Friday, May 29, 2009

American Idol and AT&T. It does matter.

I remember when my mother got me hooked on American Idol. It was the year that Chris Doughty was the hands on favorite to win. I came in with there was 6 contestants left. Needless to say I was among the shocked when Chris finished fourth. It was beyond having a bad day. Simon when asked what went wrong his response was that the viewers must have had their volumes turned down during his performance. It was written off as his fan being too complacent to vote and he fell behind. Then the rumors of the phone lines being busy and people not being able to get through to cast their vote for Draughty. My mother was among those that couldn't get a vote in for him. The rumor that the phone company hosed him because his line was tainted. Nobody paid much attention to the rumors and accepted the complacency theory.

Then came the next year. I was glued expecting Dolittle, Latisha or Sparks to make the finals. Then came Lanisha defeat when Blake, who made it to the finals did one of the worse rendition of the Bee Gee's feeling like dancing that made me wish I went to a karaoke with a bunch of drunken Hell's Angel's because they could have had a better performance of the cacophonous display that Blake put on. To my disgust he survived while Lanisha lost. Then Dolittle a week later. After remember what happened to Doughty, the rumors flew again with the same complains and I started to get weary of the voting system because Blake never should had been in the finals. Never should had gotten close. He had is quip hip hop style, but it was extremely old at this point and was no way more talented that the top 3 women. The rumor was that Dolittle and Lanisha were going to have careers so they were going to give the title to someone that wouldn't. What we got was the worse fiasco from a Idol winner. A complete flop of a CD and does anyone know where Sparks or Blake is today? Neither do I and I don't really care.

Then last year. Cook was in the bottom three 3 times. Yet in the end, he blows the other David whose name I'll butcher if I try to spell it by 12 million votes. This was the last straw for me. I knew the voting wasn't legit. Now way was cook 12 million votes better. I knew at this point that the voting was rigged. What did we get? A bigger flop than Sparks. And then we get this year's fiasco.

This year show was absolutely the worse. The talent they selected was horrible. I rather pull my own teeth out with no Novocain than to watch the pathetic display that was American Idol this year. Then when the favorite, the first time in 4 years, get to the final, he loses to an extreme underdog. I mean was anyone surprised? Then AT&T admits that they gave cell phones in Arkansas to their hometown favorite with the ability to power text and give multiple votes to what would be the eventual winner. So AT&T admitted they gave the winner an advantage in the voting. Basically, admitted that they rigged the vote, but AT&T and AI determined that the vote was fair because the advantage that was given didn't effect the final outcome. We'll never know since they didn't deterimined how many phone were issued or how many voted and how many times.

I say to that BS. This show had too many suspicious voting irregularities and phone problems to favorites in the past. This admission just added fuel to the fire of suspected voting that was plaguing the show. Given how most are sick of Paula's drunken tirades that nobody can understand, the new judge that put us to sleep and had the show run late 3 times, and Simon departure, this will be the end of American Idol. I can't believe Americans are going to be so stupid to believe any results they get after this. I have no faith or credence that the voting is being fair or unbias. I question any results now because AT&T got caught with their pants downs and now using the old saying what are you going to believe, me or your own eyes. Well, I find the show dull and predictable now. The talent bland, and the credibility gone. If I have to hear Seacrest rip Simon again, I'm going to pimp slap him because he's a moron and irritating to listen to and gives no real incite to the show. He's just an image that does nothing for the show.

The rating this year wasn't that great, people weren't tuned to these idols and the talent base is getting worse. Worse of all, we know the voting isn't reliable and is tainted or at the very best questionable. As we seen in too many elections, voting irregularities have lead to apathy that has broken down the faith in the electoral process. If you make a vote worth less than other, people stop participating. When you rig votes and show bias to favor one candidate over another, people will just stop participating since the fix is in. When the 9th season of AI begins, I find it hard to believe anyone will take any of it seriously now. After all AT&T and AI, it does matter. When you find voting fraud, and that was these cell phones were being used for in the voting, and you write it off as being meaningless, it is really the process that becomes meaningless. Pretty much what I think of AI after all this.

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