Friday, April 3, 2009

Welfare for the World.

I'm don't normally care for when our leader go to these stupid summits. Seems to me to be just an exercise in nations trying to exert their own national self interest upon others that really don't go anywhere because no side will yeild. Well, now welcome the movement of hope and change that we can believe in. After one incrediblely stupid common by our so called leader of the free world, the change is nothing I can believe in anymore (nor ever really did) and all hope is going out the window (not that I had much left).

BO, showing his African roots since he's really from Kenya, not the US, show a trait that's often in native Africans because they understand something all to well something we should be grateful we don't, but soon will: tribal hatred. In his country, people will kill you because you're a decendent of the wrong tribe. Look at the Middle East, and you can be killed because you're in the wrong sect. However, what's often seens as the catalyst in all these dispute is proverty. They state proverty created the violence in people and that's what triggers them to inhumane acts against their fellow man. Hence, BO wants to give welfare to the world because we can't over look the proverty of those in other countries and that proverty will eventually lead to violence that will topple the world polictica climate that will drag us into an unnecessary war.

Boy, I don't know what he's smoking (I've been told generic cigarettes, but I could be wrong) but man, I want some. My life is in the tank, and if what he's smoking makes him THAT delusional, then let me escape from New York (I live in California) and call me Snake Pliscan. If what he says is true, then India, China, Philippines, Poland, and a sorted of other countries should be engaged in World War 3 because they're as inprovish as can be. Ok, India and China are rising as a economic power, but still, they still have great amount of proverty. Proverty doesn't cause criminal behavior. There are millions, perhaps billions, of people that are improvish that don't out on killing sprees and blame a lack of Ipods or Blackberries for their crimes. Explain Madloff or Wall Street as far as violent crimes are concern (and thef is violent crime folks). If you study things closely, criminal behavoir causes proverty far more than any link deomonstrating proverty causing criminal behavior.

BO doesn't see what's really creating most of the violence and societal ills in today's world. The biggest is Islam. 15 of the 16 major conflicts in the world are caused by Muslim that can't get along with their neighbors. Sudan, racist Arabs who think they're superior to the Black Muslims. Somalia, Muslim pirates that think they're entitled to the richer countries bounties. The Philippines, Muslim that want Sharia Law, Sri Lanka, Muslims wanting complete control and wanting Shari Law, not Secular law. Let's not go over the Hamas and those groups and their griefs and it's nothing to do with the plight of the Palestinians. The only real exception is the IRA and Britain which has been going on for nearly 900 years now. However, these are not poor countries by any stretch of the imagination and they're shooting at each other now. The other is tribal prejudices. Most of the fighting in Africa is over tribes that just plain hate each other. This can change, but stating that the violence that spreading in the world is over poverty is just plain wrong.

However, this man lives in his own world and so do their supporters. They want to blame the US and her riches as the reason why other are suffering while not looking at the religious and tribal prejudices that infest the body politics. After all, why go at the root of the cause when you're part of that cause? Now we're going to pay up the rear in taxes like we're not tax and indebted enough already to give welfare to the world? Seems BO isn't satisfied with being president of the US, but the world as well. As long as we're the only one paying, the world will gladly take it, and thing out, on us. This is not the change we need and this isn't going to resolve a thing or make us any better respected or loved in the world. In fact, it will have the opposite effect because to executed this welfare, we're going to have to takes sides eventually because the governments we give this money to definitely will. And then, we'll be sucked into these clashes with no stake or interest to our national interest what so ever. I would had thought we learned our lesson with Iraq, but I guess not.


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