Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The fate of "Plus 8" dad and why I married a foreigner.

Seems I have been hearing a lot about the father from the show Kate and Jon plus 8. Frankly, I have only seen the show once and completely hated it. Though the show had a wonderful premise: how two parents are going through the challenges of raising 8 children, all there own, age of 5 or under. Given our society's hatred of children, or at least of families in general, when my wife found out about the show it seemed like a heart warming series. After one episode, we couldn't take it. Instead of a heart warming story, we got grossly overwhelmed. What's going on with the father, Jon, comes as absolutely no surprise and I could had predicted it after that one episode. In fact, I did as my wife will attest to. It wasn't too difficult.

The reason why we couldn't stomach the show after just one episode was really simple: we couldn't stand his wife Kate. In the episode we saw, and from what I'm reading about it we weren't wrong about her, is that she was lazy, self centered, disdainful of her husband and her children, power hungry and just a verbally and emotionally abusive bully. It took 45 minutes before I was stating this man is going to cancel this show or have a break down because of the abuse of his wife. She insulted his commitment, his intelligence, his manhood and that's after just 45 minutes. I stated if this man has an affair, as much as I oppose them because I had just as abusive, if not worse, wife and I managed to avoid having any affair despite it because the damage it would had done to my two children, I wouldn't blame him. I did predict she would before he would but it looks like from the tabloids I was wrong on that one. Like Jon, and unlike Kate, I can admit and own up to my mistake.

What's worse, though no surprise, was how American women praised this woman for keeping her man in his place and being a strong woman. Having been enslaved to motherhood, it seemed just that this man was being exposed as the sexist pig that he was having her be a stay at home mother. We wonder why Americans can't produce enough children to keep our society growing and need immigration to increase our population. We wonder why divorce is so high, mainly filed by these "strong" women. This man does everything this witch asked, got punished for it, love his children when so many men would run to the South Pole than take such an overwhelming responsibility and the women of this country bash him for it. She constandly undermined his authority calling him being mean to their children while entrenching her power of the children and him. Women here wonder why so many men are marriage phobic.

This one episode allowed me to demonstrate to my wife, a native Filipina, why I deliverablely went searching for a wife overseas. Oh, I'll hear the hatred and insults the feminazi's will hurled at me. I got news for them, I take it as a badge of honor considering the source. Why she will never have to worry about me having an affair at all, much less from an American woman. Kate is what I call a typical AAB (arrongant American B*tch). There's a good reason when it comes to the "Mail Order Bride" system that American men are the most desired. American men have the reputation (though I wonder for how much longer given the hip hop pollution of our culture) of making the best husbands. They tend to respect their wives while treating them as equals unlike in their own country where they are 2nd to 3rd rate citizens. Their men run around and cheat on them and their culture accept it while if they did like wise, they lose everything. Oh sure, some are trying to escape poverty, to improve their lives. You're telling me Americans don't. What's worse, American women only get marry for empowerment. They use sex as an exercise of power, not for love, not for intimacy. I'll make an addendum to my statement. American women have a reputation that's rightfully earned in that they make the worse wives. You don't see foreign men seeking American women do you? Unless they're a terrorist seeking to establish a sleeper cell here, who would want them?

This show demonstrates whats wrong with American woman and why marriage is such bad shape in the US. The divorce rate has been going down lately but only because now men and women here no longer bother to get married any more. It's impossible to have a divorce when there is no marriage. K-3's applications are breaking all time highs every year because the secret is out for Western men. They are seeking foreign wives by nearly 100,000 a year and growing. What's shocking to the AAB's, the divorce rate is 20% and that's over the lifetime (for the 30 years that statistics that exist) not the rate of one given year. Women are the barometer of the happiness in a marriage (contrary to the propaganda by the feminists) and foreign wives will make you happy if you treat them well unlike Americans that are self centered and so hungry for power that will never be satisfied. Jon is going to get badly abused by the media, and the feminist here as a prime example how evil men are here and why they need to have laws making it difficult to near impossible for American men to have foreign wives through laws like IMBRA. Ladies, you're so bad and make life so miserable for everyone involved, including the children, I would move the Philippines to be with my wife if it came to that then to being married to an American again. I believe most men would too because as Kate demonstrates, a marriage to a bad woman is a hell that no 3rd world country can compete. If the feminist say good bye and good riddance to me, I say the feelings are mutual. I'll leave infuriating them with my smile on my face. I'll be sure to take Jon with me if he's willing as well.

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