on the last 20 years. Has anyone been held accountable. A few political opposition, but otherwise no. And, it's getting worse. Who now feels anything of their is safe from the criminal element? Our money isn't safe in the banks anymore because it can be lost by a bank failure or the dark cloud of inflation that hovers over our heads. The threat of higher taxes, lost of benefits. Try calling 911 lately? How long does it take to get help, especially if you live in a high risk area as I do. Too often we're on our own, and with the latest economic crisis and the cuts local governments are making, are things going to get any better soon?

The last 20 years have been a disaster to the republic. Abe Lincoln went to war to preserve this republic and now it's on the verge of collapse. All the elements are in place, it's a matter of the spark that will have the entire system to finally fall apart from the strain. I pray that I'm wrong and hope I don't make that statement I never like to say: I hate it when I'm right.


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