Sunday, May 3, 2009

First Mate of Pirated Hijacking calls Rush a racist, but not pirates.

When I look over why we're not only losing the war on terror, oh I mean the oversea contingency against man made disasterists. I try to say that seriously, but just really can't take it seriously. I'm going to stick with the War on Terror because that's what we're at war against: terrorists. BO's soft selling the evil that these monsters promote doesn't make it less evil and makes BO more evil because he's trying to sell that we the US are the true terrorist and evil ones for fighting them. BO is on their side so is fighting the fight as they have: with propaganda. It seems that it's having the desire effect as the first mate of the hijacked freighter has come out against one of BO's staunchest critics: Rush Limbaugh.

I used to be a listener of Rush. A ditto head. However, I found the man to be too much a blow hard and supported issues that I just plain didn't agree with and that he was nothing more than a promoter of himself and only interested in his bottom line, not the American people. I stopped listening to him over 16 years ago because I couldn't stand listening to him support Clinton and his support of NAFTA which I felt was Ronald Reagan's biggest mistake by opening up trade that would open up our borders worse (which at the time we had 3 million illegals in country and the medical and social warfare components of our society was starting to feel the strain especially for the lawsuits that were building at the time). After 3 weeks of this, I couldn't take it anymore and stopped listening. However, I could tell you from the 7 years I was a listener, to call Rush a racist and race baiter is way out of line. The man is all for personal responsibility and we're responsible for our actions and we are to work for the betterment of the whole, and the country. Bigotry destroys societies (just ask the Confederacy) and he never has and never will accept racist attitudes. Anyone that makes such a claim is either a bigot themselves or just plain hasn't listen to his show and taking things out of content by listening to his enemies only.

So what was it that got his goat? That Rush talked about how the President did the right thing by taking out those black Muslim teenagers. Well, I like to know what was inaccurate in that statement. They were black, they were teenagers, and given how the racial Wahhabi Muslims control the feudal states that dominate the country since the centralized government collapse decades ago, I like to see the evidence that they weren't Muslims. After all, it's the Muslims that are behind the overwhelming majority of piracy all over the seas. There was nothing unreasonable in the statement. I would tend to agree with the first mate that I don't personally care if they're black or not or what their religion is. His statements though shows his ignorance in what's going on and he saw evil in the eye and instead of calling the Muslim pirate evil, he's calling those that criticise these animals as the evil ones.

First, calling Limbaugh as a race baiter. What in his statement was baiting. Sure, he see bait as something that you use to catch fish, but what does that have to do with his comments. What was he trying to instigate? A fight against these pirates? Is that the bad thing? If it is, then this man is not only naive, but stupid. He saw what these "teenagers" are capable of. He was held at gunpoint by these pieces of human debris, but he sides with them and attacks Rush. The first mate claimed had Bush done the same thing, he would had been seen as a hero as well. This show how this young man doesn't have a clue what's going on. The Administration is looking at criminal charges by BO because they "tortured" detainees that were no way in danger of taking their lives. I shutter to think if Bush had gave this order that did kill three of these worthless parasitic monstrosities. He's just plain wrong. The press would had been all over Bush claiming the killings were racially motivated and didn't give diplomacy a chance.

And lets add another fact to this equation. What do you think these "boys" would be doing with the ransom should they had gotten it? Buying fancy cars and jewelry to show off to the homeys at home? They are financing weapons to expand their war. They have been fighting a feudal war in their country for decades. You see, in Islam, they don't fight for freedom (they're against it) or from persecution (they actually believe in it). They fight mainly for one cause (other than Islam itself) and that is for their thug to be in charge. They fight for political and economic power. They're gangster basically. So the money they're getting is going to be put to use for one of two reasons: Promote the war for Islam and to entrench their leader's power hold at home. Not for a steak dinner or a night out at the movies. That statement of how they're looting these ship to feed their family just made me want to take him and give him back to the pirates. Then perhaps he would wake up and smell the coffee of the true nature of these groups and why they're pirates in the first place.

This is all too indicative of why the war on terror is lost. We don't even believe there is such a war or that our enemies are even terrorist. We keep buying in the propaganda of Rosie O'Donnell of how they're just poor dads just trying to feed their families. They're better than us because they're fighting for what we take for granted. My gosh, if a sailor who see the evil and hatred in their enemy's eyes and still doesn't get it. Still think it's about just basic humanitarian needs, not the root of the problem: Islam and her prejudices. Then not only the war is over, we're just waiting to see what terms they want to accept our surrender is. I can tell you this much, it isn't going to be pretty and when their terms are delivered to us in the river of blood as often it is promised to us one thing is becoming overwhelming clear. We're going to blame ourselves and help promote those terms upon ourselves. After all, when you see it for yourself and still in denial about the nature and goals of your enemies, they not only won, they're going to use you for their own perversion and enjoyment. So when the nuke goes off here, be prepared for our government to protect the terrorist, blame the victims, and promote more of the same. What saddens me is how too many are going to accept it. Even at the costs of their own lives.

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