Wednesday, May 20, 2009

California Voters Got It Right (For Once).

The big news in the state of California is the overwhelming defeat of the tax increase propositions that were on the ballots in the special election on May 19th. By a 2 to 1 margin California voters told the extremely liberal state congress and Arnold that we're not paying any more taxes. The govorinator is quoting "Californians wants expensive state services yet don't want to pay for them." This from a governor who's citizenry is already the most taxed Americans in the union. Now he doesn't get why we don't want to pay anymore? I guess those Hollywood types really do live protected lives. Here's why Mr. Govorinator why your propositions were soundly defeated and why tax and spend liberals (yea, he's a Republican, but in the end he's another RINO) got soundly defeated.

First, this notion that we want expensive state services. What gave him that idea? I'll go over the list he quoted. About cutting education, don't get me started on this one. I was a teacher for a year and anyone that's read my previous posts know I am no fan of the public education system here. I'll go over why: CORRUPTION! Most voters are working families or divorced parents that have to deal with the effects of the public education system. My ex wife, an ultra liberal herself, has finally had enough of the insane corruption that's put the education system in total decay. If I was Governor, or at least the head of the Board of Education in the state, I could put a dent out of the spending insanity with just two policies but can do enough savings with the biggest one: 12 administrators for every 100 teachers. The public education system have 112 administrators for every 100 teachers and those administrators make 3 to 5 times more than what teachers make. It's doesn't take a math teacher to figure with 57% of those in education accounting for nearly 3/4 of the spending and they have nothing to do with educating the students of the state, well imagine if one was to cut the saturated deadwood by 93% would do. That would put spending in education to 1/2 of what it is now, with no cuts to the number of teachers in the classroom. In fact, you could put more teachers in the classroom as well as more supplies. However the teacher's union that support these administrators have too much power over the democrat party that controls over 65% of our government. Now they don't get a raise at our expense and the voters know it.

Next, he complains that we don't want to cut medical care. Well, I like to know what voter gets medical care provided by the state? This one could be dramatically cut by one policy change and one that is such a hot political football for reason I still can't comprehend: Illegal Immigration. 80% of the spending by the state for medical care is for the care of illegal immigrants, mainly from Mexico. My wife is a legal immigrant and can't get this free care, nor can I and I'm a native Californian. I wonder if I could get free medical care in Mexico (and even if I could, would I even want it?)? The cut to medical is desired by the California except to needy CALIFORNIANS, but that's not how the federal mandates as well as the state policies work. It's not that Californians don't want medical care cut, it's the illegal political lobbyist interest groups that don't. Since most Americans are too timid to stand up to these racist invaders and their legal groups, the state will pony up the costs and blame the degrading of our access and abilities to the unwilling tax payers.

The last one I just couldn't believe he actually said it. We complain about cutting law enforcement. I don't know about you, but when I'm in trouble by criminal thugs, I'm calling a cop, not the ACLU, La Raza, or the Teacher's Union. The only real function that government is suppose to provide is the protection of life and property. Perhaps protections from fraud, but I consider that protection of property. If we're going to cut that from the budget, then what's the point of having a government at all? That statement from the governor shows his complete ignorance of what his job is and unfortunately it's too late, but should be grounds for his recall. Anyone government official that doesn't get that their main function is to protect life and property of their citizens isn't fit for office.

So governinator and your leftist cronies in the assembly and senate got a rude shock. We the people are sick and tired of being taxed to death to pay for special interest and illegal non citizen at the expense of our safety. What shocks me is that they're actually surprised. They thought we were willing to cough up more money in a state where jobs are leaving in droves because of the high costs of living here and excessive taxes and regulations. Our unemployment rate is approaching 11% (given the way government juggle numbers of bad news, it's more likely 22%) while giving up what little money we have left to give to them. The voters by 2 to 1 finally had it and said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! And truth be told, if I could leave here, I would. Now that this government was finally given the word they're not used to hearing NO!, will they heed to the will of the people and finally do the right thing for this state or will we go with the status quote of bypassing the will of the people by legislation by the bench through the courts. Given the history of this state, I'm not optimistic. For now, I'll give my praise to my fellow Californians which is something I don't often because I don't think well of the people's intelligence here. For once, you got it right. Now be diligent and stick to our guns so the politicians don't take us to cleaners through the courts.


Left Coast Rebel said...

Sir, you are so incredibly correct here, I live in the Golden State too, shocking that the voters finally stood up on Tuesday against tyranny....will it last? Follow me over at Left Coast Rebel....

madmath1 said...

yes, I was certain that Californians will continue the same old tax and spend mentality. I guess during these hard times, they finally woke up and said enough is enough. History has taught me that the government will try to get the courts to overturn the vote. I'm hopeful that the people will be alert to what's going on to no longer allow the judges to get away with it anymore.