Tuesday, May 26, 2009

California is 2 for 2 (shocking).

Last week I blogged about how California voters got it right to deny any more tax increases during our special election finally telling our overtly spending state that enough was enough. Now the California Supreme Court has California 2 for 2 in one week. The court ruled upholding the properly and democratic Amendment to our state constitution was valid, fair, and proper and upheld Proposition 8. To many that don't live in the state, they were watching what this court ruled in this case. There are many states that have the same addendum to their constitutions and the gay mafia is pulling out every gun to shoot down these provision because they truly hate democracy. Their behavior and desires are in a small minority and a democracy, the laws and constitutional provision are based on a majority vote. Even in an ultra liberal state like California and an insanely liberal city like San Fransisco, they can't get these measure to pass by the ballot box. A dozen states was looking at this ruling because as the saying goes, where California goes, the country soon follows. The ruling had more at stake than most people realized because they thought this was a ruling of a single issue: gay marriage. The truth is that this ruling was a ruling about democracy. Does a small minority have the right to cancel or nullify the votes of the vast majority? The state ruled in favor of the will of the people.

There are two arguments that are tired and bogus that the hate mongering gay right activist are using to usurp the will of the people. I do use hate mongering because go to one of their protest (right now as of this writing, traffic is getting backlogged worse than the usual rush hour because of the protesters at the capital over the ruling) and see how much hate, anger, slander, aggression, and baiting that goes on during these protests. They were hoping that the courts will be the instruments to have the same techniques used in the political area. They wanted to used the courts to promote the hate, anger, slander, aggression and baiting against their enemies that far outnumber them. They wanted the courts to shove their views and beliefs down our throats and accept by force if necessary.

The first argument is that gay marriage is a fundamental right that can't be determined by the tyranny of the majority. They see it as if there is 3 men and 2 women and there's a vote to make rape legal, the men will out vote the women 3 to 2 and rape the women. That's how they see the will of the people over this issue. That some things can't be determined by a simple majority vote because of racist and bigot attitudes will super cede human rights. The court rules that the civil service and benefits of marriage is a privilege, not a right under the law. That's an accurate assessment. I can't demand the right to marry my cat if I choose. There's no benefit to society, say like issuing driver license so we're all driving on the road under the same rules and creating wrecks. By marrying a cat, there's no benefit to society or the cat for that matter. Marriage was designed to benefit society by enacting laws and safeguards to ensure the procreation of children so the society will continue. Gay marriage doesn't provide that. Some heterosexual marriages don't, but given the nature of heterosexuality, it is natural for children to be procreated vs the other where it is not unless it's done by artificial means or adoption. These are other ethical and civil matters that should be determined separately as well debated and analyzed for their benefit to humanity. So stating that it's a fundamental right doesn't follow just from the laws of nature itself.

The other is if everything was left to the voters, blacks wouldn't have the right to vote. So is the same for gay marriage. They try to use good old fashion bigotry as a reason why people can't be trusted to make the correct choice as by their standards. First of all, many whites did die and fight for the rights for blacks to vote. Anyone heard of the Civil War? White men died by the hundreds of thousand to put the final nail in the coffin of legal institutionalized slavery. The statement is a racist statement by those that want to enslave whites as a means of reparations. Not to mention many white stood and fought among African Americans during the civil right movement during the 60's. People for the most part when the chips are down will try to do the right thing and make the right choices. It's not always the case, but for the most part will. It's usually a very small minority of people that are hard core will not because someone is different that will oppress and attack them. During the 60's it was a handful of senators that kept the bills delayed and give the go around to prevent their passage. Interesting part is they were nearly all democrats. So say this is being voted this way because of hatred and bigotry against gays is just plain specious at best. It is those of us that supported Proposition 8 that are getting the death threats, having our businesses boycotted and vandalized, losing our jobs in some cases, and having our beliefs under assault.

The wrap is democracy won in the state supreme court today. Letting a small minority to intimidate us to cram their ideology down our throats would had been a major coup and a threat to our teetering republic. Now to be diligent so they don't do an end around in the federal system where they have a lot more sympathy and a President and congress all to willing to capitulate and take the will of the people away. For now, for this week at least, I can be proud of being a Californian. We're currently on a path to maintain and preserve our democracy.

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