Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gender Selection.

The abortion issue is taking horrid and frightening turns. The latest ruling in Sweden should be of concern for everyone, but most are taking the side of the abortionist and the reasoning behind it should scare any freedom loving person. In fact, I'm starting to fear for the survival of the human race from the reasoning coming from this group. I think Hitler would be pleased with the tide that coming from this leftist position.

So, what was the ruling and why it should bother us? The ruling was that pregnant women have been seeking to find the gender of the baby they're carrying so they can decide to keep it or abort it. Basically, the Swedes are aborting boys. Feminists have emasculated men so badly now that any potential parent now are deciding to be rid of the evil males before they're born. The ruling was that gender selection is legal and can't be infringed. Wonderful. The legalization of genocide based on gender. Basically, they've allowed the death of a person because of their gender. I believe the feminazis have a word for that: sexism. They have legalized female sexism and grant them the right of life and death based if the child is a male.

The ruling is based that a woman has a right to choose and just because the choice is based on gender doesn't give the state the right to infringe on that right. Really? Well, Hilter wanted the right to exterminate people based on their race, social, or financial status. Heck, even the handicap and homosexuals were targeted. So how is this any different, other than the decision is based on what individuals wants which is basically girls. I know of the argument that they can make the same decision for boys, but lets face it, they're not. If they were, this ruling would had been completely reversed over that it's genocide against girls and it's signing a death sentence against girls. Basically, this ruling was made because boys are viewed as being naturally evil while girls are naturally good. The ruling would had been in for the protection for the girls and society in general because a society can't survive without their women. I guess the same doesn't apply to males.

Now that so called free countries, or at least the European socialist, have determined that boys are expendable, who's next? If women decide they don't want any Caucasian in their child will that be OK? I think it will. Now, what if they don't want any black, Asian, blue eyes, brown eyes or red hair? When would it end? At what point will people realize that by having absolute freedom over life and death will eventually cheapen all life to the point that nobody will be interested in preserving it unless it's their own? We all seem to think that once a person is born, then it's established that it's a living person worthy of protecting, but take a look at history and current events, you would know that's not true. At least in parts of the world.

In Africa, where most everyone is black, tribes are trying to exterminate each other. Arab Muslims think they have a right to exterminate black Muslims in Dafur. To take the classic, in South Africa, blacks have a right to kill whites if they wish as long as they claim it was caused by public mayhem. What person that doesn't want to go to prison or be executed isn't going to claim public mayhem. The Abu Sayyaf will exterminate any fellow Filipino if they're not Muslim (and still may if they are). There are many examples of life being cheapen even after they're born. To make excuses to exterminate because of certain traits will just exasperate these physcotic reasoning of those that would kill because they don't like someone, their race, their faith, their gender, pick a reason. It's a deadly fight to have any morals to protect life and property in the living world and it's an never ending and difficult fight that always threaten the survival of the human race. The last thing humanity needs now is continue reasoning and a accumulated list of reason why to terminate them before they're even born. I fear humanity can't survive this level of destruction. Let's face it, this is eugenics and humanity can't survive eugenics.


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